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  1. just get some guard dog from federal and don't use hollow points. then there is no question
  2. there is a high standard collectors club, they're at the NRA annual meetings every year
  3. ok, but you didn't say if you owned the car from new, so I don't know if you are the only one to ever have had it repaired. and what you are ignoring is what 1ltcap said, and it sounds like it may be correct, because the tsbs didn't fix the problem is that the bcm mat be going bad inside. which means no tsb will fix problem if bcm is bad at core.
  4. tsb's are not a certain fix. they apply to some but not all cars. your bcm may have been updated already or maybe came from the factory with these updates in place. so you cant update something that is already up to date. maybe you have another problem, switches, bcm, wiring, could be many things. don't look to a tsb as the end all b all fix. find a good independent shop that will actually put some time into diagnosing your problem, not just trying what you think might be the fix. no offense intended.
  5. also try www.cliffscalendar.com
  6. there are other problems like blowing them out of the head, the 4.6's don't all have a lot of thread for the plug to begin with, careful buying used stuff might have thread repair in them already. What happened to just using plugs that we've used for what 50-60 years? don't redesign the wheel if it still rolls.
  7. that's what happens to the 5.4 triton motors, they have a different design and require these 2 pc plugs that like to leave half of the plug in the head upon removal. Really good design by ford.
  8. need to stress proper training, and note the use of defensive rounds
  9. and you stated all the reasons to have a pistol with defensive ammo(some are lower recoil and lower penetration), much easier to work with in the house, and try shooting the rifle with one hand(which you might, never know)
  10. maybe that's because only now are people joining
  11. most likely if you cant do it with the dash or navi, you can't. Someone with a high level scanner or a ford scanner might be able to do something for you, but because it is considered a safety item it might not be something you can stop. not something easy to disable for anyone, even the noise comes right from the computer module itself or it command it to go thru the radio. look in owners manual. And as for jumping wires at the seat belt not a good idea. if you pick the wrong wires you may fry the airbag computer or pop off the charge in the seat belt pre tensioner. Which goes off with the speed of an airbag to pull down and tighten against you. For everyone out there, "jumping" anything in todays cars is a really bad and possibly dangerous idea. I know joke is a joke, but getting hit with something like that isn't funny.
  12. can"t believe I missed this thread
  13. that's what I meant by clumsy, but if you take your time and be very deliberate with the loading it works a lot better than doin it by hand
  14. i got a butler creek, a little clumsy but works a lot better than doin it 1 round at a time by hand, they also make 10 round banana clips for 10/22, l;ittle easier to get out of the loader
  15. there are ways to accomplish this without carrying 6 gallons of water, have a couple of the larger skinny bottles in your pack, also helps a pack keep its shape, and have more water stashed in vehicles(also helps in an overheating situation), at the workplace etc, don't really have to carry that much on your person, plus have a way to sterilize water you may find along the way to wherever, like a life straw, etc
  16. I've got a 92fs brigadier, was the first gun I purchased for myself, and will never get rid of it. have upgraded it over the years, took a defensive pistol course with it(and was the only one in the class that didn't have a striker fired pistol), shoots awesome. cant go wrong with any 92 or m9
  17. don't want to get involved shipping ammo in this dumbass state
  18. pictured boxes are full, also have an empty one similar to last
  19. anyone know someone that might b interested in a few boxes of old ammo, most is 22 short, complete boxes of 50, not for shooting but for collectors sake? price on one box is 63 cents. thanks for your time
  20. my edc is a spyderco endura, but just got a sog snarl really cool neck knife
  21. I use cci stinger at 100 yds with my 10-22, had to get a better scope so I could c the smaller groups
  22. 1 more vote for the walther, step mom has 1 and loves it, good gun to start shootin with
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