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  1. Looks like there was a mosque shooting in New Zealand, 49 killed. From what I read the shooters filmed and streamed the shooting in Facebook or some other social media. In an even more disturbing note-, apparently the gunmen left some sort of manifesto, and purposely used guns in order to stir discord in here around the 2nd amendment- "In his manifesto, he identified himself as a 28-year-old man born in Australia. He listed his white nationalist heroes, described what he said motivated him to attack, and said he purposely used guns to stir discord in the United States around the Second Amendment" https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/new-zealand-mosque-shootings-leave-49-dead/ar-BBUNaUo?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=spartandhp
  2. I just got that- and it is funny!
  3. Does anyone know if the NJSP are using the online system yet, specifically the Hamilton Barracks? My town doesn't have a local PD so I go through them.
  4. Thanks, I will take a look at each.
  5. Not sure on a budget, we have my budget and the wife's budget and the actual number is somewhere in between. I was figuring on at least $1K for a decent unit. It will be on my back deck so I don't know how much I can build out.
  6. Time to replace my gas grill so I was thinking about going with natural gas. I have a gas dryer right by the deck so the run is simple. Any suggestions on a solid, reliable make/model? I do a fair amount of BBQ so I would prefer a decent sized, quality unit. I had done this in my last house and I bought a propane BBQ and then purchased a conversion kit, ran flex copper tube, shut off inside, etc. Thanks!
  7. Interesting, and I was going to put in for a permit anyway, I guess I will be trying it sooner rather than later.
  8. Welcome aboard and try to ignore the minor distraction of this thread derailment....
  9. The term- Pork Roll is leftist fake news!
  10. I wouldn't put it past them, or some other anti-gun zealot!
  11. Thank you sir! Great info, especially the rationale on why bottom barrel first. I do need to stop over thinking it, I have used a 1964- 870 for years with an improved choke barrel and it has worked fine for pheasant and clays.
  12. Great point- gun is a 12 ga, usually use 7-1/2 shot but have used 6 at times, barrel length is 28". I have Cyl-bore, Skeet, Improved, Modified and Full chokes but can pick up others if needed.
  13. Thanks all- I typically go with a pointer, so should be closer. I will give it a shot with Skeet over Mod! I need to get to the range and shoot a few rounds before I try and hunt. I patterned the gun last weekend but haven't shot at any clays yet.
  14. Great movies, I remember my father taking me and a bunch of friends to one of them for my 6th grade birthday!
  15. In the past I have always used my 870 Wingmaster with an Improved choke barrel for Pheasant hunting. I now have an O/U with interchangeable chokes and was wondering how I should configure them. I was thinking Improved or even Skeet for the first barrel and then Modified for the second barrel? Also, does it matter which barrel you select to shoot first? I have the top barrel selected to shoot first now. Thanks!
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