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  1. What were the prices like? Is it off of Route 9?
  2. Grabbed a couple boxes thank you very much!
  3. I'll keep checking the site for new deals.
  4. Sierra Nevada - Torpedo is my drink of choice at the moment.
  5. I too own a cat and dog and stopped registering my pets long ago. Both are up to date with shots and rabies.
  6. I emailed a PDF copy of my FID to PSA. Ammo took about 2 weeks to ship.
  7. How did you find this? If you search reguarly via the website this brand does not even show up.
  8. Thank you for the link just placed an order for 5 boxes.
  9. I will have to make a trip since I can't find much of anything now.
  10. Yes I noticed that. Alot of online stores are doing that it seems. I've already found a few more with the same restrictions.
  11. Incredible at such a young age. Imagine how good she will become as she gets older with all that training.
  12. Thanks for sharing those other links. I have found ammoseek is not up to date on much these days.
  13. I will have to make a trip.. no one mentioned 9mm ammo though? Does he have any?
  14. Thank you for the suggestions. I"m also a new gun owner and found it difficult to find ammo and when I did the prices were pretty high.
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