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  1. This is progress. At work right now, can someone post the # of republicans and more importantly democrats who are on board?
  2. Predict.gov DOUBLED their prediction for the likelihood this bill will pass!!!! ......From 1% to 2% lol
  3. Agreed. If you google "HR 38" like I have been for the past couple of weeks, you will see that they re-run/refresh that story at least once a day so that it gets more visibility...
  4. Forgive my ignorance, does anyone know when this Bill is going to break committee and presented to the House? Informed answers and guesstimates alike are appreciated lol
  5. http://www.gunbuyer.com/p-70899-federal-am22-automatch-22lr-40gr-325rd-box.aspx Federal am22 box of 325rds for $25 a box. I ordered 5 and I believe shipping was right around $20
  6. Sexy. The gun is pretty sharp as well
  7. That's a pretty 'on par' deal after factoring in the shipping you would have paid
  8. May be a long shot but are you friendly with your police chief?? I'm suggesting this not knowing of you live in a small town, etc etc. Like everyone was saying, its purely discretionary. Post up your location, maybe someone from your area can chime in about their experiences with your department. Good Luck!
  9. Well first off, he shows up roughly 50 minutes late. Which is w.e but I was a little annoyed by this because I did skip a class to attend. Then he walks out and talks for about 20min before opening the floor up to questions. During his talk or speech or whatever you want to call it I was dumbfounded by the fact that he has nothing substantive to say. He spoke briefly about Sandy (which was nauseating btw; how much he was talking himself up for the way he handled it. Like he thinks hes some sort of hero) He then did his normal routine about how he's after the unions and how hes some cowboy who goes into the state legislator guns drawn making a positive impact. It blew my mind how well the crowd received everything he said. The whole thing just felt like he was campaigning and it was all just so empty. Oh and quick side note, not a single mention of firearms legislation or the NJ SAFE committee. I left after the first few questions. I raised my hand but lets be real in a crowd of 500 people and a limited time span, that wasn't happening
  10. Well that was an hour thirty of my life I will never get back. Useless
  11. Hmmm, interesting. I plan on stopping by their East Brunswick location later tonight to buy some #8 target loads so I'll indicate that I am not a citizen and report back
  12. Well this is rather convenient. I have an Ex-LEO criminal justice professor who is going to let me duck out of class early to attend. Being that this is rather short notice and admittedly I only briefly glossed over the report, anyone have some good suggestions for questions to ask? Should be interesting to see how he fields the questions in any event. He can be a pretty bold dude but I am not convinced he is ready to show us his cards yet.
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