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  1. Let's take the proceeds from this donation box and buy you a fuzzy blanket and some hot chocolate. Sounds like someone needs a hug.
  2. I have to say, it’s not often than I walk into an FFL’s shop and am immediately greeted by a nose to the crotch. When I visit Steven at Monmouth Arms, it’s an inevitability. FEAR NOT dear reader, the proboscis in question isn’t attached to remixer, but instead belongs to Dante: the Monmouth Arms mascot and all around Good Boy. Steve really does provide incredible service to his customers, meeting all the needs you may have. Sales, compliance work, transfers, Steven does it all. He’s also fantastic at being able to get hard to find things. I call him first when I’m looking for something in particular. I’ve found that while I can sometimes find things cheaper online, his pricing is always competitive and I’d much rather support a local business. I’ve bought a number of things from him, and I’ve never had a problem at all. Steven is good people, and he did not pay me to write this. P.S. Dante is a good boy but he'll chew your balls if you try to walk past the edge of the desk. I advise against attempting it.
  3. I was touched by the outpouring of love from all who were in attendance! I felt so pretty <3
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