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  1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Just fortunate that there were armed citizens that could step up in these situations!
  2. I made a resolution to get me a .22 caliber wheel gun in 2020!
  3. I work in cancer research and while there may not be a 100% viable cure we are getting pretty close with some of the immuno-therapies. We are seeing more and more indications either cured or partially cured based on certain protein expressions. The next 5-10 years will see some very promising breakthroughs in most if not all cancer indications.
  4. A belated but quick update. They actually played the game at a field a couple miles away from St Peter's and we ended up at a local dive bar called O'Leary's Publik House. It was a local place, with some very good IPAs on tap and the bar food was excellent. Ended up having 25 or so of us there for the pregame.
  5. Thanks for sharing, I just read the entire article, gave me chills.
  6. My first car in HS was a vette- Chevy Chevette, with a massive 1.4L engine.
  7. Thanks everyone! Just curious, how safe is it walking around that area in the early evening, any concerns?
  8. Anything really, just a decent meal and a cold beer before a football game. I do like a good IPA though, and am good with anything from a good burger, pizza, steak. I am not picky at all!
  9. Is anyone familiar with the area in Jersey City near St. Peter's Prep? My son has a game there this weekend and I am looking for a place to grab a bite to eat beforehand.
  10. Thanks everyone- I will check out your recommendations!
  11. Completely agree, the shrimp cocktail is outstanding. I believe Harry & Izzy's is somehow affiliated with St. Elmos, I also though that Payton Manning was part owner at one time, not sure if that was true or not.
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