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  1. Jesus Francis Christ if his daddy can do a little magic.
  2. Well, the day McConnell congratulated Xiden I changed my registration to independent and probably won't ever vote repugnant, at least for federal office, ever again. I'll vote for another Trumpanian type candidate, though. So there's that.
  3. https://reason.com/volokh/2021/04/26/making-sense-of-the-limited-cert-grant-in-nys-rifle-pistol-association-v-corlett/
  4. Let's see: 4 lefties, 2 cowards, 2 conservatives and one who in haids knows. Yes boys, the court will save us.
  5. Need permits but transactions between immediate family members are exempt from NICS. So you just need to fill out the permits and mail the proper copies to the proper authorities. Since he's giving 3 or 4 handguns either you apply for a multiple purchase exemption or you need to wait 30 days between each transaction. Saying it in another way, the one gun a month still applies between family members.
  6. While I'm not a brand snob there must be a reason why a Honda costs 5 times as much as a HF. And yeah, keep supporting China.
  7. You are going to trust your most critical loads to a Harbor Fright generator? You are a braver man than I.
  8. Even before CHYNA decided to infect the world with the wuflu my town was already carping the garbage pick up service contract having expired and were looking for suggestions to keep the costs down. I don't think my suggestion to eliminate the recycling program since it all will end up in the same land anyway field was well received. Oh well, I tried.
  9. What size is your generator and what's the running time on a 20lb tank? I'll be buying one after this eases up and I would like to be able to run it on multiple fuel sources. I already have a few hundred gallons of heating oil on hand at any given time.
  10. yeah, it was a shocker when I saw the price of the plug; worse is how uncommon it is. but what's what came in the kit. If I can find what I need, I'll probably just replace it with a 30A nema or replace the whole box. I don't need to run all circuits at the same time (well, heater, microwave, lights/outlets in the kitchen and bathroom and an extra outlet at the panel)
  11. So I got a manual transfer switch installed years ago (has 5 or 6 circuits running tru) with a 50A male plug installed outside. I'm borrowing a gen which I'm assuming will have a 30A 230 V outlet. Forget about finding a premade extension cord So the plan to not burn the house down is: Get a female 50A plug Get a male 30A plug Get 12ft of 6 gauge wire. Figure out how to wire together this mess and voila?
  12. Looks like Iran and their pals of the Hezbollah are going tru a patch of bad luck. I would guess the US and Israel are cleaning up just in case Biden wins and we go back to shipping them plane loads of cash just like in the old days. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sources-string-attacks-iranian-sites-result-moles-within-jake-novak/
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