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  1. Day 82. Monday I spoke with a Trooper at Trenton Headquarters who seemed to think that all of our info was simply "waiting approval". It was also in a stack of 700, (I'm sure estimated by height) and he said I should have it "soon".This was brought up repeatedly at the Trenton hearings this week, in addition to the NICS delays. I've pointed out exactly why these delays are actually a danger to public safety. I will be doing the same thing this weekend: crafting a letter to Fuentes, Chiesa, and perhaps the Internal Affairs division. Copying Doherty's office whom I haven't heard anything back from since last week. "Volume" is not my problem. Fix the glitch, don't give excuses. If you don't want to hear me complain...fix the glitch.
  2. Day 75 and still counting on change of address and 1 P2P. Wife initial FPID and 2 P2Ps. When she dropped off the money to add the 2nd P2P, was told that all info was back from the investigation unit. But was told that it takes another 6 weeks until Fuentes feels like signing his goddamn name. Spoke with and emailed Senator Mike Doherty last week-seeing what they can do. I've had it with these jerkoffs. Zero respect from me.
  3. Hour number 1776, day 74, week 10 waiting on Kingwood SP barracks. I don't know how anyone can say this is acceptable or explainable without lies. Barracks called me last night for neighbor's reference. When I asked about mine and the wife's-he ga e me the number for division headquarters. There needs to be accountability, and no more of this "we'll call you" crap. If they don't like it, get out of the middle of out of the process completely. NICS should be sole source of purchase requirement. Period.
  4. I just pissed myself. Thanks-I needed the laugh after my car blowing up today, and having to take a day off work to go talk to the Trenton idiots next week.
  5. I.....DON'T.....CARE....This is not my problem. The United States in general has become almost exclusively a "service based" industry. With such "service"--there is an expectation of a "service delivery". There are things called "service standards". Because NJSP has "higher volumes" is no excuse. This state really thinks we're stupid for putting up with this, and laughs at us every single time. If this was how I treated any clients that my team "serviced", I would have been out of a job a long time ago--you either need to deal with the volume accordingly, or CHANGE THE PROCESS so the volumes CAN be accommodated. People keep telling me when I say that I'm planning on packing up and moving to "stay and fight", but what fight is there to be had? We've made absolutely zero progress, and are going backwards.
  6. Ummm-then there's this rally: http://www.nj2as.com/EVENTS?eventId=666822&EventViewMode=EventDetails
  7. It's not amazing--It's simple insanity. The excuse is that they're dealing with "larger volumes" than local PD's, but every single local PD still needs to go through....NJSP. Day F'n 60 as of today--They already prepped me/the wife not to expect until at least day 100. This is unacceptable
  8. There's absolutely no way they can do this without upgrading the process and the systems that accompany it. I know this bill speaks nothing to it, but I have it on authority that a large number of Troopers in the NJSP want out of the process altogether, NICS included. What they'd like to see is some sort of data incorporated into the bar coding on your DL (not an actual endorsement, like the "M" for motorcycle) so that they could run your license if needed to determine your status. The only way this works is if they do away with the FPID and P2P process altogether. Meaning, they'd get on board with the Federal NICS check system reporting, and replace all the aspects of the "approval" process with that--including for P2P's. Once you're "endorsed", you just hand your DL to the FFL, pick out your weapon, he runs the NICS check like PA, and you're done. Of course whether any actually LISTENS to the guys in the NJSP that want this remains to be seen, and whether the legislators who don't want anyone to have firearms allows it to happen is another story.
  9. I've focking had it with this. I want my welfare check, that shit would be issued immediately. This is completely unacceptable. At least the guys who have local PDs have "someone" to complain to in their Chief or mayor. Us folks who are stuck with the asshat State Police are stuck. This is such bs. I'm up for the lawsuit against the state for the interest on my un transferable PAID FOR firearms. And I'm about to lose out on another because the guy doesn't want to wait on my P2P even if I pay him now.
  10. Even though I'm still waiting-and probably have another 6 weeks according to the wonderful Kingwood SP on my P2P- I too will be copying and pasting this in an email to DiMaio, Peterson, and Christie. This is inherently an even dumber system (if that's possible) than FPID and P2P process. WE HAVE A FEDERAL NICS SYSTEM. Add in the fact that one of the most knowledgable guys here is writing this entire process out with what "he believes" happens-this whole process (including the name of the 3rd party) should be posted in detail on the NJSP page. Not pieced together playing better detective than Charles Mainor.
  11. Not really sure how a self inflicted fatal gunshot to the head can be anything but suicide-or really REALLY poor firearms safety. The range officers there are pretty much Johnny on the Spot with safety there. And I'm sure the article isn't slanted to say that everyone in the parking lot was actually informed that someone had been shot-for all they knew (until of course the coroner showed up) someone might have had a heart attack or something, and while concerned, figured the range would re-open after medical attention was given.
  12. Like every other state that efficiently does it this way. There's no reason that I need "permission" (FPID or P2P) to even HANDLE a firearm in an FFL. More accurate for sure. If they were really serious about this, the correct process (and even going a step further bringing into the 21st century) would go something like this: 1) I'll concede having a set of Morpho prints done prior to wanting to purchase a firearm. Those biometric prints are then uploaded to the FBI/NICS for SBI. 2) I walk into a FFL, choose my firearm 3) Provide my driver's license (may be pointless after steps 1 and 4) to show identification of residency, proof of citizenship, and identity 4) Provide my thumbprint biometrically 5) POC NICS is done with step 4 electronically--no phone calls, no faxes. No SP or privatized 3rd party involvement, no additional "fees" for the Federal free service 6) Approved NICS in minutes, and I happily walk out the door with my new goodies Never. It's the People's Republik of New Jersey. No one is accountable. It's always someone else's fault. I thank my stars every day that I got re-districted to 23, and I've got DiMaio, Peterson, and Doherty. They even proposed a "streamlined" CCW bill last year, that I'll bet they were laughed at for proposing. But see my statement above: WE SHOULD NOT NEED PERMISSION to exercise a RIGHT, and we should not be restricted from this right by prior restraint. And while I definitely think the State Police are bottlenecks, and they can and will do everything in their power to drag their feet: I suspect on their end it's got less to do with them not actually WANTING to issue permits, but the fact that they (the rank and file--not Ricky Fuentes) hate actually having to do it. It's like anything in life: If you don't feel like doing it, it doesn't affect you, it's not a priority so you procrastinate. If they actually had a Service Level Agreement that their objectives were accountable for, it might have more of an impact. And the fact that they can outsource the printing, and they do have Admin folks (presumably who make considerably less than a Trooper) who handle a lot of the filing and paperwork aspects (I'd argue the same thing for local PD's) there's no reason that any active LE needs to be involved in this--simply give Fuentes the stack of permits to sign once the research is completed. I think the real delays in the process are with the FBI (who also don't prioritize because we're one of the only ones who do this) and the county mental health records. Which again: There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY, and NO service level agreement.But all of that becomes a moot point if they all could wrap their minds around the process I outlined above. NJ is not inherently different than any other state in the union--to make such an argument would be ludicrous. Every state has it's own rural and urban areas, and every state has its share of criminal element that we're ALL hoping to prevent access to weapons. But to suggest that NJ, who's stuck in 1966 is the epitome of a working process because "they say so" is unacceptable. The only way any of this is going to change is via SCOTUS. Which is why I'm hoping that the anti legislators (and while such is the case in NJ, we saw that it's not just Dems in CT who signed off) have SO FAR overreached, and that there will be SO many circuit court lawsuits that SCOTUS will have no choice but to finally come down with a ruling that must be in our favor. Any other outcome would destroy what little shred of the Constitution we have left.
  13. No one. Because we all know that complaining or even inquiring about your status will be met with irritation for bothering them, and reprisals in the form of moving your apps to the bottom of the pile. "Battered gun syndrome". If PD's (including the SP) really were interested in making THEIR lives easier--they'd lobby for getting out of the middle of this 1966 process, and doing it like any other reasonable state.
  14. Right-so the blade wouldn't be considered a knife, but the ends used for breaking glass could be.
  15. True. It's insane to me that the STATE division, whom all of these checks go through in the first place takes the longest. I get that they might be dealing with higher volumes, but that's not our problem. Add in the fact that 9/10, anyone who is responsible for FPID's is an angry individual unhappy with their job.
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