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  1. Thanks, but actually his lacrosse equipment is probably the foulest smelling item you could imagine and that has started to take over the smoke smell!
  2. My son graduates high school next summer, we are good to go any time after that. Depending on the market I may put the house up next fall.
  3. Welcome aboard Frank!
  4. Thanks Bomber, it will be going to a detailer this week, apparently they will shampoo everything including the interior ceiling!
  5. My son finally found a used truck he could afford, a 2010 F150 with only 80K miles. The truck is in great shape all around, except the previous owner was a smoker. Anyone know how to get rid of the smoke smell? So far I have tried: 1- Several iterations of carpet fresh, sprinkle it down, wait, vacuum 2-Wiping everything down with regular cleaner, then Febreze, then vinegar & water, then Fantastic 3- Turning on the AC and circulating various cleaners through the air intake- there are no cabin air filters as far as I can tell 4- Leaving containers of vinegar in the car over night 5- Sprinkling baking soda around, letting it sit and then vacuuming 6- Spraying Febreze onto the seats, doors, dash, carpet Thanks!
  6. Does this work for marijuana laws as well?
  7. I am outside of Washington DC today on a business trip, none of the gas stations around here have any gas. Most were overrun last night with panic buyers.
  8. He wants a truck, prefers a full size but would take a mid size if we can find one.
  9. I have an 11 foot StarCraft that my wife wants me to get rid of, you are welcome to it. No leaks that I am aware of, we are off exit 8 on the NJTPK.
  10. Thanks, NH would be a hike.
  11. Steve did mine as well. can't even see where it was welded, excellent work!
  12. Thanks Glen- used trucks are definitely in demand. Looked at one in PA, and pictures were altered to cover up the rust and dents, very deceitful of the dealer. Found one in Hazlet at at dealership that my brother in law used to work for, we called around 1PM the day it went on sale, it was already sold that morning. Toyotas are great, but even more expensive and in demand than the American made trucks. We will keep looking.
  13. Thanks, I found it on the site, initial asking price was $12.5K, but came down fairly quickly to $10K, and is now unfortunately sold already. Thanks for the heads up though, I will keep looking on that site as well.
  14. Thanks everyone, haven't found anything yet but I appreciate the suggestions and will continue my search!
  15. I'm sure his mother would love that!
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