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  1. Who here is very knowledgable with this platform? Please PM me. Thanks
  2. Sorry for some reason I cant get my pics to transfer. But trust me it happened....lol
  3. Hello all. I just got my first m14/M1A1/M21. Its a nice looking rifle but Iam not sure how to find about its past. Anyone here have a love affair with this lady? All I know is that its a Armscorp reciver with a TRW bolt. The stock is USGI as per the proof markings and filled in selector slot. Other than that no other manufacture stampings or rollmarks. If your into these please PM me.. thanks guys and Happy Memorial Day.....
  4. Hey Gramgun79. Check out Kimber45s Npap conversion thread.It started life as a bone stock single stack m70.
  6. +1 for the Noveske SPR 18 inch barrel. Love mine and its a tack driver.
  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE..... remember the true meaning of Christmas. Gifts are great but eing surounded buy friends and loved ones is the true meaning of Christmas. So give hugs and kisses and love each other...... Merry Christmas and stay safe........... now lets see if Santa brought me a Barrett .50
  8. Have had mine for a while and although its not a surefire or AAC it works really well without braking the bank.. under a hundred bucks... oh and ive never been questioned about it.
  9. Anyone informed about the ITAR/DDTC compliancy law effect and how it effects people that build their own ARs and reload there own ammo for personal use.... would you have to hold an FFL to apply and pay the $2250.00 a year fee?
  10. RMR you will not regret it..... love mine on on ported 9L. I also have a Burris FF3 its ok but its not the Trijicon....
  11. Just looked at the list it says (M14S Type) does this include the one I am getting? (M14A).???
  12. Ok I might have found my answer in an old post. Someone just verify if iam correct. The mini 14 as long as I do not change out the stock (without pistol grip) and it has no bayo lug I can have the flash hider and detatchable mag. As for the m14 same thing applys factory stock (no pistol grip) remove the bayo lug which leaves me the detatchable mag and flash hider so that would make it nj compliant.. do I have it correct?
  13. Hello all. I have a question reguarding a couple of rifles that were left to me in a will. The rifles are in Las Vegas now and I would like to have them shipped to me here in NJ. 1 is an M1 Garand I know thats nj legal the next is a Ruger mini14 in 556 synthetic stock with no pistol grip but it has a flash suppressor on it. If I shitcan the hider and pin and weld a brake that should make it nj legal. Last but not least an M14. Now the rifle is rollmarked US Rifle M14A 7.62 Fed Ord Inc. El Monte CA. The fact that the rifle is rollmarked M14A does that mean that is a forbidden weapon in NJ.... thanks.
  14. The brake and Warden are hard to come by. Been looking but everyones backordered....UGH.
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