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  1. If you take it with the rifle sure, otherwise they're separate as they aren't cheap would let them go for $100 with the scope.
  2. Want to sell my M1A loaded, great condition. Basically new short of a tiny scuff on stock that you can see. Comes with sling and 1 mag. $1300 Whoops, double posted by accident if mods could delete one that would be great!
  3. Haven't shot this since getting it as punching holes in paper at long distances got a little old for me. Waiting for my new FID card to come in, but should be fine for a F2F sale w/o it. Prefer to meet somewhere further north near glen ridge. If you buy the scope and rifle I will through in the atlas bipod which is also brand new and goes for > $200 Scope (Brand new, just mounted never fired): 3746 NIGHTFORCE RIFLESCOPE 5.5-22X56ZS .250 MOA MOAR - $1600 Rifle $3600 (Brand new, never fired) paid quite a bit more than this when purchased ACTIVITY QTY RATE AMOUNT Accurate Ordnance short-action. Includes pinned recoil lug (base not included). One-piece bolt body, side bolt release, fluted bolt, M16 (or Sako for some calibers) style extractor, tactical knob Accurate Ordnance 20-MOA base for Accurate Ordnance short-action receiver. Standard length Bartlein stainless steel match grade barrel; Rem Varmint contour; 1:8 twist Thread, chamber and install barrel blank onto bolt-action receiver; finish length 26"; 6.5 Creedmoor caliber Thread muzzle for suppressor or other muzzle device. Includes all common thread patterns. 5/8x24 APA Little Bastard brake; Gen 2 Coating barreled action for common bolt-action receivers. Cerakote. Color Graphite Black Timney Calvin Elite; Rem 700 w/safety, 8oz. to 1.5lbs Installation and setting of after-market trigger on bolt-action receiver. Includes function and safety testing. Tune to 1.5# Accuracy International AX chassis system; short-action; OD green Royal Gun Case long rifle case Nightforce 1.265" Intermediate height scope rings; 30mm; Ultra Lite
  4. Hi Guys, I recently had my wallet stolen, reported it and all, but had my FID card in it. Still waiting on replacement, but wanted to sell a few firearms and was wondering if I could still do so legally? I remember somewhere it's only necessary for purchase and not sale, but wasn't sure. Should I fill out my FID number (I have old CoE and Pictures of my FID) or just leave it blank if it is allowed? Thanks
  5. So I've been toying with the idea of starting a PA gun trust to transfer my NJ legal guns to and I had a couple questions I couldn't find answers to I was hoping for some input: 1) How does one move existing firearms into a trust? 2) If I have a PA registered trust and add my wife to it, if we are both NJ residents is there any sort of transfer documentation that will be needed (P2P/CoE?) since she now has access to several pistols and long guns. 3) If I purchase a new handgun can I directly assign it to the trust? If so how will the CoE/P2P need to be filled out? If not what's the general idea? 4) Assuming I decide to get NFA items, will I need a PA resident to be a member of said trust in order to acquire them or can I do so as an NJ resident (obviously without ever bringing them into the state of NJ)
  6. I pulled the trigger on a T1, hard to pass it up for the price, especially since I have a riser for it.
  7. It's a good question that I don't want to be the first to challenge , I rather it fit in with the ssubstantially identical clause. Doesn't really bug me too much as I can have a magwell grip if need be and everything else is to my liking.
  8. Well if that's the case I've got plenty of buffer room... thanks.
  9. So I tried to search far and wide and couldn't get a definitive answer so I figured I'd throw it out there.... I planned a 22lr AR pistol build using a forged lower using a 7" taccom pistol upper. Since this is a 22, it's a blow back so no need for a buffer tube/spring/etc. No handguards allowed clearly which saves me some weight. My calculations put this at weighing around 45 ounces with an empty mag in it. The barrel comes threaded so I was either going to have the threads removed or add on a compensator and tac it on (+1.5oz) so it looks like grand total it's going to come in around 47oz with an empty mag. So everything looks OKAY so far. What happens when I put on a heavy red dot and it goes above 50oz? Does that constitute manufactured weight? Or does it not count against the weight limit. Just for kicks it'll look something like: But obviously muzzle device will be different.
  10. Hi guys, I have a nice CZ 550 American I picked up a while back and got a Richards 96% inletted stock in grade A fancy: that I want to inlet and bed. Now my biggest worry is botching this up and I was thinking about having this done up for me by someone who's done it before and does it well. So i was wondering if any of you guys know of a gunsmith in the central jersey area that you'd be willing to trust to something like this? I've been back and forth about just sitting down and doing it myself, but would like to get an idea of the cost to get this done.
  11. Sorry to revive an old topic, but I wonder if anyone has anymore insight into this. AKs are fringe items, but according to the NJSP (not worth much), it's OKAY ...for now..but the law doesn't define what "type" is in the list of banned items. Assuming you're okay with owning an NJ compliant long arm that has an AK style action, what stance do you guys have on bending one, putting some of your own serials on it all out of state, and then bringing it back in state to finish off/drill/tap/rivet/etc All of which would be for personal use.
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