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  1. Hi James- as long as you take the rifle portion of the hunter's safety course, and I believe it is now given with the shotgun section, you will be able to obtain a rifle permit when you purchase your license.
  2. Whenever I work in PA I make it a point to stop there, never know what you might need until you see it!
  3. Thanks- I will be changing that next!
  4. Update- checked all of the brake hoses with someone pumping, all look good no bulges. Checked for leaks, none. Checked for air again and on one tire, each time my wife pumped the pedal a small air bubble came out, did this for an a complete reservoir of brake fluid still get a small air bubble each time she pumps it. I am changing the master cylinder next. Doesn't get any firmer, I can go all the way down each time with engine on or off.
  5. Definitely no air, each wheel bled clear brake fluid with no air bubbles at all, I use a clear tube and it was definitely air free fluid. Didn't check the vacuum hose leak.
  6. Changed the pads on my 2004 Toyota Camry and now have more travel in my brake pedal and it is very mushy. Went ahead and bled the lines but there was really no air in them and after bleeding them there was no change in the pedal. I changed the rotors and calipers about a year ago, should I change out the master cylinder next?
  7. For beer I am an IPA fan, currently enjoying Troeg's Perpetual and Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood
  8. I completely agree, past history shows that the NJ Governor's office is where POTUS aspirations come to implode by way of the corrupt and dysfunctional NJ political machine!
  9. So sorry!
  10. Best thing I saw in a long while!
  11. Sorry about that.... Thanks and that was a simple enough LOL!
  12. So, as I am becoming more familiar with how to smoke meats I am noticing that I am using a lot more spices than I have when only grilling. Does anyone have a good source where I can buy spices in bulk and hopefully save some $$$? Thanks!
  13. Welcome aboard!
  14. Thanks, are they in Monroe? If so that is right in my backyard!
  15. Looking to purchase 1 or possibly 2 lower receivers. My limiting factor is my schedule and I might finally have a couple of hours free this Saturday late morning to early afternoon to stop by and fill out the paperwork to pick one up. I will be around Kenilworth and Central Jersey. Thanks!