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  1. i'm confused. I checked my break box and pretty much all my bathroom and kitchen breakers are 20 amp, but all my switches and outlets are 15 amp? Does that make sense? 15 amp 120v for lighting branch circuits, 15amp branch circuits for bed rm , family rm all standard NEC compliant 20amp 120v for kitchen,laundry rm, dinning room, breakfast nook ,bathroom gfis, garage all standard /NEC compliant So now I have a junction in the closet that is daisy chained from 1 GFI outlet and then running to another GFI outlet. So I plan to put a standard outlet into that junction box. So that outlet would basically be getting power from GFI outlet and feeding power to another GFI outlet. The junction in the closet was more then likely to extent the line side (branch circuit feeder) to the new location of the GFCI receptacle .. You will need to test it to make sure ... either way ( GFCI protected or now GFCI you will be ok just shut the power off when you attempt to install the additional receptacle
  2. Hey Bully try the local high school wood shop
  3. Ed the Painter

    Ed Rambo

    856 373 0306


    General Contractors most of mine are commercial





  4. There is this the library restaurant great steaks, Captain Cats for seafood. USANA and Square Circle are local shooting clubs that are private but host open to the public events . There are a couple local gun/hunting stores in the area one with a indoor range. If your looking for contractors / business in the area PM me i maybe able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction . Good luck John
  5. Mike 

    It the 45 brass still available?


  6. "I won't know which is mine" May i suggest using a sharppie marker on on your brass , whats not yours you can load into a bucket and give it to me lol
  7. Savage axis II in 308 with acu-trigger semi bull barrel comes with cheap optic 1/2-3/4 moa for under $500
  8. ooooh raaaah Happy birthday Marines spent the day over in Philly so I missed your post. Road into Philly with my brothers in the am for a formation at city hall then hug a wreath at The Plaque and then a police escort to Cookies great day, great time with great brothers Semper Fi
  9. Bryan If your going to install 110v for this lighting or already have it available. Look at the RAB 18watt Bullet flood lights about $60 each. I have used these in the past,plenty of light with low electric consumption. Mount them on ground torpedoes (19" low profile outdoor light fixture ground support) with a photo cell and your good to go. check the links below https://www.rabweb.com/productLines.php?majorGroup=LED_BULLET_FLOOD_LIGHTS http://www.aifittings.com/catalog/gard-n-post/
  10. Any idea what the rottys are mixed with and looking for a GS puppy
  11. Sorry but the link will not load copy and paste this address https://shootingtargets7.com/store/ Simply enter the code EASTER in the shopping cart and get ALL of the following discounts; 40% off any 3" target (no quantity limit any thickness) 25% off mounting kits (no quantity limit) 20% off of the most expensive item in your cart (stands too)
  12. Give bobs a call archery range is open and Butch gives privet lessons 856 881 7575 also Squire Circle has a (open to the Public) archery league starting very soon on Fridays ( may have started already but feel free to stop buy and join in) enjoy
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