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  1. I'll try those suggestions Ray. Thanks. Even though it's said that 20g is the second most popular of shot guns there isn't as much accessories available currently.
  2. Thanks Parker. I will reach out to Midwest.
  3. Hello, I was hoping someone could share with me where I can purchase a +2 extension for a 20g Stoeger m3020. Thanks. -C
  4. Thanks for chime vlad. BTW, i did install the Aridus CROM with a Aimpoint T2 micro. Very snug fit and can't keep the lens caps on. Now need to wait till the world re-opens.
  5. Was lucky that I purchased one awhile ago. Prices have definitely gone up a bit since then. Got mine pretty close to the vlad setup, just with out the sling and light.
  6. Wow, that is a lot shorter than the range they recommend. BTW, i sent them an email and they responded that the OEM spring will work if its the +2 extension for the 1301 tac. Thanks for chiming into a rather old string.
  7. Hi vlad, can you assit me with the Nordic MXT +2 extension install? So I unscrewed the OEM cap and then popped off the plastic cap that retains the spring in place. Am I supposed to do anything with the follower other than to just leave it in place? Well, then I removed the OEM spring and set aside the stock plastic rod that comes with the shotgun. I then removed the OEM spring and proceeded to install the Nordic spring. Then I measured off the 16" past the installed Nordic tube end and trimmed the spring then crimped the end inwards as recommended. I then just stuffed the spring down and screwed on the new Nordic extension tube. I am assuming that I was not supposed to re-insert the OEM plastic rod, correct? You help with this install would be tremendously helpful as the instructions are not terrific and there's no video available for the specific 1301 install. Thanks. -TRPC_SHOOTER
  8. Thanks T Bill. Judging by your reply perhaps spending another G for a 1301 competition or another 3-gun option makes more sense.
  9. Thanks for the quick response Nick. Now do you happen to know if the 130 Tactical can swap out the barrel with the Competition barrel?
  10. Hi, I've read Vlad's section on NJ compliant firearms, but I'm not sure about the Beretta 1301 Tactical and if one can add a Nordic +2 extension. The manual states the shotgun is a 4+1 and adding the Nordic would make it a 6+1. Wouldn't that comply with the max 6 rounds of fixed magazine capacity for a semi-auto shotgun in NJ? Thanks in advance. -TRPC
  11. Thank you all for the terrific feedback. It seems my initial impression wasn't too far off. I will report back after my little excursion down south.
  12. Thank you Jim for your feedback. As you mentioned, they do seem to have an impressive in-stock inventory of varied makes and models. Their prices also seem very reasonable and for the cost (not including the time value) of the drive it may be worthwhile for me to visit if I were in the market for a multi-purchase. Many thanks again.
  13. Hi there everyone, Can someone who has been to Shooters provide some feedback? It's quite a drive for me, but the store looks worthwhile for a visit. Thanks in advance.
  14. I would also recommend Lacka Safe. They are no BS family owned operation that will tell you straight what sort of safe is best for keeping your possessions actually safe and what is suitable to keep out idle hands. A great safe for personal valuables and handguns is the ORIGINAL Safe & Vault Inc. brand.
  15. A minor downside to the FAS1 is that is does not come pre-drilled with holes. Some may want to drill the holes themselves, but I would have preferred if it came with. BTW, the Digiswipe does come with pre-drilled holes on the bottom and has a design-shape similar to the Fort Knox Pistol Box.
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