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  1. If asked, "I open a lot of boxes at work " therefore I need a way to open them
  2. Thank you everyone, I will check out the recommendations!
  3. Anyone have any recommendations on a filet knife? Mainly for fresh water fish but occasionally may be used for smaller salt water species. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the offer and the great advice. So far I have shot 2 Citoris, a lightning in 20 gauge and a CXS in 12 gauge, both shot great. I also had the opportunity to getting professionally fitted and shooting a couple of Silver Pigeons, a 20 and a 12 gauge at Hudson Farms, both fit great with the stock 12 gauge being a perfect fit. I really liked them all and unless I shoot them side by side I really don't have a preference. I was also fortunate enough to get a lesson at Hudson farms and that made a tremendous difference. I will start looking at both in the near future any may take a ride down to Cabelas in DE!
  5. That's what I wanted to hear!
  6. Thank you Shawn. We are going with a retired cop, but free parking isn't my main concern. Any issues having a few beers before the concert?
  7. Going to the Jimmy Buffet concert at the BB&T pavilion next week. Anything I need to know about this venue? Is tailgating allowed or at least tolerated? Anything I need to be aware of? Thanks in advance!
  8. This is not funny...
  9. Great advice. My daughter is definitely treating it like an investment, she is taking a dual major, bio-chem and pre-vet-med and then planning on going to veterinary medicine. For us, with the scholarship $$ she got, it was about the same or a little better going out of state than it would have been to stay in state, go figure. Unfortunately I will have 3 kids in college over the next 5 years, any way I look at it, it is going to be expensive.
  10. Starting the process of looking into student loans, has anyone gone through this recently and have any information? My daughter will be going to college in the fall and we received the financial aid package. She did receive merit aid based on her grades and SAT scores but the only need based aid we received was the ability to apply for a $5,500 student loan. Worst case scenario she will need to borrow another couple of thousand and i will fund the rest. If anyone has any information please let me know as I am starting to look into loan options now. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, AVB. The main reason I am looking for an O/U is to shoot at Hudson Farm. I have been shooting clays on and off for years but have been using my trusty 870. And of course my 14 year old son wants to shoot as well so at some point I will probably be buying 2 guns.
  12. I reload and I pattern at my range so I am good there, I will look into the 20 ga sleves, that looks interesting. Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
  13. Thanks Parker, definitely a good read. I have been using an older 870 Wingmaster and an O/U is definitely on my horizon. I will need one for my son as well, as he has been getting more into shooting and hunting. So I will probably end up with 2 O/Us in short order!