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  1. WTB IWI X95 in FDE can anyone point me in the right direction. Trying to find a dealer that has one in stock. Thanks
  2. Apologies just got my first AR and was hoping to try it out at SS. I only have Winchester (whitebox) 5.56. Will they allow this or have to purchase 223's? Thanks
  3. Ordered the sight also. Did you guys receive an email confirmation on your order?
  4. I just ordered the micro dot. Hope its a rebranded primary arms.
  5. pcc_1028


    Shore shot has them but I think blackwater series.
  6. My Grandfather just gave me his Defender 1300. I was debating on selling it for a Remington Tactical. What do you guys think? Thanks
  7. Going to give it a good clean and maybe try it out. There is dot size rust on the barrel. Will the silicone wipe fix this? Thanks
  8. I think it is getting better. Some online places are starting to have then in stock.
  9. My uncle gave me his Winchester Defender 1600 shotgun. Has not been fired for 10 years. Wanted to know if any shops accept trade in towards another shotgun like a Mossberg or something. Thanks
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