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  1. Thanks T Bill. Judging by your reply perhaps spending another G for a 1301 competition or another 3-gun option makes more sense.
  2. Thanks for the quick response Nick. Now do you happen to know if the 130 Tactical can swap out the barrel with the Competition barrel?
  3. Hi, I've read Vlad's section on NJ compliant firearms, but I'm not sure about the Beretta 1301 Tactical and if one can add a Nordic +2 extension. The manual states the shotgun is a 4+1 and adding the Nordic would make it a 6+1. Wouldn't that comply with the max 6 rounds of fixed magazine capacity for a semi-auto shotgun in NJ? Thanks in advance. -TRPC
  4. Thank you all for the terrific feedback. It seems my initial impression wasn't too far off. I will report back after my little excursion down south.
  5. Thank you Jim for your feedback. As you mentioned, they do seem to have an impressive in-stock inventory of varied makes and models. Their prices also seem very reasonable and for the cost (not including the time value) of the drive it may be worthwhile for me to visit if I were in the market for a multi-purchase. Many thanks again.
  6. Hi there everyone, Can someone who has been to Shooters provide some feedback? It's quite a drive for me, but the store looks worthwhile for a visit. Thanks in advance.
  7. I would also recommend Lacka Safe. They are no BS family owned operation that will tell you straight what sort of safe is best for keeping your possessions actually safe and what is suitable to keep out idle hands. A great safe for personal valuables and handguns is the ORIGINAL Safe & Vault Inc. brand.
  8. A minor downside to the FAS1 is that is does not come pre-drilled with holes. Some may want to drill the holes themselves, but I would have preferred if it came with. BTW, the Digiswipe does come with pre-drilled holes on the bottom and has a design-shape similar to the Fort Knox Pistol Box.
  9. I think Anthony Francos in Paramus makes a pretty good straight forward pizza. Reminds me a good old Queens, NY pizza from back in the 80's. Their sauce has a slight sweetness that I like and their crust is very tasty. Not thin crust like some of the newer ones out there, but a plain old good pizza.
  10. I have 2 different boxes for single and 1 to 2 pistols. The first is a simplex box with a hydraulic lift door from FAS1 and the other a Digisafe biometric. First the FAS1, the simplex lock works very well and the box itself is very well made. The hydraulic door lifts with a very smooth assist and can handle any handgun. It also comes with an attached holster (optional) for medium and large with or without a tac-light. Highly recommend. Next the Digiswipe, another very well made pistol box. This one uses a finger print reader. It can store up to 10 unique prints. It can also hold 2 maybe even 3 handguns. The box also comes with a key in case of dead battery and has a low batt indicator. I tested with non-stored digits and the door does not open. The door also opens with a release that appears to be spring operated. There is a YouTube video that goes through many biometric gun boxes am this one was reviewed as the clear winner. Was it biased? Can't say with certainty. In any case I am a fan. Jut to recap, both are made with at least 16 gauge steel all around. The FAS1 maybe a bit thicker. FAS1 around 270 in a magnum size with tac light holster. The Digiswipe around 330. Both prices include the shipping cost.
  11. Range update. At 25 yards I can't really say that they were that much of an improvement re: accuracy. Unsupported, I use a "reverse" Chapman-style grip and can keep it within a 3-4" radius from center which was similar to my results prior to the swap. I still like and prefer the Heinies over the stock as far as looks and sight picture. Is it worth the money? Hard to say if the question is specific to "improved" accuracy especially in my case. I do think they are an improvement over the Sig sights. If you want combat-style sights you can always order the ledge version of the Heinies.
  12. Just wanted to share some impressions of the Heinie straight eights. I had 3 sets of sights installed; XDm 3.8 9mm, HK P30 S&W40, and Sig Sauer MK25. I had them all done directly from Heinie. Interesting tid-bit of info, I was told that Richard Heinie was performing the actual installation. The installs themselves look very good. I could not see any sort of blemish anywhere on the slide or the sights. They sent back the original sights which came back with some markings, but not a big deal as I was not planning to re-use them. Interesting thing before I went to the range is that I believed some of the sights were not perfectly aligned just from visual inspection (front sight not centered perfectly down the middle of the front of slide or equidistant). Without trying them out I was merely speculating. At the range all three performed exceptionally well. Only had a chance to test from 10 yards as I was sharing a port with someone that came as my guest and new to shooting. From 10 yards I was hitting bulls-eyes and grouping within a 3" diameter. Not too shabby for me. Will try from 25 yards and see how I do. I like the sight setup very much. I prefer them over the Sig sig-lite night sight and way over the wanna-be HK night sights as well as the 3-dots on the XDm. If I take a some pics I will put up a few. -C
  13. I ordered a Locksaf Digiswipe and had asked a similar question about biometrics. I will post a review as soon as I receive it and test. I also ordered a Fas1 simplex lock pistol box as well and will review that one as well.
  14. Anyone own or have personal experience with the Locksaf Digiswipe pistol box? Thanks much. No one? Well, I went ahead and ordered 1 of each so I will post a review for both after I have had a chance to use them.
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