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  1. Thanks again. I think the 3.5 hours may turn into 6 or 7 for me but it seems doable.
  2. The engine has 220K on it, and you can hear a definite valve tap. With my limited experience, it sure sounds like there is too much valve lash somewhere.
  3. Good point. I think my skills should be fine, the actual valve adjustment isn't the hard part, taking everything apart to get there is more of the issue.
  4. Looks like my wife's car needs a valve adjustment, she has a 2011 Honda Pilot, 220K miles. Is this something that I can do myself? I don't want to spend a lot, the car is near the end of its useful life. Thanks,
  5. Saw some at Cheyanne's and Tanners last week.
  6. I just want to report back that Tanners is definitely open for business. They are limiting the number of people allowed in at one time, they had a nice lady at the front door that was politely asking what you were there for, this way they could help you out as you entered the store. They also provided hand sanitizer as you entered. They did have plenty of 12 and 20 ga target bird shot shells, as well as clay targets. Not much in terms of other ammo.
  7. Besides not shipping ammo to NJ, Cabelas has made a few additional changes. They no linger ship to FFLs, and, if you order a firearm on line you must ship it to a store in your state of residence, so no longer can you ship to PA or DEL to pick up, from NJ you need to use the Atlantic City store.
  8. No, but with all the changing COVID restrictions, I wanted to make sure. I will give them a call before heading out anyway.
  9. Was thinking about heading over to Tanners next week, has anyone heard if they are open, and if so business as usual, reservations? Thanks,
  10. I have a Ruger American in .243 Win that I like, shoots well out to 300 yards, that is the farthest I have available to shoot.
  11. Wow- great list, thanks for sharing, I will take a look at these. Good point about the mill dots/ MOA combo, I have another scope with that combo and it definitely took some getting used to. I typically don't use my scope to estimate distance, I know I probably should, and I use software to get holdover estimates, which I then verify based on the load, but I agree, I was taught everything in mills, then for some reason started using MOA over the last few years.
  12. Looks like we got around 6-8 here in Millstone, probably had more but it switched to sleet/freezing rain for a couple of hours last night.
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