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  1. This place is amazing. Very impressive as soon as you get to their property. Hard work and dedication paid off in a huge way. Range is top notch, everyone should check it out atleast once. I will be back real soon.
  2. Any recent updates? Wondering most about current ammo and handgun selection. Will be going there again soon.
  3. You can bring your own ammo even for a rental gun. The range master shepard is the man there lol.
  4. I been driving 60 miles to shore shot which I really like. I'm only 30 miles from shooters and will be going there as soon as it opens tentatively on September 14th
  5. He is very open. Still doing transfers for people for $40.
  6. I own and glove my Glock 26.
  7. Just picked up my first. Mossberg 500 12ga 18.5" barrel. Cruiser/Persuader
  8. Shore shot in Lakewood right off mile 90 on parkway. Can walk right on with your OWN AMMO and pay $20/hr for your lane. They have plenty of cheap targets too and a huge rental selection.
  9. I'm right off parkway exit 25 by ocean city. Going to probably join at shooters at tips hardware mile 58 when that opens in August. The ventilation is fine to me at shore shot. The AC was cold today as well.
  10. I went there again today to shoot. Got right on the range and no issues at all. Shame I'm 65 miles away or I'd definitely become a member.
  11. I bought my glock there. Nice clean shop who's stock has been replenished recently. The ladies r nice and the owner chuck is extremely knowledgable. The other guy there who open carries seems like he's never had a good day in his life. He shouldn't be around customers. Still my goto store.
  12. They told me2 days ago via email the opening is another 8-10 weeks out. I will be checking it out when they open. Bummer about having to buy their ammo.
  13. Drove 65miles north Sunday to check these place out. They were busy and I waited 20 minutes to shoot but it was worth it. $22 for an hour and a pack of targets and I could use my own ammo. Shot 200 rounds through my glock and left happy. Staff was friendly. Asked me to switch lanes so an AR15 could have the wall, no problem. Also 12guages being shot in there. If it wasn't so far from my in south jersey (ocean city) area I would have joined on the spot.
  14. I finally got the call from NJSP! My FID change of address and permits are in at the Woodbine barracks. I only applied back on January 5th so that is 132 days! What a great state. Now off to start the 2 week NICS check.
  15. Great news!! I been waiting since 1/5 for mine thru NJSP woodbine same as you. Hopefully they show up in next month. Uuughhh
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