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  1. Update; Got my 4 boxes of blazer 9MM. It could be that I placed the order right on the cusp of cabellas changing their terms. IDK, but I logged in fine to place the order but a day or two later when I tried to log in to check on the order I had to change my password.
  2. in remembrance of our old friend.....ammo from Dicks gives you turbo aids. Not even once.
  3. You joke but don't forget the bout of cultural revolution we are going thru right now, too.
  4. Just checked mine....Nov 2020, damn it. Good thing I don't need a real ID. I have a passport card.
  5. I would even take a free Hi-Point.
  6. Did you actually place the order? Because...and this was after the order supposedly went tru. I must be misremembering, but I thought Cabellas didn't ask for the FID in the past. EDITED---anyway, I just placed an order for a couple boxes of 9MM. Let's see what happens.
  7. When it costs a couple hundred G's to become an MD they don't exactly expect to start at burger flipper wages.
  8. He just can't help himself. Even on a thread about a fun event what a way to go thu life.
  9. No, no. You gotta look on the bright side. Zeke won't be bringing his crockpot.
  10. WP22

    home gardening?

    They probably would. But fall is the right time to plant them. Mulch them and they'll over winter just fine. Harvest by the end of June or when the first couple of row of leaves die.
  11. Can't do 500 but there's something in the mail.
  12. WP22

    home gardening?

    Nothing fancy. Most of it I bought it at shoprite. A friend gave me 1/2 dozen cloves she got at the Sussex garlic festival. Other then growing scapes, which are great stir fried, I didn't see any difference in head size.
  13. WP22

    home gardening?

    Garlic harvest
  14. I've done that for fun. They never really went anywhere, though.
  15. nobody goes to Bayonne anymore, brosef, it"s too crowded
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