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  1. You can join us this weekend they are playing Villanova! And if I figure out where to tailgate and what's allowed I will have my typical feast available!
  2. Anyone ever tailgate at a Towson football game? Going down to see my daughter for parent's weekend and we plan on tailgating prior to the game. Any info anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Just curious, from a metallurgical perspective, would aluminum and brass extract better, at least in part due to better and faster heat transfer coefficients than steel? Thinking that they may cool down quicker especially if heat synced by the surrounding barrel and then shrink slightly which would allow easier extraction. Of course this may not be even remotely close to what actually happens.
  4. jm1827

    New to NJ

    Welcome aboard! Porkroll is a Pennsiltucky slang for the correct term- Taylor Ham!
  5. Good info, thanks. I am still trying to find a replacement key and FOB for my wife's 2011 Honda Pilot.
  6. My daughter goes to Virginia Tech, at the VT- UVA game I cooked a bunch of this stuff, most of the kids from VA never had it before, I cooked a bunch up, one of the kids tried it and blurted out- " this stuff is great, is this that Taylor Ham stuff I keep hearing about?"
  7. Thanks everyone, I will take a look at both Movie Maker and Vegas Movie Studio. I am pretty sure I have used Movie Maker in the past, but if Vegas Movie Studio is better it may be worth the $50 or so.
  8. Does anyone have any recommendations for what software I can use to make highlight film? I have been trying to use Hudl, but the browser based tools are difficult at best. Primary sport will be Lacrosse, and I use a PC. Thanks
  9. Exactly. How does the most important witness currently in US custody kill himself? No 24 hour suicide watch? Really?
  10. Thanks, I will do so tomorrow. I had my wife call but she got confused so I will give it a try. She actually needs both, hopefully HD can do it
  11. Thanks- I will give them a call!
  12. Would a lock smith have the equipment to do the reprogramming?
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