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  1. She sounds anti-gun. Evidently only she and the coroner know the difference between an AR and a handgun (see below from article). Def sounds like an overly self important lib. I hope somebidy from this group can go and mention that Carol Bowne knew the difference. But her Police Dept dragged their feet approving her FID and pistol permit despite her inquiries of why the delay. Her violent ex-felon boyfriend then murdered her despite the restraining order. "When an NRA representative tweeted that “someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane,” Bonne was among the first to post bloody operating-room photos of gunshot-wound surgeries and comments at #ThisIsOurLane. “The NRA’s response was jarring and offensive because it said that doctors like me have no seat at the table,” she says. “Only two people know the difference between an AR-15 and a handgun wound – me and the coroner.”
  2. Hiw does the CZ shoot? I've heard nothing but good things about CZ rifles.
  3. Decent educational read for new home owners or those new to lawn care. https://igin.com/article-6373-Prevention-is-the-Best-Medicine.html
  4. Well, definetly not everyone. People are going to start dropping next week. Especially not those in the crypt. All the desceased famiy of Winterfell are kept in the crypt. And if "The dead are already here.", as Daenery says, then they are coming from the crypt. Where all the weak, non-combatents were sent. To be "safe".
  5. Entered a GOT death pool. Who's alive, who's dead and who gets turned into a white walker by end of show. Bonus questions were is Danny pregnant, who kills the King White Walker and who wins the Throne. Should make it more interesting to watch.
  6. Try ChrisFix on YouTube. I'm guessing you have gunk (sediment, etc) in your hoses. Let us know if you find out what it is and if you were able to fix it. Good luck.
  7. gleninjersey


    If you had purchased when you posted this and sold today you would be up 50%. Of course in another four months you could be done 50% from your purchase price (or up over 100%). Who knows. As I said before, don't invest more in Bitcoin than you are willing to lose. It's a highly speculative bet in an essentially unregulated market.
  8. I agree but due to the fact that it is Star Wars at least try to put some effort and thought into it for crying out loud.
  9. I still haven't mowed. This week for sure though. I can already see the grass has greened up from two days ago. The grass in many yards in my neighborhood just recently seem to have started growing . From walking the dog around I can only see 3-4 homes that have mowed. Many years by this time I had mowed 2-3 times already. I guess it's just been colder than usual?
  10. Rogue One is "Saving Private Ryan" meets "Star Wars". If you didn't like that just leave this thread now and enjoy watching what ever uncool people watch.
  11. And now we all know who the biggest Star War need on the forum is.
  12. Scorpio, yeah I mixed up the terminology. It's a pre-emergent. Says it provides up to 5 months of crabgrass and weed control (prevents up to 200 weeds). Where did you pick up the Lesco? None of the Lowes near me had it in stock. I've used it in past and worked well.
  13. Scorpio, you are thinking of midseason applications. For spring the crabgrass pre-emergent needs to be watered in to form the protective barrier to prevent crabgrass from coming up. In late spring, summer and fall you are correct. You want the weed killer to stick to the weeds. This early in the season there are few broad leaf weeds. Few dandelions here and there that I'll pull individually.
  14. Well the weed and feed definitely got watered in last night. Just hope it wasn't too much rain. It poured for a while there!
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