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  1. Contrary to popular belief, handguns are automatically reguistered via the HPP. The only way around this is if you have a dual residency (e.g. home in NJ and vacation home in the poconos or rent an apartment in Philadelphia) You could then buy a handgun in PA lawfully using you PA ID and bring it back to your Jersey home. Congrats, you now have a legal unregistered handgun in NJ.
  2. I've shot a P30, fantastic gun. I'm looking to pick up an HK45 next time I get a permit however, I haven't had a chance to even hold or shoot it yet. I assume the feel is similar to the P30 but want something in a .45.... If anyone here has one and is willing to show it, please PM me. Ammo is on me. Sent from my BlackBerry Z10 using Tapatalk 2
  3. It (long arms only) doesn't even have to be locked in your trunk. You could technically place it on your dashboard, on the passenger seat or even hold it out the window. Just as long as its unloaded and you have a valid FID, you're not breaking any laws. Sent from my BlackBerry using Tapatalk 2
  4. NJ law does not define "loaded". Evan Nappen recommends traveling with mags UNLOADED. E.g. You can have your handgun, unloaded mags and loose ammo mixed inside a plastic shopping bag in your trunk. No problem. But if the mags are loaded even if they are not attached to the gun, you might have some trouble.
  5. Alright... I'm from Newark, NJ and finally got my FID and purchase permit. Here is the breakdown: 1/14/13 - Submitted applications to NPD. 1/23/13 - Got fingerprinted by MorphoTrak. 2/25/13 - Follow-up attempt failed (nothing but a bunch of bs on the phone telling me to call another number). 2/27/13 - Follow-up attempt successful: Sent email to Deputy in charge of office of Chief of Police. He said the system used for Mental Health background checks is down and NPD hands are tied until system is restored. He also mentioned it could take 2-3 more months. Deputy offered further help by mentioning that if in a month from now I still have no luck, I can check back with him again. (Email conversation retained). 4/22/13 – Sent another follow-up e-mail, I was told investigator was working on it and would have an answer to me in a week. 4/29/13 – FINALLY! Got an e-mail back saying my paperwork was ready and picked up my FID and purchase permit the next morning. TOTAL TIME TO GET MY FID: 16 WEEKS or 112 Days or ALMOST 4 MONTHS With that said... It's important to note that my friend went through the motions of getting his FID at the same time also in Newark and he is still waiting. My advantage was that I ignored pecking order and started voicing my frustration directly to the office of chief of police. In addition, Alexander Roubian from NJ2AS did some FANTASTIC work with Newark PD. Newark now only requires the standard application, mental helth consent and gives you the blank reference letters in advance for your references to fill out (and you hand it in together with the applications). Before Alexander Roubian confronted NPD and worked with them to comply with the law on the books, they requested additional information such as landlord consent if renting, proof that you have a safe to store the firearm, copy of proof that you were a legal alien, among other crazy requests. If it wasn't for NJ2AS and their hard work, I'm sure I'd still be waiting!
  6. NEWARK PD (Essex county) 1/14/13: I submitted all the paperwork at the downtown station on Green St. 1/23/13: MorphoTrak took my finger prints at their office in downtown Newark. 2/25/13: Called several phone numbers to try and get an update, everyone I spoke to tried to pass the buck and asked me to call another number, one of the number didn't even go through. (Busy signal) I guess I just have to wait with my **** in my hands until a miracle happens. If anyone here has any advice on how to follow up with Newark PD, please elighten me. POST EDIT: Also forgot to note that a female on the phone rambled about it taking a long time "specially with the new gun laws"... I was quick to reply with, "WHAT, new guns laws???" You see folks? In New Jersey, even laws that didn't even pass yet have an effect on law abiding citizens.
  7. I only visited the one in Randolph, however the closest and most convenient one would be bullet hole in belleville. It's only 10 minutes from home. Any recommendations? Price, and distance is not much of a problem for me.
  8. 1. No, you do not have to the them jack. 2. Your answer should be NO given that you have an FID and transporting correctly per NJ law. 3. Again, NO. You're not doing anything illegal, so why is there something he should know about? You will not get searched without probable cause, why open up a can of worms?
  9. Yeas! I forgot about Sandy. But you're right, If we had another few more weeks without power and fuel, I would sure feel better owning one. After a while without those two, the crazies will start to come out. Lol
  10. Good to hear that, thanks for the advice and phone numbers, I will definitely need those. All about the safety... When you say keep it safe while I'm not home are you referring to someone stealing it? Or someone playing with it? (E.g. Kids) I live with my girlfriend and we have no kids. Our plans are to store it unloaded but have a hallow point mag ready at all times. Any ideas?
  11. Greetings folks, I've been lurking around in this forum for the last couple of months and finally decided to join. I'm quite new to firearms, in fact I'm in the process of getting my FID and just waiting for the call. As you might noticed from the post title, I'm from Newark, NJ. And although I live in the "nicer" part of town, it's still one sandwich short of a picnic. Now, I've always been interested in practicing my rights, but for some reason I never got around to pull the trigger (teehee) until recently. Why now? For starters, I knew the Newton incident would create talk and wanted to support the 2nd in my own way, not to mention NJ needs all the FID holders it can get. However, before even Newton made history, I experienced first hand what it feels like to have an intruder in your apartment while trying to sleep IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!! Lucky once, but I will be ready the next time if it ever even happens. And finally, after already taking a NRA handgun class and spending time at the range, I knew right away it will be a new hobby I will enjoy and even introduce to my hippie liberal friends. Anyway, I will keep you posted on my experience with Newark PD and obtaining my FID, from what I heard, this city is extremely anti-gun and I even heard I'm required to have a safe in my apt. Verified by police. ::shrugs:: Wish me luck!
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