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  1. That's awesome... But the indoor lanes should still be opened up. I know the air is cleaner in there than it is at freakin Walmart.
  2. Not for nothing. But indoor ranges have better ventilation and partitions between patrons. Limit each booth to one shooter, or even every other. You want me to wear a mask? No problem. But open the indoor ranges too. I'm happy as hell the outdoor ones will be open and I'll be there more than once next week. But I cant shoot pistols outdoors at Shooters. Dammit....
  3. 34/35 Got the one about armor piercing ammo wrong....
  4. I had planned on cutting the cord in December since I already have Android TV boxes in all my rooms and was going to go with Hulu Live as well. When I called Comcast they told me that just internet would be $89.99 for my level (150 mbs). Since I was paying over $230 a month at the time I was ok with that. The loss prevention specialist i was speaking to was throwing deals at me left and right, which i politely refused and insisted that I cancel everything except the net. She finally said that she had one last offer for me, I keep everything the same, nothing changes, $99 a month. Blew me away. I needled her until she gave me a 2 year guarantee on the price and it was settled. I'm glad it worked out this way since I really dont believe that Android TV boxes/ firestick, tv are ready to take over for cable. Same with Hulu live. Navigation is clunky and counter intuitive and with Kodi there's simply too many sub sections for the average user. While it's no problem for me my wife and Daughter have a hard time with it when Im not around. So now I get 2 years to see how they improve before I have to make that decision. Yay me! LOL
  5. Not for nothing. But if the movie mirrored the book there would be some quite boring parts. No one wants to watch a marathon game of Joust or a perfect Pac Man game. Changes had to be made to keep the audience enthralled. That being said, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. I believe the only one to come close was Peter Jackson with LOTR. He did an amazing job of keeping as close to the books as possible IMO.....
  6. Might just be me, but I'm kinda thinking that the Gov signed this bill knowing it wont pass Constitutional muster. He gets credit for doing something and in the end it gets knocked down anyways? NRA filed suit within an hour of his signing it so they must think its a slam dunk. Win/win politically?
  7. I agree, no beans. But, no peppers? I use half a bell pepper per onion and at least one jalapeno per pound of meat, with the seeds. I also use a lb of ground hot italian sausage in my chili. Gives it a really great flavor...The cornbread looks fantastic!! I'm gonna try that cheese batch next time im in a chili kinda mood.
  8. Taylor is the brand name.....Pork roll is the product. Nobody calls Hot dogs "Ball Parks". Its a stupid argument that people in North Jersey seem determined to fight to the death....and its sad.
  9. I like the 5" barrel. I'm hoping to find a used one.
  10. Yikes! Almost double the price of the Colt Competition. I'm sure its awesome but that price puts it out of my range...... I'm well aware of the infringements on my freedom. Just looking at the bright side of a shitty situation. I refuse to be miserable or angry all the time. But hey, to each his own....
  11. I was paying $230 for cable/internet from Comcast. I called to cancel and just keep the internet since i have Android TV boxes on my TVs and even tho they are clunky compared to cable i was willing to switch and just get HULU as well. So they tell me that if I am not a cable subscriber then just internet is $89.99 a month! So i let the service agent go through her schpeal but she wasnt coming close so i tell her thanks but no thanks I'll just cancel and keep the internet. She tells me "Well, there's one other thing i can do for you" and she offers me the package I have, with zero changes, for $99 a month. WTF? So of course i say ok. So with the box rentals Im paying around $135 now....15 mins on the phone to save $100 a month. Totally worth it. If I would have gotten just the net for $90 then $40 a month for HULU live I'm just about there anyways. No brainer.....And I still watch whatever i want on the Android boxes...
  12. Wow, no love for Ocean County huh? We are always red but here you all are MFing us? SMH.....
  13. So i got the call from TRPD that my permits are ready to be picked up. Only 20 days since I dropped off the paperwork. They didn't even contact my references this time. Frequent flyer privileges?? Either way I'm a happy camper. Now, I think I know what i want but I'd appreciate some feedback. I'm thinking about a Walther PPQ or a HK VP9 (opinions?) just in case national reciprocity gets passed in my lifetime. A GP100 because I want to match my .357 lever action rifle but I'm open to suggestions in that price range. And finally a 1911, again because I don't have one. I was thinking about the Colt Competition in 9mm. I don't own any .45s and I'm trying to stay within my ammo circle. What do you guys think?
  14. Geico has been awesome for me. 2 claims, both over 5 years ago but they literally had a rental car waiting for me at my house before I even got there. No problems with payments or anything else. They have become more expensive over the years but I'm not sure i would get the same service. I can go with NJM through my work but i have been told they are a bare bones company? No frills....I like the way Geico went out of their way to make sure I was happy.....
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