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  1. I think $100K would be just the legal fees needed to get land use approval. An indoor range will cost about $4M to build and that is bare bones. An outdoor range could be just as expensive depending on how much cut/fill you need.
  2. Now that the fun is over, Jack, if your township allows the owner to submit drawings, just follow R507 and you should be fine. Use 2,000 psf soil bearing capacity to calculate your footing size unless you have a GeoTech report. The Code is very prescriptive when it comes to residential construction. Provide a site plan and you should be good to go. Also, remember that depending on the composite decking you choose you may need to run joists at 12" OC instead of 16" OC. Their tech specs should have the spacing requirements. Use Simpson Strong Tie products as much as you can, especially for the railing posts. They make a real nice tension bracket to satisfy R301.5. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  3. I have a hard time telling the difference between an SSA and an SSA-E. I also have an MBT and that feels very different due to the flat face on the trigger bow. I would say that all three will give excellent results. The MBT is the cheapest and is on sale right now for $99 if you do the "I can wait" option. The SSA/SSA-E go on sale all the time in the $180 range, just have to wait for a Memorial Day or an Independence Day sale.
  4. Except for the towns that require the drawings to be Signed and Sealed by an Architect or PE. Then those HD generated plans may as well be toilet paper. OP, if you need signed and sealed drawings shoot me a PM. I'm a Registered Architect in NJ. That's cause the ICC charges hundreds of dollars for those books.
  5. A tragedy for RTSP though. I agree as to the person being weak and selfish.
  6. I have three scopes and two RDS on LaRue mounts. I've taken them off multiple times, usually take it off when I clean the gun. I confirm zero after each time the optic is removed, but so far I have not witnessed a POA/POI shift. They seem to work as advertised. Return to zero every time.
  7. For someone is so sensitive you don't mind slinking shade right back. I like it. Good on you! I'll just bring my favorite certificate lol. Good on you for re-evaluating the costs of your training class. That IS good business and I applaud you for it.
  8. So If I show you a stack of certificates from training classes I can draw from a holster? Good to know. No one told me that, they just wanted to charge me $125. You may want to make your employees aware of the exemption. Maybe a little.
  9. Still not a tragedy. Upsetting, unsettling, unnerving, not a tragedy. No one died, everything that was taken can be replaced. No dramatics needed.
  10. As I am just one guy who thinks you're a rip off. Drive on. I would still love to hear the explanation behind the $125 45 minute draw from a holster lesson requirement... I guess safety right?
  11. Again, you are entitled to charge whatever you like and whatever the market will allow for. I just know that your competitors charge less. Maybe they don't make as much profit, maybe they get better deals from their suppliers. Either way, it's not my problem. I support the business with the best price. You charge what you want, I'll spend what I deem acceptable. I'm just one guy who thinks your prices are a rip off. What do you care? Clearly lot's of people are okay with it. Drive on!
  12. I get it, but it is not your home. If someone burglarized your home and stole your wife's engagement ring or your child's favorite stuffed animal, I get it. Those are things that insurance money will never replace. I also get the anger you feel having someone violate your place of business. Having said that, to proclaim it as a tragedy is a bit over the top. They are, in fact, inanimate objects. Guns on display in your store, not family heirlooms in your bedroom. You will itemize your looses and insurance will pay out. It's nothing that can't be replaced. It's not a tragedy. Again, you did build an awesome range, no doubt, I just feel your rip people off with your prices. Judging by people liking my original response, I am not the only one who feels that way. I wanted to buy the Hudson H9 you have, but $1,250? Yeah no. $1100 for an M9A3 that can be had online for $878 and free shipping... no again.
  13. Agreed. no movement allowed, but I can draw from a holster and practice fundamentals. Even rake a LAV advanced handgun class? lol not much movement A LOT of fundamentals.
  14. I get the defensiveness. If someone criticizes you, it's natural to get defensive. The key is that if you receive criticism, to evaluate it and become better. That is where RTSP falls short. No one ever said the people there are not good people, but yeah, the pricing? Not so much. I get that, but other brick and mortar NJ gun stores charge less. Sometimes significantly less. A friend of mine became a member, he wanted a new gun. The price with his discount was still so much more than another store in NJ that he just went to the other store. What's the point of the membership then? Shooting at indoor ranges doesn't have to be expensive. There are ranges that are $15 per port per hour, not per person per hour. Are they are state of the art? No, but it's a range. All I need is a target holder and a back stop. I don't need anything fancy to get my practice in.
  15. If everyone kept their opinions to themselves, we would not have this, or any other forum. Tragedy? Really? Come off it. If someone got hurt during the burglary, then yes, a tragedy. A bunch of insured inanimate objects being stolen is not a tragedy. When those people offed themselves at your range, that is a tragedy. Eleven guns being taken, some broken glass and a check from the insurance company, again, not a tragedy. I get it, your business model works, thanks to the ignorance of the average NJ gun buyer. Better pricing? You are consistently more expensive than other NJ brick and mortar stores, we wont even mention online pricing. Even if I pay to be a member, the discount still leaves most firearms more expensive than competitors. $125 so that I can prove to you I know how to draw from a holster? After dozens and dozens of classes where I draw from a holster hundreds of times a day? Really? Something your range masters can check in 2 minutes. $125? Sure, if someone has never done it, why not, but why not just have the RSO check to see first. No? $125 only? Okaaaaay. Hey, if it works, keep going. I've been to your range several times, it's very nice, no doubt. The store is just a rip off. I am entitled to my opinion whether you like it or not.