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  1. My doctor had the option of joining one of the large hospitals under their terms or retiring and he chose to retire rather than try and work in their system.
  2. My primary care physician is retiring so I need to find another in the central NJ area, preferably in or around Freehold or Monroe NJ. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. So, let me get this straight. When only the elites were allowed to CCW, they could basically carry anywhere with a few exceptions such as schools, courthouses, etc. But now that the unwashed masses, i.e., us are allowed to carry, they will place as many restrictions as possible on where we can carry? I would think that any substantial changes to the existing policies could be challenged?
  4. Anything by Jeff Shaara. Rise to Rebelion Glorious Cause Gods and Generals Killer Angels (by his father) Last Full Measure.
  5. Welcome aboard! I used to shoot at Cherry Ridge many, many years ago, rode there on my bicycle. Great range.
  6. That was freaking hilarious!
  7. I only crimp my .38's enough to remove the case flair, but I shoot them in a S&W 686, which is a heavy gun and being a 357 mag has some room in the cylinder if a bullet tended to walk out a little. While I go nuts with case prep, measurement, powder, distance to lands, etc. for my rifle loads. I tend to pick a near bottom load with whatever powder I have and stick with it for my target/plinking loads for my pistols.
  8. Found it on Spotify yesterday and shared it with my children, they loved it! I am sure my son's circle of right wing friends will love it as well.
  9. Thanks for sharing, my daughter was planning on traveling to Greece when she graduates college in May. we may have to rethink that!
  10. I have a Ruger SR22 and Thunderbolts start keyholing after 200-300 rounds. I need to clean the lead out after every 200 rounds or so and I am good to go.
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