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  1. I am an apple fan if you can't tell, but I own a little bit of everything. iPads are great, screen is very responsive, movies are crystal clear, works seamlessly with my iPhone, iMac, and MacBook. But you pay for it. They are not cheap. Resale value is great though too. My kindle fire hd is awesome for reading books, recipe books, movies on amazon prime. The screen is not very precise, slow response. Opening web pages seems very slow. Battery life is not good if using wifi. If just reading, it's great. They are not expensive. Wife has a dell tablet for work. Have not heard her really complain about it, but it's set up to run specific programs for work. If I had to choose one it would be the iPad, but I will say for the price, the kindle is great.
  2. Never had an issue with it. Runs good in all my 22s, but I don't have one of those picky models.
  3. What Blake said. I live 1/4 mile from the bay, keep them in a safe in the basement, and use the rechargeable dehumidifiers. Been known to not even touch a gun for a few years. Never had an issue.
  4. I also like a good Italian hotdog with everything on it.
  5. Heinz Ketchup, Jack Daniels Horseradish mustard, kraut. Sometimes some onions.
  6. The FFL will charge you a transfer fee as well. When you file your annual taxes, you are supposed to pay sales tax on all things you bought online and didn't pay sales tax on. What are you looking at buying? A lot of the forum vendors here can get you great prices.
  7. As long as the felon cannot gain access to them, I don't see why they cannot be in the same dwelling.
  8. Need your fid and license. Pay for the NICS. No extra fees or forms.
  9. That's double what the price should be.
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