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  1. Fantastic pizza!!! One of the only reasons to go to Columbus.
  2. Glad to see you had a good time! I grew up in Pemberton and went to school with the Gibersons. Good to hear it's still a place worth going. I'll have to tell my pop to take my two younger brothers next year since I am in SC and am not making a trip back north anytime soon if I don't have to.
  3. Hunter you are 100% correct. In NJ people go out of their way to not talk to you and are just damn rude. Down here in the south everyone says hi and waves and talks to you, everyone has manners. Except I can tell those who have come from the North, you can pick them out like a sore thumb especially their shitty driving habits like they own the road. Disclosure: I lived in NJ for 30 yrs so I have some experience with the people just in case someone gets defensive.
  4. I was listening to the radio this morning about ridiculous Kickstarter projects and this one guy raised $55k to make potato salad, yes I said that correctly. So if you guys really wanted to I am sure you could do something to fund this.
  5. I bought a Genesis a few weeks ago and love it, we cook on it 4-5 times a week.
  6. Low taxes in NJ = oxymoron. Relative I guess.
  7. Well said and very true. It always amazed me to see this in NJ when we lived there. Just sad that it's like that. $800 in taxes on a 3k sq ft house is great, what area of SC though may I ask? It can range obviously, but we pay $1600/yr on a 3,682 sq ft house and live 20 mins from Charlotte in South Carolina. Still thousands less than our condo we still have in NJ. $800 must be in a smaller town or more rural area I'd imagine or near Columbia? But all the same still awesome.
  8. Congrats I understand the stoke indeed, just finished my build (first ever) on Friday when my upper came in.
  9. Yes AP does work on xbox360, it's how I watch it.
  10. Great series!! Just FYI Amazon prime is going up to $99/year from $75 in 2015. I got an email from them recently about it.
  11. Congrats again and welcome home! Just got my upper Friday from PSA.
  12. Just a helpful suggestion but no one should put their CC# , name, birth date and address in email. Very unsecure and that information will be out there. Congrats and it's a good thing you are doing donating the commissions.
  13. Congratulations on the big move! I've seen you posted on CSC as well. Welcome to SC, you're going to love it!
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