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  1. Compressor stations have a noise limit of 60 decibels at the property boundary
  2. If i was choosing between those 3 id get the tikka, my father in law has one in 308and ive never shot a factory rifle that good, i have all remingtons and weatherbys but after shooting his ill be looking into the tikka as well
  3. If you want to keep cost down buy all the parts over a year or two, then ship to builder. this is what i did and i just sent it off to smith and his fee isnt really that bad when youre not paying for all the parts at the same time. He also said the turn around time would be quicker as most of the time in building a custom is waiting for parts. I know my manners stock alone took 16 weeks to come in. Just food for thought. Even doing it this way im only at about 3500-3800, not bad over 2.5 years. And before everyone chimes in that thats too cheap its a very well known reputable smith, I believe even tier one defense lists $1000 bucks to put a rifle together if all the parts are there.
  4. It's a bar lightweight stalker in 30.06 like pk90 link, just need the extraction issue solved but good gunsmiths that work on semi autos are scarce near me
  5. Anyone know good gunsmith that will work on these? I had mine cerakoted and they messed with the gas adjustment screw after I asked them not to. I got the gun functioning but now when it ejects a case its flinging back and hitting the top of the receiver
  6. Tier ones stuff seems to be tailored to the tactical side, do they also work on hunting rifles? Ive got all the parts for a 30.06 and 243 just need someone to put them together how i want
  7. id give everything i have for half of that LOL! Im Jealous
  8. Why is ther no gunsmiths in sj? I have a ton of work I need done, just don't have the equipment to do it myself! looks like I'll be making a trip north to tier 1!
  9. Anyone in south jersey that can glass bed or pillar bed rifles properly? let me know thanks
  10. keep me informed as well please, no longer in, i served from 97 to 05 but im in if someone gets something going.
  11. I will apply , just not sure how to go about anything once im denied, and i dont have any money to fight this, but if a group is going to apply im in!
  12. I'm sure it's cheaper than a new revolver, so to me yea it would be cost effective.
  13. I have a older gp 100, is it possible to get sights like on the gp 100 talo put on this gun, i realize it would take a dovetail for the rear sight just wondering if it can be done or not? Thanks
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