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  1. Welcome aboard! And yes, it is Taylor Ham!
  2. Logistical question here. If I pre-order one and then apply for my permits, do I run the risk of the permits coming in early, expiring and not getting delivery of the gun? Just curious how to manage my permission slips here in the PRNJ. Thanks!
  3. Had to recite that during Thunderbird night when I pledged back in college, brings back some old memories!
  4. Definitely going to get one!
  5. Thank you for the offer, if I can't find one to try locally I will let you know.
  6. Good point, I did try some light loads in a very good OU, that fit her well, but still too much. I may need to find a heavier gun.
  7. Good idea on the reloading, when I shot clays consistently I used to reload just to save a couple of $$, never thought of reloading reduced recoil loads. I need an excuse to get back into reloading!
  8. I will check out the Tristar, but how do you know the youth model will fit, what if my wife is 6'4" and 290#?
  9. Checked with a friend who shoots there frequently and he said it was close to $100K a year with a substantial initiation fee and vetting process on top of that. The members also bid on areas to hunt deer, and the prices can get crazy but all of the $$$ from that is donated to charity.
  10. Looking to get a gun for the wife, hoping to get her into shooting some clays with me. She tried my 12ga 870, way too much, tried my 12ga Franchi O/U, again too much, tried a friends 20ga Citori, better but still too much. I was thinking about a 20ga semi-auto, perhaps a Beretta A400 or Winchester SX3? Any suggestions? Not afraid if she doesn't like it, as I have a 14 year old son who would use it if she doesn't like it.
  11. Not exactly sure, but I hear it is pretty expensive...
  12. As mentioned above, Griffin and Howe has a range out to 900 yards, up in North Jersey.
  13. jm1827


    How was the recoil om the Barrett? looks like fun!
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