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  1. WP22

    Ouch !!

    AR, am I rite?
  2. WP22

    Freezer size? Need Advice!

    I have a 3(?) ft chest. It's way too small for my needs but it won't die. So I'll live with it until it does. Next one it will an upright. While they tend not to be as efficient as the chest, it sucks after a while to be digging stuff from the bottom.
  3. And that's why is being reintroduced on both houses. Once again, they are pissing down our legs and telling us it's raining. They had two years.
  4. WP22

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    That Rt80 commute will wear you out in short order.
  5. I'm all out of tears to shed.
  6. I'm more concerned with how much I get to keep at the end of the month than with how much I earn. But then again I'm staying put until retirement.
  7. Usually it's not a big expense but as a comparison I paid $1.99/gallon of regular gas in Virginia last week and the roads were very good. So there's that.
  8. WP22

    Miller's Gun Center - New Castle,DE

    I'll go further and say it's our duty not to support them.
  9. WP22

    Christmas Traditions

    I started a new tradition this year; get out of town and get to know our country. I can do family some other time.
  10. WP22

    Damn deer....

    Sorry about the car and the cookie. I bet you have put any fruit in them cookies.
  11. WP22

    Christmas dare?

    Butter in rum? Not even on a triple dog dare. Some of you boys just ain't right in the head.
  12. WP22

    Facebook "Private" Messages

    Show me how Google, Facebook, Twitter, et all tracks flip phones.
  13. WP22

    Facebook "Private" Messages

    And folks jazz me for still using an old LG flip phone.
  14. WP22

    Spouses & Guns...

    Anyway, my wife shoots too and like a poster above said, a new gun in the house is like a new baby. So knows the where, the what and the how many. Her only concern is how to get rid of them if I pass before her.

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