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  1. My dog started barking, then my wife started yelling at me that the washing machine was out of balance again. After about 5 seconds we realized it was probably an earthquake.
  2. Looks like there was a magnitude 4.8 earthquake near Whitehouse Station, I felt it here in Central Jersey.
  3. Just curious if anyone does any extensive accuracy testing with handgun reloads and if so, what is your process? I typically don't, but I started wondering if this is another rabbit hole worth going down.
  4. jm1827

    New Member

    Welcome aboard! I grew up in Vernon, where everyone knows it is called Taylor Ham!
  5. Same here. Had three kids who all played high school and college sports. We found alternate sources and diverted close to a couple thousand $$$ a year to other sources!
  6. So, let me get this straight. France has very strict firearms laws, basically disarming the general population in order to make everyone safer. Now there is a bit of social unrest and who are the first to get arms? The lawless, violent rioters who steal weapons directly from the police? And who is left unarmed and vulnerable... you guessed it, the law-abiding citizens.
  7. We had it for a while, but as others mentioned, got tired of the annual or even 6 month call to bargain down the price. Switched to Spotify Family a while back and that seems to be working, the whole family gets an account up to 6 people.
  8. Hmm... we have a joint account, I worked 2 jobs for years paid for the mortgage, kid's private school, 3 college educations and funded a retirement. My wife didn't work. I think I I need to look into separate accounts.
  9. New Biden administration cabinet member?
  10. Thanks for the replies, I am debating sending it back to Ruger, but it looks like a really minor repair, something that I should be able to easily do. The spring may even still be there, but it may have slipped off. I may take a look tonight and if the disassembly is as easy as it looks, I might just do it myself.
  11. I think I need to repair or replace the slide stop spring on my SR22. The slide stop will lock the slide open when engaged but needs to be manually depressed in order to allow the slide to move forward, the stop stays up and doesn't drop down when I pull the slide back. From what I can see on an exploded parts diagram, there is a small spring that should keep the slide stop down and it looks like that spring is either broken or has fallen off. Has anyone ever had to change this spring? It looks like I can get the firing assembly out of the frame by removing a roll pin at the handle. Ruger SR 22 Complete Disassembly - Bing video If anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  12. Just finished a batch of Black Rifle Co- Thin Blue Line. Wasn't aware of their politics, need to look closer at that, thanks for the heads up.
  13. Just hearing on Fox, there was a "massive" explosion in the airspace over Montana. Anyone else hear anything about this?
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