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  1. Sold Locally - Please close, Thanks
  2. 450 Round case Federal AE 5.56 55gr FMJ XM193 in stripper clips. 5 boxes of 90 - $250 Pick up in or near Toms River or at CJRPC. First "I'll take it" wins the sale
  3. Clement's closing argument was spot on. He spelled the issue out loud and clear. I believe the vote will be in our favor - barely
  4. TR20

    HI from Kearny

    Welcome from Toms River. I lived in Kearny for 23 years growing up. I have a CZ SP-01 Tactical (can get the spa treatment later) shoots like a laser. I also have the 75-BD but prefer the SP. Sig has never let me down so all my others are Sigs, no strikers - all hammer fired. MK25, 227, 229, 220, 226 SSE, 229 SSE, 229 SAS, all works of art!
  5. Wait until just before Q2 earnings come out and buy a bunch of out of the money puts two months out (time premium). That way you get 60 days to enjoy the shit show and cash in when they fall short on the top and bottom line. At least they got their name right DICKS!
    I did my first out of state transfer with Tony at Garden State Shooting Center. As usual, Tony provided first class service which made the transaction fast, painless and secure. The pistol arrived very quickly in North Carolina at my friend's FFL. Having an FFL I trust is of the utmost importance to me. I am happy to say Tony and the staff at GSSC have continued to provide great service as an FFL, Range and Gun Shop!
  6. You are correct, I read something about that myself. Although he may be looking for an exit under Trump, I still hope he sticks around for the upcoming cases!!
  7. If SCOTUS decides to hear the case I honestly believe NJ's "justifiable need" will go down in flames. There is no way the court can cite this kind of restriction based on constitutional law. Its a pure fabrication and should be ruled as such. We shall see...
  8. Actually, Thomas is a very staunch conservative and supporter of 2A. He is only 70 years old, not 80+ like RBG and should stick around for a while. We stand a better chance with him on the bench together with Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh (4 votes) and Chief Justice Roberts.
  9. They are trying to sneak it through via special election. They changed the date to today, a Tuesday after a holiday. I bet there will be record low turnout. I am sick of hearing how much more money they need for the schools! Teacher salaries, pensions, benefits, buses, emergency funding for buildings, sports, and now a 20 year Bond program that will come out of our pockets again every year. Don't forget, we the 2019 tax increase ahead of us this fall and a mandatory county property reassessment coming next year (2020) that will raise our taxes again. Add the bond issue and that's THREE increases in 2 years!
  10. I posted this link in the Gun Law Discussion Forum This should be interesting. If they hear the case and strike down the law it should apply nationwide! https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/22/supreme-court-will-hear-gun-rights-case-on-transporting-handguns.html
  11. This should be interesting. If they hear the case and strike down the law it should apply nationwide! https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/22/supreme-court-will-hear-gun-rights-case-on-transporting-handguns.html Expecting a decision in June.
  12. The 9th Circuit ruled in favor? I better pinch myself. Six Circuits have ruled in favor, what the hell does it take to have the Supremes settle the issue? Its clear there is a massive split in the country and the court system.
  13. Yes, a xenon spiral tube used as a "tickler" to start a high power laser fired into a pair of high speed, rotating hexagon mirrors (one per headlamp. Use a blue white laser diffused with a quartz crystal so no one goes blind! Rotating mirror assembly can be purchased as a school supply. Better make sure you buy the laser as a "research item" as its above the .5 mw limit. Have fun!
  14. 9X19 I am one of the old guys too and I will not shut up. I don't mind the subject matter of the thread and miss a few of the places mentioned down here in Ocean County. Just ignore those who find fault with the posts made by others. Everyone is not as open minded and experienced as those of us who past mile marker 60!
  15. No! I do not agree with changing the 4473. The bottom line is simple, treat those who are mentally ill and block their access to guns via NICS. If we start going down the path of more gun restrictions based on the perception of illness due to medications taken we will live to regret it.
  16. Good, let the ass holes try and pass it. If they do they will have over reached by a HUGE margin. This will be very helpful when SCOTUS has to hear the cases that will no doubt come soon after.
  17. Exactly, plus they put out a few questionable rifles lately (783) which is not helping their bottom line.
  18. I voted yes because they both have a great reputation and I have done business with remixer. The only question I have is what guns are they picking up? Hopefully CMP but I don't think they are in PA. Will we get a chance to participate?
  19. Zeke, 30% of the state voting population showed up. Of that total, there are 800K more democrats registered than republicans. You can bet you ass they are free shit army folks in the crime infested cities. In fact, look at Hudson County! Its a total shit show and they went for Murphy by close to 80%. YES, there are those who shoot and do not vote. There are also those who shoot and vote for the liberal democrats. You can point to the 30% turnout and say many shooters did not vote but it simply does not support a Republican victory. Kim was damaged goods due to Christie and was an underfunded, low energy candidate. Ass wipe Murphy straight up bought the election county by county. It was in the bag well before the 2A crowd got to the polls.
  20. Mrs Peel, I agree with your thinking. There is no way we are going to preserve the few 2A rights we still have once Murphy gets in office with full Democratic control of both houses. He is going to push this to the very edge and due to ego, push farther to make "his" state with the toughest gun laws. That said, we should follow the "California model" and file lawsuits for the most serious restrictions (mag limits, semi auto bans, required training, etc.) This will put them on notice that we mean business. File appeal to the circuit courts and perhaps it will stop there. If not, SCOTUS will be our only saving grace as the idiots in Trenton are trying to eliminate weapons in "commonly used" for sporting purposes - something that was already ruled thus setting precedent.
  21. That does not sound right. The State Police runs the SP-066 report and provides the results to the local PD. See below: I, __________________________________________________ am aware of my rights under N.J.S.A. 30:4-24.3, and the Health Insurance Portability and Insurance Accountability Act (HIPAA), 45 C.F.R. 164.50, and consent to the disclosure of my mental health records to the Chief of Police and the Su per in ten dent of State Police, or their designees, for the purpose of verifying my fi rearms permit application and my fi t ness to own a fi re arm under N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3. I understand that copies of this authorization shall be considered suffi cient authorization for the release of records. Sending the report back to the State Police after the State Police send it to the local PD makes no sense.
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