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  1. immediate is father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband. October 1st was day law became effective. so anything September 31st and before fell under old way
  2. This is how I ask sales be posted in my group. Of course it goes with out saying that its not followed to the T but for most part the info is provided.
  3. yeah its extremely harder to move used stuff now with the extra fees for transfers. someones gotta take the hit and that's why on my site (NJ GUNS FOR SALE on MEWE) I recommend buyers and sellers split ffl cost. either way its a extra 40-50 bucks on someones end if not. especially low end stuff, i have a couple rifles its just not worth selling now cause the extra fees make it absurd. hell i really need the money too but selling a 150.00 for 200 is not gonna happen for the most part.
  4. no the gun would have to shipto a ffl in texas for transfer. thats federal law since you are no longer nj resident.
  5. i change my topics to "sold please delete" when item is sold, if sold here or elsewhere, i don't like having my posts still up. I prefer them gone and why waste space and bandwith. personally i believe that there should be a way for ops to delete their posts if they no longer want them visible
  6. Maks is it possible to add a way for users to be able delete their posts they started rather having to change title to "please delete" or bother a admin? I would like to be able to remove my posts in marketplace etc when no longer needed. Admins aren't deleting them
  7. there is no law specific, its discretionary of issuing authority. the can request them if they want.
  8. used to be KFC fan but now that there's a popeyes in manville im hooked AF. kfc is just soggy under cooked mess now. i do like their mashed potatoes, gravy and slaw still popeyes spicy is da bomb. never soggy and always cooked thru. popeyes mash and slaw isn't too bad either.
  9. how old are you daughters that their drinking coffee? thought your kids were on younger side
  10. https://pewpewplates.com/ company right in plainfield owned by a member here and professional shooter
  11. Not sure you are aware you can't do FTF in your home anymore. All sales now must go thru a FFL as of Oct 1st 2018.
  12. matter of fact the pheasant hunters at clinton walk in brush downrange and tend to get rained on by pellets, Seen it many times and they don't seem to care,
  13. fyi that map is showing the wrong harbor freight etc,, the RTSP range is located next to Wash Hounds which is at @ 2440 U.S. 22, Union, NJ 07083
  14. Rt 22 in union near the White Castle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. I live right down the street from manville Pizza and they are the BEST around. I am personally responsible for converting Smoking 50 to eat wings again and introduced others to this gem location. I have one of my 2A eat and meet planned there again in coming weeks look for announcement coming,
  16. k I got some surplus ammo, was just gauging if anyone here actually had one and was worth while posting the ammo I have in marketplace here or just sell it else where.
  17. Anyone here own a VZ52 rifle? I'm not looking to buy, just gauging if anyone uses 7.62x45
  18. fyi the universal background check bill going up in senate thursday one of the exemptions is c&r holders from having to use ffls like everyone else http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/S2500/2374_S1.PDF
  19. been doing for few years
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