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  1. jm1827


    Does anyone have any recommendations on where I might be able to find some firewood? I live near Exit 8 on the NJTPK, looking for maybe 1/2 cord delivered. If anyone has any recommendations let me know. Thanks!
  2. Exactly...that is why, in this case at least, everything should be gender neutral...good person with a gun!
  3. A few questions I have- Was he a convicted felon in possession of a fire arm? Is he in this country legally, and if not will he be able to use the new illegal immigrant find for his defense? And most importantly, what will they plea this down to?
  4. jm1827

    Daily humor thread

    Neither do I, I am married.
  5. jm1827

    Daily humor thread

    Just like Pork Roll only better...
  6. jm1827

    Long Gun Purchase Cabelas DE?

    So, had Thursday off so I drove down to Cabelas, called first just to make sure everything was good, and that they had a few O/Us to look at, and to make sure they had no issues with me purchasing one with corporate awarded gift certificates. Long story short, all went great, the sales rep helping me was great, ended up getting a Franchi SL in 12GA. Will definitely be going back!
  7. jm1827

    Looking to get an OU

    I plan on heading down to Cabelas next week, I have it narrowed down to either a Browning Citori or Cynergy Field. I have shot them both and might like the Cynergy just a tad bit more. Of course I wouldn't rule out a Beretta, but I am definitely leaning toward a Browning.
  8. jm1827

    Got me a smoker!

    Been smoking quite a bit and definitely have a few of the recipes right on. Salmon and trout come out great every time, as does pork tenderloin (great suggestion), ribs are also very good still using the 3-2-1 method. Pork shoulder is also a hit every time now. Did my first brisket a few weeks ago and it came out OK, a little dry and not as much smoke flavor as I would have liked, but definitely not bad. Thanks for al the help and advice, much appreciated!
  9. jm1827

    Long Gun Purchase Cabelas DE?

    Thanks for the heads up, I will make a call before I drive all the way down.
  10. jm1827

    Anyone watching France?

    And NJ unfortunately!
  11. jm1827

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Not surprised, unfortunately.
  12. jm1827

    Guy breaks in the wrong house

    Good for her and good thing she had a firearm and knew how to use it. Had she not ben armed I am sure things would not have turned out well for her at all.
  13. jm1827

    R.I.P. Bush (#41)


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