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  1. How could you not have the shrimp cocktail. It was awesome! Was there in 2007 during the F1 race.
  2. St Elmo's in Indianapolis is the best steak I've ever had. Best meat was the elk at Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando.
  3. Can't take the Pistol 1 class with Joe this summer. The idea was to get my wife more trigger time, but she wants to go to her cousin's graduation party instead... boo!
  4. The tracking complaints in regard to Steiner are for the cheaper American made T series models. The German made M's have no such issues but they cost more. I have the Military 5-25 and a 4-16 and never had a tracking issue. I vote for the Nightforce. I have a 2.5-10x32 and love it. Light weight, awesome glass and it's bomb proof. If I was to buy another Steiner it will only be the Military line, not the tactical line. The problem with the M's is that they are huge and heavy. The NF 2.5-10 is a perfect SPR scope. The x24s were actually one of the scopes issued on Mk12s along with Leupold 2-8 and 3.5-10 Mark4s.
  5. I went back and forth with multiple ranges on behalf of Chris and it went nowhere. It's really upsetting. Financial means or not, GFH training is a total rip off. Let's see, I can spend $235 for 4 hours of instruction with a nobody, or I can spend $525 for 14hr of instructions with Larry Vickers. Or $695 for 24 hours of instruction with Chris Costa. No fucking brained. $58/hr on someone I've never heard of, or $35/hr or less on a top tier instructor. GFH has a lot of balls charging those prices. Joe of S&T charges $175 for a whole day, similar to what Chris charges. Those are excellent values. GFH or RTSP training isn't worth what the charge. Just my humble opinion.
  6. I don't think managing recoil has anything to do with the bad groups. There are PRS guys out there who let the rifle free recoil and still shoot under 1moa. Not being a piston has nothing to do with it either. My DI 308 shoots under 1 MOA out to 1,000yards. No problems with recoil. I can track the bullet all the way to the target. I think the blame is three fold. Shooter, ammo, rifle. In that order. As said before; learn the fundamentals of marksmanship. Trigger control and follow through. Get better ammo. M2 ball isn't what you should be shooting for sub MOA groups. I have gotten sub MOA results out of 168gr PPU, 175gr Freedom Munitions and 168/175gr FGMM. You can get a 200 rounds of 168 or 175 FGMM for $200 delivered from Target Sports. Im also gonna say it; don't expect sub MOA results from a Whindom Weaponry anything. Just sayin.
  7. The Pistol 1 class last summer? Yes sir. My wife and I were there along with two of my friends. She liked it a lot and we will be taking it again June 2, just have to send the check to Joe. I think I have like 5 or 6 classes with Joe now. Last year I also did the AK and night/low light class. I wish he was doing another AK class this year. Anyone know any AK specific classes happening? LAV was doing one but I think it's all sold out. I will also take the night/low light class with Joe again this year. I really miss Chris's (MDTS) classes. I have taken at least 10 before he stopped teaching in NJ. He is an excellent instructor and a great person, we had become friends over the years. Too bad he's doesn't teach in NJ anymore. I find GFH and RTSP classes to be too expensive for the quality/length of instruction so I have never taken one. I've done multiple classes with Vickers. I was at the Costa CET1 class lat spring and will be at the VET1 and HET2 classes in August/September.
  8. It's a catch 22.
  9. You can't lead if too few agree with your direction, you can't follow if you disagree with the direction others are going. Only $25K? Man her quote fell now that she doesn't have Uranium to sell.
  10. It's almost as if the powers that be WANT to let people slip through the cracks and commit these atrocities in order to provide reason to deprive the rest of us of our rights.... That only works if we all agree on what the solution is.
  11. I'm using the rest of my vacation time this year to take two Costa training classes in Aug/Sep and to look at property and interview for jobs in NC. ;-) That's legit enough for me lol. Photos didn't look like 2,000 but lets hope it was.
  12. I really don't think NJ has enough of us to fight and every day the number is less and less. Let's say it wasn't for the guns, I would still be moving out because I don't want to pay $15K in property taxes when I don't have kids and never plan on any, negating my need for public schools. How many people showed up to the rally? 500? I can only go by the photos. I didn't go, I will readily admit it, but neither did 999,500 other NJ gun owners. We don't have the numbers for a fight which involves legislative means of reversing unconstitutional practices.
  13. Yes and no. Sometimes you need to retreat in order to consolidate forces and press the fight back. Like the Soviets did when they moved all their industry east of the Ural mountains only to come back and take the Nazi flag off of the Reichstag. There just aren't enough people willing to fight in some places.
  14. The courts offer to relief. When was the last time SCOTUS agreed to hear a 2A case? How can it be a shock when the state has been blue for decades? It was an anomaly, a consistently blue state with good gun laws. They have flip-flopped on governors every time since the 60's. Rep-Dem-Rep-Dem... they are all over the place.
  15. Yes, I have, that's why I said it's always puzzled me. They are a bunch of hippies, but yet somehow, guns everywhere. That is why this does not surprise me.