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  1. Last I read, there was half a million containers floating on the sea around LA waiting to be unloaded.
  2. That looks like the rockaway Walmart last week. There was no cat food to be found.
  3. Maybe I’ll donate/become a member when they sue and successfully nullify the Hughes Amendment like they said they would. Until then they’ll be forever known as the gun rights organization that had their hands in every major piece of anti gun legislation. Not one red cent ever for these jackals.
  4. NH is a great state. Love it up there but I don’t think it’s still gonna be tight 20 years from now.
  5. Tennessee or Georgia. But since I’m still about 10 years away, I’ll reevaluate in the future. chances are I’ll end up moving to where the fewest New Jerseyans, New Yorkers and Californians are moving. It it happens to be Kentucky, so it will be.
  6. The follow up question should have been, where’s the geography clause on the 2A?
  7. Yes, because it happened in every state became a “must issue”. Yet these asinine assertions always go unchallenged.
  8. Well that depends. If you are driving, you need a drivers license. If you are walking, you don't need anything. You don't need to carry any paper work related to your firearms.
  9. Lead traveling at around 1200 feet per second down the barrel is an effective cleaner.
  10. Oh please. Who wrote this garbage? ACB didn't humiliated anybody. Every time the court is accused of being made up of partisan hacks, which they are, btw, a member of the opposing side that's making the accusations comes out denying them. it's SOP. and, a second BTW, ACB and Kavannaugh were horrible picks that will turn out to be worse than Souter. The only difference between them and Souter is that will take them lesser time to be relaible leftwing votes.
  11. Thanks for the offer but I'm about 10 years away from making the move.
  12. TN is the place where I'll end up. I got the call, twice, from across an ocean and thousand of miles away. The thing is they knew, understood and never critized my choices that put an ocean between us. We lived on phone calls, (hell, I'm so old that in the beginning was letters) and early visits. Sure I have regrets and I also abandoned them for freedom, economic freedom. But leaving them when and why I did it isn't one of them. I regret I didn't visit them more often when I could.
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