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  1. I find myself tuning into Wranglerstar, HossUSMC and SouthernPrepper1 the most.
  2. Ironically, the states those guns are purchased from don't have those crimes. Why bother trafficking them up to the gun free zone when you can use them in the state you bought them in.... oh right..
  3. if you go on the offensive, you get castigated as a idiot, moron, shithead, and all the other vitriol being hurled at OCT groups by "pro-gun" owners.
  4. Unless you consider militarized LE forces as troops. Does the DHS count as "troops"? What about Obama's Civilian National Security Force? If SCOUTS rules that domestic police don't count as troops, watch that amendment get abused almost worse than all the rest. Speaking of which, was there ever a decision in the Mitchell vs. Nevada 3rd amendment case from last year?
  5. Forgive me if I don't vest my faith in SCOTUS for doing the right thing.
  6. already emailed the company, stating plainly that knowing that laws like NJ's are on the books, his decision to move ahead with this, clearly and definitively places him and his business against 2nd Amendment protected rights. Actions speak louder than words. I hope to see his business belly up in the next 6 months.
  7. thanks to Engage Armament in Maryland? http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/05/robert-farago/breaking-maryland-dealer-sell-smart-gun/ http://shop.engagearmament.com/index.php/# Does the first sale have to be transacted or does it just have to be for sale?
  8. I know Jerry cans are illegal to sell in NJ, but can you legally own them?
  9. Holt also joined 80+ other congressmen in signing a letter to the President to ban all further import of semi-automatic firearms via executive order.
  10. Also a good book http://afailureofcivility.com/
  11. to which you point to China... http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/01/world/asia/china-railway-attack/index.html and the 29 killed in a knife attack. Their argument has no basis...
  12. All depends on your religious belief. If you're willing to step in front of a bullet to save you're son, it's no different than choosing death over eating another human being if you believe there's a here after. Of course if you don't believe there's anything more than a dirt nap, bon appetite! You'll have to get through a hail of gun fire before eating me and mine though....
  13. exactly. that's why I said if you're going to go that route, it has to be victim crime. It has to be something egregious, not jaywalking or spitting or some ridiculous non-crime crime.
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