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  1. Thanks everyone! We will be on a 54 footer, so nothing too small, in the past I have given my son Dramamine and it worked well, even out on 6 ft seas once, the only drawback as mentioned is making you drowsy, I will check out Bonine as well.
  2. Booked a charter out of the Outer Banks next month and was looking for input on how to beat prevent sea sickness in kids, well teens anyway, 15 through 19. Any suggestions, caveats, pearls of wisdom?
  3. Thanks for the write up, definitely want one of these!
  4. Yes, I believe that is the case, at least it was when I shot there a couple of years ago.
  5. Grew up in East Orange and used to go to the Star often, was there last year and their thin crust pizza is still fantastic!
  6. Going to a concert at the PNC Arts Center this weekend and noticed on the web site that the parking lots open 1 hour before the venue starts, I guess they don't want any tailgating? I went ahead and purchased VIP parking, which looks like regular parking just a few years back. Anyone go to any concerts there recently?
  7. Talked to my friend and he said the same thing.
  8. From what he told me they were out of permits and had no idea when new ones were coming in. Interesting that it is not limited to only Clark.
  9. Not sure if this is true, but heard from a friend I work with that the state is running low or out of pistol permits. He applied in Clark, and from what he told me they are usually fairly quick on their turn around. He applied using the online system and after about a month he called just to check on his permits and they told him that everything was done but they were out of actual permits and were waiting on a delivery.
  10. Went with the Nevada plan through Vanguard as well, since there is no real advantage to go with the NJ plan. Have 1 daughter in VT and a second daughter going into Towson. First I would recommend saving as much as you can in the 529, you can always use one child's account to pay for the other so there should be little chance of over saving. Use online resources or Naviance to find out where your child is on the acceptance continuum based on grades and SAT/ACT scores then apply to colleges in tiers, with the tier being schools that your child is well qualified, even over qualified for and acceptance is almost guaranteed, next apply to a few schools that are about right for your child's grades and scores and lastly, if you want apply for a couple of reaches. You may get more grant $ from schools that you are well qualified for. Private schools can cost more in general but typically award more grant money, especially if your student is well qualified so apply for both private and state schools. Encourage your child take both the SAT and ACT, they may do better in one than the other and there are tools to cross reference the scores. We found many out of state schools that were comparable to in state schools once you figured in the grant $$. Good luck and feel free to ask questions.
  11. Welcome aboard! And yes, it is Taylor Ham!
  12. Logistical question here. If I pre-order one and then apply for my permits, do I run the risk of the permits coming in early, expiring and not getting delivery of the gun? Just curious how to manage my permission slips here in the PRNJ. Thanks!
  13. Had to recite that during Thunderbird night when I pledged back in college, brings back some old memories!
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