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  1. The most recent example is the ban on bump stocks. The ATF now says it lacked the authority to ban them. But they are still banned. Now what about the people that destroy them? What about the corporations that did the same? And those that misplaced them, is it safe go try to find them? Are they going to be compensated? Or will a ooopsie all they are going to get? https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/atf-admits-it-lacked-regulatory-authority-to-ban-bump-stocks/
  2. 18 years to get redressed. That's what's infuriating with "let them pass the law, the courts will strike it down" attitude. Perhaps they will, perhaps they won't. Regardless, how long will it take an how many people got convicted under that law waiting for the courts to strike it down?
  3. 6 calibers. But I keep them very well stocked. Quantity over diversity.
  4. The ATF already admitted it lacked the authority to ban bumps stocks. But guess what? They are still banned.
  5. Let's go down the memory lane for the benefit of the noobs that weren't around and the geezers with poor memories, shall we? Years ago after a particularly bad mass shooting, a member here, one of us, came on this very board defending the banning assault rifles.; If I remember correctly " maybe it was time to give them up, maybe the risks of owning don't outweigh the benefits" or some other pap like that. Obviously, he got beaten back. Later he offered that he had a change of views, that he had considered all opinions and changed his. Again, the man can lay it thick. Most here, at the time, seemed to have believed him. Now, let me ask ya'll a question. Have you ever seen a tiger turning vegan? Sure he may nibble on a bean sprout to impress a woke tigress, but he won't change. That's his nature and his nature will always come to the top. The man's a grabber.
  6. CNN panel discussing the ongoing impeachment story. CNN.mp4
  7. I hope he has a full recovery. But I can't hope wondering how Hillary managed to do that.
  8. The balls on this 16 year old child; she sailed to the US on a multimillion dollar yacht she didn't pay for, made out of a material she din't help develop, with diesel engines she didn't mention, in case mother nature decides she had enough of this brat's feigned anger and leaves her stranded in the middle of the ocean. The GPS systems she used not to get lost were developed and paid by us, the same goes for her cell phone she uses to post on social media platforms which we also developed and paid for. Every simple thing this brat has ever seen, used, the safety she enjoys was developed and paid by us. She's accomplished nothing other them being a mascot of the anointed, with a short expiration date and soon to be discarded. How dare she? But she has it so hard.
  9. https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/19-27.html I think this is it. Though I can't find the documents he's alluding to.
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