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  1. Rule numero uno in a bear encounter DO NOT RUN. They would have been better off getting close together to look large and making a lot of noise. http://www.nj.com/passaic-county/index.ssf/2014/09/edison_man_22_found_dead_in_west_milford_after_bear_encounter.html
  2. I was supposed to be there but I got t-boned on my way. Ah, well next time. Glad to hear it was a good class.
  3. I just got my Mora Bushcraft Carbon today and I'm very impressed.
  4. here http://www.charliecoopers.com/ar-15-ltd-capacity-below-30/
  5. Not sure if it's a good deal since I have no interest in Maadi's but you're G2G with Atlantic. They have a stellar reputation.
  6. As others have said this RDS is built for war. It took 3 rds. for me to zero it out of the box. Fantastic sight for the money. OfcerFek, even the best companies have the occasional hiccup and a turd gets out of the door. I'm sure the folks at Lucid will do right by you.
  7. I.O. has a horrible reputation in the AK community. YMMV.
  8. Just curious... What kind of issues? As I said before, 1200 rounds and mine has been rock solid.
  9. I've had it for just shy of a month and have 1200 rounds down range. Zero issues. Been shooting a mix of brass and steel case all 55gr.
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