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  1. Did another smoke this weekend, bought a dual probe thermometer and what a difference it made. I was able to run at a steady 217 deg F and did a pork roast that was out of this world. Did another batch of ribs that were much better this time around. For the ribs I did the 3-2-1 foil method and they came out almost perfect, could have maybe used another 1/2 hour or perhaps kissed them off on the grill but other than that they were great.
  2. Again, passing feel good laws that barely mask the symptom without addressing any of the underlying causes.
  3. Did my first batch last night, I smoked some salmon, pork chops and ribs. For a first try not bad. The salmon was excellent, I barely got a taste before my kids devoured the rest of it. Ribs came out good, just not "fall off the bone" tender, probably could have used more time in the smoker but I didn't want them to come out too dry. The chops were good but a little over done, but definitely tasty. I used 2 different rubs, my own home made dry rub and the M1A1 from WTF. I definitely need to buy a dual thermometer, any recommendations on a brand? I also think I may have been a tad hot on the smoker, with the burner turned all the way down it was hovering around 225 based on the built in gauge, I need to check the actual temp with another gauge.
  4. Thanks everyone, great information! I will probably hold off on trying a brisket but will definitely be smoking something tomorrow.
  5. The wife got me a smoker for my birthday, not sure of the model but it is a square propane/charcoal version with a temp gauge on the front. Going to try my hand at something this weekend, probably a brisket or maybe pork chops. I have done some smoking using my little Weber, this will be my first time using a dedicated smoker. If anyone has any tips, tricks or suggestions let me know, also any resources you recommend. Thanks!
  6. I loved those pretzels, and Harry's was right next door!
  7. +1 on the SR22, I have one and it eats almost anything and shoots great
  8. Same here, looking to jump on the .17 bandwagon
  9. Awesome- thanks! They do have some great deals!
  10. Anyone have any idea what happened to slickguns? Here is the link- http://www.slickguns.com/
  11. Keep us posted, I am interested as to what happened. I reached out to a Hamilton detective as my source and I trust him, if he couldn't comment he wouldn't but he assured me that nothing like that has happened.
  12. But did it happen there? Unless it was completely staged I don't think so...
  13. I heard from a fairly reliable source that this happened in Las Vegas??? Not sure if that is correct but he was fairly certain this didn't happen in Hamilton NJ.
  14. I second the Ruger SR45, I have one and the felt recoil, at leas to me seems very soft. I also have an RIA M1911, and the Ruger might be just a slight bit softer. But either one you can shoot all day no issues with recoil whatsoever.
  15. Welcome from Millstone Twp!