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  1. Welcome!
  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. I am working outside today- does that count? finally closing up my pool!
  4. I also live in Millstone Twp and yes, it is the Hamilton Barracks, here is the contact info- The phone # is 609-584-5000, once you get the voice prompt. Hit the choice for Hamilton Sub Station. Then when the Sargent picks up, ask for weapons permit desk.
  5. I wondered why he wasn't on here in a while- RIP
  6. That was a refreshing read, and exactly what many of us have been touting for years. Thanks for posting.
  7. Meet Allie! Brought her home on Saturday and she is fitting right in already. She is a rescue, they said part lab part boxer, whatever she is she is having a blast in her forever home!
  8. Holy cow that was scary!
  9. This is very disappointing indeed.
  10. I can do that!
  11. This looks simple enough for even me!
  12. Anyone do your own outdoor fire pit? Any ideas or suggestions? I was thinking about using brick pavers, since I have a pallet full. If anyone built your own let me know what worked and what didn't. Thanks.
  13. Thanks, Splat. we are looking hard, my wife is on PetFinder every day, i am sure we will find a dog soon enough. Only, soon enough is never soon enough for the kids.
  14. Agree- the walk through is really the best part, some good basic instruction and dialog if you get a good instructor.