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  1. M0ose22

    Which 45 to get?

    I got an FNP 45 and it has never let me down. Probably about 1000 rounds thru it. Had 2 glocks and i dont have them anymore.
  2. $99 BCG and charging handle Palmetto State Armory http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/palmetto-state-armory-5-56-bolt-carrier-group-with-7075-charging-handle.html
  3. oops i take it back. They r sold out already. wow. I got the email at 3:30
  4. $539 Not exactly a hot deal, but I have been looking lately and couldnt find one in stock for a decent price. I figured maybe I wasn't the only one looking for one. Got the email today this was in stock. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/saiga-iz-240-ak-74-rifle-detail.html?Itemid=0
  5. Just had a nice bottle of chimay grand reserve. good stuff. i always think the monks special recipe is that they stand around the well in the monastary and piss in it lol
  6. Went to jersey gardens on sunday to see stalingrad in 3d. Movie was fantastic. Overall good experience coming from toms river. Definitely worth the trip. Wouldnt have known about it without this forum
  7. and transfer was 45. so total 513 with 20 mags!
  8. no compliance work needed. tony said it was good to go
  9. Picked it up today from TJ Sporting arms in Bayville. Great looking rifle. The safety is really stiff though. Bolt was moving pretty good. The 20 mags all look good. Gonna give it a good cleaning. Hopefully get a chance to shoot it this week. For 450 bucks i dont think you could do much better
  10. attention whore? You mean a front line fighter for liberty and what he believes in.
  11. I've shot a bunch of stuff out of my 10/22 and I haven't had any problems
  12. I was just thinking what would happen if a cop pulled you over and for some reason you told him you had a gun in the trunk on your way to the range. He would probably ask for your nj firearm id card and then you would tell him you dont have one because the guns were purchased when you lived out of state. Im sure it would go south quick. Hope everything goes smooth for you. Your post just got me thinking about that scenario. Obviously this state changes your way of thinking. But Im sure you are already use to that coming from NY. Best of luck
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