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  1. NJ2AS FILES AMICUS BRIEF IN PANTANO NJ SUPREME COURT CASE October 2, 2013 On Tuesday, October 1, 2013, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) filed a "friend of the Court" brief in a State Supreme Court appeal challenging New Jersey's "justifiable need" requirement to obtain a Permit to Carry a Handgun. The Plaintiff, Richard Pantano, is being represented by Evan Nappen, noted civil rights attorney and close friend and supporter of NJ2AS. Click this link to read the entire post and view the brief. http://www.nj2as.com/blog?mode=PostView&bmi=1403707
  2. For the latest news from NJ2AS, please visit our blog by clicking on this link. Recent posts include the July Monthly Newsletter, the announcement about Evan Nappen's "Justifiable Need" appeals case, and comments by NJ2AS President Frank Fiamingo regarding Sheila Oliver's comment on the Constitution being "irrelevant". To stay up to date with what's going on, please visit www.nj2as.com and join or sign up for the email alerts.
  3. As stated before, nothing can go further at this point until the bill is signed into or allowed to become law.
  4. This plan is ongoing. Given the recent developments in the courts, we are on hold with moving forward right now, but the plan is far from dead.
  5. Sponsors get their business' listed on the site. Platinum sponsors are now guaranteed an ad spot in our news letters and news briefs. Gold sponsors are rotated in the news letters and news briefs on a monthly basis. We are working on ways to further enhance the benefits of sponsorship for the generous donations they provide.
  6. According to the attorneys, the bill has to be signed into law or allowed to become law by the 45 day rule before action can be taken. We are waiting for clarification regarding the 45 day rule. When the legislature takes their summer break, the "count down" apparently stops till they reconvene. Once we get clarification on this, we will update everyone.
  7. It is a warning that after a review by an attorney, they violated their rules and opened themselves up to possible legal action.
  8. The legal action is a joint effort between NJ2AS, ANJRPC, and NJOA. All avenues are being explored.
  9. From my point of view, "justifiable need" is simply I like being alive!
  10. From the NJ2AS Facebook Page: *** UPDATE ON CCW APPLICATIONS!!! OK, here are a few things I want to say. First, a LOT has occurred since we first started to address the problem of the CCW application statistics being TOTALLY unrepresentative of reality. For NJ to state that the vast majority of CCW applications are approved is a "prevarication of the highest magnitude" (BIG LIE) and we *ALL* know it. They are able to manipulate the statistics by assuring you that if you are not a law enforcement officer, you are going to be turned down. Couple that with the fear that *IF* you are turned down it could affect your life in some negative way and most people will simply decide not to apply. We would like to know what the statistics would tell the Nation about NJ if all the people who wished to carry a concealed firearm for personal defense actually *DID* apply. As we know, the statistics would invariably reverse direction with the OVERWHELMING majority of applications being turned down due to "lack of justifiable need" (defense of your precious life and family is *NOT* considered "justifiable need" in our great state). We have been able to determine that being denied a permit by NJ (simply for lack of "justifiable need") will NOT result in you being denied a non-resident CCW in Florida. Utah does not require you to answer that question if you already have a license from Florida, so that problem is effectively solved. Here is the problem. We are STILL trying to get a definitive answer as to whether or not being denied a CCW in NJ will affect your life in other ways. For instance, will it make it more difficult or impossible to obtain a Handgun Purchase Permit? Could it interfere with your ability to obtain certain jobs or clearances. You might think that it is easy to get those answers. I can assure you that it is not. I cannot ask people to proceed with the next step (actual submission of the application) until I have real reliable answers to these questions. I most certainly would like to hear from anyone who has real-life, verifiable answers to some of these questions. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have that kind of information to share (either negative or positive), or share it here. Once we are comfortable that the consequences do not outweigh the benefits, we will then organize and execute the next step. I just felt that you were entitled to an explanation in the meantime. I don't want people to think that this is all a black box. Usually, if I don't share something right away, the reason is that there are reasons not to telescope our plans. In this case, I don't think it will make a difference, and it is probably better if there are as many people as possible looking for answers. I would especially like to hear from Security Company Employers, Those familiar with Military Clearance FFLs and any employer whose company has a policy on this. Thank you all for your help and cooperation. Frank Jack Fiamingo President - NJ2AS
  11. June 24, 2013 - TRENTON The New Jersey Second Amendment Society, together with other Garden State based Second Amendment -related organizations has served legal notice on Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver. This warning states that impending action on several firearm-related bills would be invalid and subject to legal challenge as a result of illegal vote-rigging in an Assembly committee earlier this month. The rules that have been violated are as follows: Assembly Rule 12:3: After a roll call vote has commenced, no motion is in order until the results are announced by the Speaker.Assembly Rule 10:6: Each committee may adopt rules for its operation and conduct of business, including rules governing the operation and conduct of any subcommittee, provided the rules are consistent with these rules.Assembly Rule 10:22. Bills and resolutions reported by any committee in violation of these rules shall not be considered for third reading or final action. On June 6, 2013, during a hearing of the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee, a gun control package (bill A4182) failed during the roll call vote. Committee Chairman Charles Mainor aborted the roll call vote after 9 of 11 votes had been cast. NJ Assembly rule 12:3 states that once a roll call vote begins, no further action can be taken until the results are announced. Instead of completing the vote, ASM Mainor announced he was holding the bill, despite Republican committee members’ objections. In further violation of Assembly rules, bill A4182 was then transferred to the Assembly Budget Committee where a Democrat majority could control the outcome. Eleven days later, the Budget Committee voted to release the bill. The bill in question is A4182, a 42-page omnibus piece of legislation that restricts all legal firearms owners with no impact on crime or criminals. This bill voids all current firearms ID cards and replaces them with either a privacy invading endorsement on the holder’s NJ drivers license, or other form of identification yet to be determined. It suspends Second Amendment rights absent proof of firearms training, imposes a 7-day waiting period for handgun purchases by licensed firearms owners, eliminates private sales between licensed firearms owners, and creates a registry of all ammunition purchases and long gun sales by licensed gun owners. This all comes at an undisclosed cost to tax payers estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars. Democratic leaders have described bill A4182 as a "national model". Legislators from both parties have questioned the purpose of the bill and expressed serious concerns about it. Law- abiding NJ firearms owners have universally condemned the legislation.
  12. NJ2AS is pleased to announce that our friends at the Firearms Policy Coalition are sponsoring a "Call to Action" here in the Garden State, and nation wide. Click on the links below to send a message to Governor Christie urging him to veto any anti-second amendment bills that make it to his desk. For every letter sent through the FPC, you will automatically be entered into the "Stop The Gun Control Madness" contest. Contest rules can be found by clicking here. Please see below for more details on the contest. Now is the time to take action! Dear American Patriot, Our friends in New Jersey -- and the Second Amendment -- need your help today. You can make a big difference in less than 2 minutes -- please keep reading to find out how. The New Jersey Legislature is furiously working and scheming up ways to ramrod a pile of horrible new rights-infringing gun control bills through in the coming days. We can stop these outrageous bills from going into law by asking Governor Chris Christie to send them all back to the Legislature -- stamped with a big “VETO”! That's why I'm asking you to take 90 seconds, right now, and defend Second Amendment gun rights by sending Governor Christie a message using our simple (and free!) outreach form at StopNJGunControl.org. Maybe you're thinking, “Gun control like this would never happen to us – we live in a free state! We'll never need to worry about whatever crazy gun control laws New Jersey or California pass this year.” If you are, you’re dead wrong. Just ask gun owners and pro-gun businesses in Colorado -- like Magpul -- how fast the political seas can turn on us... drowning your Second Amendment rights under a tidal wave of heavily-slanted mainstream media, party-line political posturing, and billionaire anti-gun PAC backers like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Freedom-destroying laws like those we’re up against in New Jersey become models for anti-gun policies in other states... waiting in the shadows for just the right moment to pounce on and strip away your Constitutional rights. Gun control doesn’t stop at any state's borders and neither should our help. Please, friends, stand with us today and TAKE ACTION to defend the Constitution atStopNJGunControl.org. Oh, and one more thing: every message you send to Governor Christie through StopNJGunControl.org (and all of our legislative Issues pages at FPC) between now and July 31, 2013, automatically enters you into our "Stop The Gun Control Madness" contest, where the winner will pick from three tremendous firearm packages including a Kahr PM9 handgun and Comp-Tac hoster, a Sig M400 Enhanced AR-15 rifle and Aimpoint H1 optic, and a Benelli Super Black Eagle II shotgun. The more you help us fight back against anti-gun bills, the better your chances of winning one of these guns! We have an opportunity to send Governor Christie a crystal-clear message: our rights are not up for debate . Just visit StopNJGunControl.orgto TAKE ACTION right now, then go spread the word to all of your friends and family! We can make ours a Coalition of 1,000,000+ Americans fighting to preserve our Founder’s vision for America in New Jersey, but ONLY IF WE ALL ACT NOW. Won’t you stand with us and show Governor Christie that we aren’t going to let the Legislature take away our Constitutional rights without a fight? It really only takes 90 seconds or less, my friends -- StopNJGunControl.org is how and where you can do just that. Thank you in advance for caring enough to help us defend freedom and our Constitution. In Liberty, Brandon Combs Managing Director Firearms Policy Coalition
  13. We have discovered that anit-constitutional-rights groups being led by State Senator Loretta Weinberg and U.S Congressman Bill Pascrell are organizing busloads of anti-Bill of Rights followers to protest our Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the state of New Jersey and across our nation. We cannot allow this to stand. We MUST show up in force to demonstrate our continued commitment to our Lives, our Loved ones and our Liberty. Please sign up for a bus as soon as humanly possible. We need to now how many buses to provide and where to state them. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!. Click the link below to register. If you don't see a bus close to you please check back later as more buses will be added as we find staging location. If you don't see a bus near you yet please go to the event page to register that you plan to attend. Once your bus location is posted you can then go back in and register for the bus. . http://nj2as.com/Admin/default.aspx Frank Jack Fiamingo ...
  14. RECAP OF THE WINSLOW MEETING On Thursday, March 28, the monthly meeting of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society was held at the South Jersey Shooting Club in Winslow, NJ. The room was filled to capacity, thank you to all who attended. We would also like to welcome to all of our new members. NEW HAPPENINGS AT THE NEW JERSEY SECOND AMENDMENT SOCIETY NJ2AS Director of Media Relations Rich Petkevis opened the meeting. He announced that NJ2AS now has 19 executive members heading up various projects and responsibilities for the organization. As part of the growth of NJ2AS and the demand for representatives to speak to various organization's events, there will be times when executive members may have to conduct the meetings. A list of the executive members names, area of responsibility, and email addresses will be published atwww.nj2as.com and distributed through the email list. NJ2AS Director of Shows and Merchandise Scott Heckler announced that new NJ2AS merchandise will be available soon. T-shirts, lapel pins, hats, and sweat shirts will be offered. The web store is being revamped. We will keep everyone updated as this process moves forward. GUEST SPEAKER Special guest speaker, Sheriff Frank Balles addressed the crowd and stated he is an avid supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and supports the citizen's right to carry. Frank Bales is the current Sheriff of Atlantic County, NJ, president of the NJ Sheriff's Association, and running for NJ State Senate in District 2 against Senator Jim Whelan. NJ2AS PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS NJ2AS President Frank Fiamingo also addressed the crowd and announced that NJ2AS, along with the ANJRPC, NJOA, and NRA representatives were invited by NJ State Senate President Steve Sweeney to sit down with the Senate leadership and review the proposed firearms legislation that recently cleared the NJ Assembly. The pro second amendment organizations were asked their opinion on the bills. All organizations stood together and stated their opposition to the bills that stand to do nothing but place an additional burden on the law abiding citizens of NJ. No further discussions were held. It is important to continue to contact your senators and voice your opposition to the legislation. President Fiamingo also mentioned to the membership to be prepared for possibly another rally in Trenton in the near future. No date has been set. Where as over 1,000 supporters of liberty stood together on a cold, wet February morning, a second rally will need to bring 10,000 plus together. We will update everyone as things develop. GENERAL INFORMATION NJ is up to 76 anti firearm bills! Since January of this year, the assembly has been continually assaulting the rights of the law abiding citizen. We ask that you continue to contact your representatives and voice opposition to these bills. An updated list of the proposed bills will be available on the web site soon. Please be advised that www.nj2as.com is in the process of "spring cleaning" in an effort to consolidate information and provide a more informative interface. Most of the changes are happening in the "news" and "resources" sections of the site. The web site will not be shut down during this process. We would like to remind everyone that you can sign up for free email alerts at www.nj2as.com for the latest happenings from the New Jersey Second Amendment Society and information on NJ Firearms Legislation. Please encourage your friends, family, and anyone else you can think of to join the NJ2AS or at least sign up for the free email alerts. UPCOMING EVENTS For information on all NJ2AS events, please visit www.nj2as.com and click on the events link. NJ2AS President Frank Jack Fiamingo is scheduled to appear at an event being held on the steps of the Capitol honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Thursday April 4, 2013. The topic will be “Defense in the inner city”. All are invited to attend. NJ2AS President Frank Jack Fiamingo is scheduled to appear as a guest on "NJ Capitol Report with Steve Adubato and Rafael Pi Roman" on Tuesday, April 9th. Also invited is Ms. Nicola Bocour of CeasefireNJ. Many of the recent events affecting lawful firearms ownership will be discussed. There will be a focus on the conflict between the approach taken by the Democrat leadership versus the more constitutional approach adopted by New Jersey’s lawful firearm’s owners. NJ2AS is looking for volunteers for the Mt. Bethel Volunteer Fire Company Gun Show in Mt. Bethel, PA on April 14, 2013. People are needed to help at the NJ2AS table to distribute information. The next monthly meeting of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society will be held on April 17,2013 at the Washington Fire House in Warren County, NJ. (100 Belvidere Avenue, Washington, NJ). Special guests will be Members of the NJ 4-H State Shooting Team. The NJ2AS High School Writing Contest came to an end March 30, 2013. One lucky winner will get to participate in the Gun For Hire "Test Drive". First, Second, and Third place winners will have their essay published on the NJ2AS web site and receive a NJ2AS T-shirt.
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