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  1. Who here is very knowledgable with this platform? Please PM me. Thanks
  2. Sorry for some reason I cant get my pics to transfer. But trust me it happened....lol
  3. Hello all. I just got my first m14/M1A1/M21. Its a nice looking rifle but Iam not sure how to find about its past. Anyone here have a love affair with this lady? All I know is that its a Armscorp reciver with a TRW bolt. The stock is USGI as per the proof markings and filled in selector slot. Other than that no other manufacture stampings or rollmarks. If your into these please PM me.. thanks guys and Happy Memorial Day.....
  4. Hey Gramgun79. Check out Kimber45s Npap conversion thread.It started life as a bone stock single stack m70.
  6. +1 for the Noveske SPR 18 inch barrel. Love mine and its a tack driver.
  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE..... remember the true meaning of Christmas. Gifts are great but eing surounded buy friends and loved ones is the true meaning of Christmas. So give hugs and kisses and love each other...... Merry Christmas and stay safe........... now lets see if Santa brought me a Barrett .50
  8. Have had mine for a while and although its not a surefire or AAC it works really well without braking the bank.. under a hundred bucks... oh and ive never been questioned about it.
  9. Anyone informed about the ITAR/DDTC compliancy law effect and how it effects people that build their own ARs and reload there own ammo for personal use.... would you have to hold an FFL to apply and pay the $2250.00 a year fee?
  10. RMR you will not regret it..... love mine on on ported 9L. I also have a Burris FF3 its ok but its not the Trijicon....
  11. Just looked at the list it says (M14S Type) does this include the one I am getting? (M14A).???
  12. Ok I might have found my answer in an old post. Someone just verify if iam correct. The mini 14 as long as I do not change out the stock (without pistol grip) and it has no bayo lug I can have the flash hider and detatchable mag. As for the m14 same thing applys factory stock (no pistol grip) remove the bayo lug which leaves me the detatchable mag and flash hider so that would make it nj compliant.. do I have it correct?
  13. Hello all. I have a question reguarding a couple of rifles that were left to me in a will. The rifles are in Las Vegas now and I would like to have them shipped to me here in NJ. 1 is an M1 Garand I know thats nj legal the next is a Ruger mini14 in 556 synthetic stock with no pistol grip but it has a flash suppressor on it. If I shitcan the hider and pin and weld a brake that should make it nj legal. Last but not least an M14. Now the rifle is rollmarked US Rifle M14A 7.62 Fed Ord Inc. El Monte CA. The fact that the rifle is rollmarked M14A does that mean that is a forbidden weapon in NJ.... thanks.
  14. The brake and Warden are hard to come by. Been looking but everyones backordered....UGH.
  15. 1300.00 is going to be a hard price to build or buy a 308 Ar. I did an Aero Precision 308 and all high end parts and without sights or optics Iam at the high end of $2800.00 bucks. Aero M5 upper and lower Mega 16 cut down to 14.5 barrel AAC muzzle brake KAK dual extractor BCG Slashes heavy buffer and spring Geissele S3G trigger Wilson Combat rail Magpul SL stock BCM gunfighter charging handle BCM Mod3 pistol grip Aero Precision LPK/bolt release/ take down and pivot pin Magpul mags Seekins ambi selector switch Norgon ambi mag release SLR adj gas block Magpul sling Noveske QD end plate And topped off with Magpul Pro BUIS and a Trijicon MRO mounted on an ADM QD mount. The sites and optic are not listed in the build price.... yeah shes short and blasty but lots of fun...... Slashes heavy buffer and spring Geissele S3G trigger Norgon ambi mag release Seekins ambi selector switch Wilson Combat rail Strike Ind forward assist and ejection port door Magpul SL stock BCM Mod 3 pistol grip BCM Mod 3 charging handle Slashes heavy buffer and spring Gessele S3G trigger Magpul SL stock Magpul Mags BCM Mod 3 grip Wilson Combat rail Strike Ind. Forward assist and ejection port door BCM Mod 3 charging handle Aero Precision LPK Aero Precision bolt release and take down/ pivot pin Norgon ambi mag release Battle Arms ambi selector/safety switch Seekins mag release button
  16. Yeah Sportmans Guide shit the bed when they jacked up their ammo prices after the CT mess. Ao I havent done buisness with them since... I sent Amazon an email last night expressing my dissapointment. Not that it will do much but I dont think that will sway their policies.. but you cant say I didnt try......
  17. Ugh... another sad storie.... unfortuntly most of my LGS dont have a large selection of AR stuff not to mention fast shipping. Thanks for all the info guys.....
  18. Yeah I just read that article.... guess most of the weeds have been picked out... just reviewed my amazon past buy list. The last thing i bought was an AAC Breakout muzzle brake. When I went to tab on the reorder button site said it was no longer avaiable for sale... same with most of the other parts I ordered... well thats a damn shame.... guess I was an amazon shopper... thats T Bill.... oh by the way the 300 blackout recipe you gave me works awesome... got about 2000 rounds made. Need to stock up on powder before the winter. Lil gun and H110 still hard to find in bulk any hints where to look? Thanks...
  19. Hello all. Anyone having a hard time buying ar stuff off Amazon lately? In the past Ive bought tons of stuff from Magpul stocks to Strike Industries forward assist kits and mag release buttons not to mention AAC and Surefire brakes. Went to get a few build parts and it slim pickins..... WTF... just some cheapo sights and slings no where near what they used to have... what gives... guess iam going to cancel my RA account with them if they decided to ban sales of ar goodies..... thanks stay safe all.
  20. Thanks guys. Ty. Great thread.So from everything I listed I should be on target. I will replace the SLR gas block as soon as it gets here and try again... I would post pics but I can't seem to figure it out... computer wiz I am not.... again thanks to all that responded and if you have any other in site please don't hesitate.
  21. Hello all.this shout out is to all you 308/DPS guys and gals. First a quick rundown of my 308 build. Aero Precision M5 upper and lower. Mega Arms 16 inch mid length gas barrel cut down to 14.5 capped with an AAC brake. SLR Sentry 7 adjustable gas block. KAK duel ejector BCG. Geissele S3G trigger. Slashes Heavy Buffers XH carbine buffer and spring. Ok so out at the range today loaded up 1 round of PMC 148 gr. ball ammo in a gen 3 Pmag. Closed the gas all the way off and as expected the rifle fired but did not cycle.another round and another click on the gas block. Same result. After a few tries I was able to get the rounds to eject but the first shot the rounds would eject to 3 o'clock the second would just kinda drop at my feet also the bold wasn't locking back on the last round. So more gas... well that's when it happened. The set screw that adjusts the gas block crumbled into 3 pieces. WTF. I could no longer adjust the gas block the screw was fubar. So I am done for the day..... while looking over my failed attempt at a 308 build I noticed that the gas block screw was out quite far which also raised an eyebrow.Should I have to open that gas port open that far? Anyhow my thoughts are 1 low powered ammo. 2 too heavy of a buffer and spring.3 didn't have enough time adjusting the gas system before the malfunction. By the way contacted SLR they will be sending the replacement gas block by Weds.Sorry for being so long winded and if I missed anything sorry. Thanks for all the help....
  22. Roger that. Thank you Sir....
  23. Looking to pick one up for my new build. Anyone got one? Pros Cons....
  24. Hello all anyone near Branchburg have a lower vice block I could borrow in 308? Ive been looking but cant seem to fine one... if theres a rental fee thats cool just for a few days....thanks
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