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  1. I'm confused. How am I wrong for not accepting that a modern motor consumes oil? Let me put it in a different way, I'll will not buy a car from a manufacturer that finds acceptable their motors to consume oil. I've had one that did when it had 280K miles on the clock. It didn't consume any oil until them. It was a 2002 honda civic.
  2. I gotta tell ya, Honda has spoiled me, though the last one is meh.
  3. I'm not a car guy. I don't care about cars, I don't fiddle with cars, I don't know anything about cars. But, subaru is the only maker I know of that finds that acceptable. I don't. I don't accept that a new car consume any oil whatsoever.
  4. My wife has a 2017(?). Last winter the heating stopped working. She went to the dealer for a diagnosis. The core had a leak. "We'll fix that for free"--No kidding sherlock it's still under warranty; thanks for the favor. "Wow, we have been replacing a lot of those"--said the tech. "The part is on back order. It will take a month for it come in".----- In the winter. I would have complained to corporate but she didn't want to. I've heard a couple other people having a similar issue. Personally, I wouldn't have bought a Subaru based alone how they handled the oil consumption issue they had years ago, but it's not my car.
  5. Sadly, that's common.
  6. Ask the dealer if they fixed the heater core/exchanger issues.
  7. ...pork roll....smh Have they disowned you yet?
  8. Of course they are, that always do. If all the predictions came true, we all should have died in the past two years.
  9. Yes, I feel your pain. it's almost reason enough, but nah.
  10. More info https://www.click2houston.com/news/who-were-the-suspects-in-shootout-that-injured-5-houston-officers Any mentions of body cams anywhere?
  11. My goal is alway to owe just below the threshold that triggers a penalty. In my case it means I have to withhold extra every pay check and still write a check at the end of the year. I wish it was because we make a lot of money; it's not, it's the joy of being DINKS. Honest a God, once in while I would appreciate a reach around. Or at least not being vilified. When the tax bill was passed I ran some rough numbers and it should be a wash. We'll see.
  12. I'm a guy and all guys are pre programed to assess everything based on how feasible it is to stick a dick in it.
  13. The following quote from the slate article Peel linked provides some clues why Heller stopped short of recognizing the right to bear arms outside the house.
  14. You wouldn't know even after you ate it.
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