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  1. Well, I'll just wait for the conclusion before I go out and set my hair on fire.
  2. "Despite the losses in lower courts, the gun lobby doesn’t have it so bad. In most states, law-abiding adults not only can own a gun but carry it with them." yes, because PK' ability to carry his gun in AZ is just as good as if I could do the same in NJ. What an absurd thing to say? Would the author say something along the lines " Despite the law in Alabama that makes it a felony punishable up to 99 years in jail for anybody that performs an abortion, the abortion providers doesn’t have it so bad. In most states, adults have access to late term abortions" Of course not because it's an equally asinine thing to say.
  3. How many extra items are we talking about here? 'Cause that could make it totally justified. Anyway, I need to swing by walmart later on. Wish me luck.
  4. Now, how can anyone not like the guy? you gotta be sick not to.
  5. I'll be playing vidya with @voyager9 in his momma's basement.
  6. Thank handsy uncle joe for that But now it's different.
  7. https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/chief-houston-officer-lied-in-warrant-affidavit-that-led-to-deadly-drug-raid-5OoWNkL_7kywJvDiW4B-Zw/ Officer Gerald Goines claimed he watched an informant buy drugs at the home of Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas. Houston, TX – Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has announced that a veteran narcotics officer provided “some material untruths or lies” to obtain a search warrant that led to a deadly shootout in January. And the numerous complains from neighbors.....It was a neighbor that lied about a daughter she didn't have being kept hostage inside the house.
  8. Obama's pajama boy is all grown up
  9. Welcome to the Glorious Peoples Republik of New Jerseystan, where, on the eyes of our betters, owning a gun is a privilege not a right.
  10. @Handyman don't get your hopes up. It maybe just the flu but your favorite senorita called in sick today.
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