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  1. And I wonder who's back was being scratched during that conversation.
  2. The demographics of Dicks shoppers are completely different from walmart's. That made dicks way more susceptible to being willingly pressured. Yes, there was a lot willingly going along from the CEO. However, walmart will eventually capitulate. If for nothing else, because demographics are against them. Millennials are going to overtake the boomers as the largest generation. And they are the product of a failed education system that taught them to hate their country, traditions, history and culture. Expect more and more corps to cater to their whims.
  3. WP22

    NFA Picture Thread

    Hol up. We have an NFA forum on NJGF?
  4. Ok then, how would you like to own a boat?
  5. The same way they allowed a comment period on the bump stocks.
  6. A couple weeks until the ATF declares the braces no bueno
  7. The CSI franchise spoiled criminal forensic science forever. Everybody now thinks DNA testing, toxicology should take minutes to get the results.
  8. The limit in NJ is 3k under most circumstances. https://www.njcourts.gov/forms/11482_small_claims_faq.pdf
  9. They are waiting until you fall asleep Nighty night.
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