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  1. Lower was purchases as as a complete lower with brace. Not as a complete pistol or rifle. I doubt they are gonna go looking for that 4473 and there is no NICS record since you don’t need NICS if you have a CCW here.
  2. I wish, but mom, dad and grandma are still in NJ. Other grandparents are still in NY. Wife’s whole family is in NJ. We are going to be coming back there on a regular basis for some time to come. With all the craziness lately I’ve been rolling with my SBR in the truck with a 60rd drum. Usually a full size M&P or Shield as backup.
  3. That's fair Ms.Stu. I doubt I would ride around with it, let alone with out of state plates. I would imagine it being left at the location where I am staying within the state. The idea is to not be unarmed should SHTF so far away from (new)home.
  4. So here's a fun question: Since I moved out of NJ a year ago, none of my ARs are compliant any longer. I never leave the house unarmed now, and would like to continue that when I come to see family in NJ. Here's the question: I have a pistol lower, I take the 11.5" upper of my registered SBR, slap it onto the pistol lower, add a VFG and I have an "other" Still have a couple 10rd mags. Following all NJ transportation laws, unleaded, in the trunk, blah blah blah. Good to go?
  5. Would the mag have to be limited to 5 rounds per side for a total of ten since it is one piece? Or since it's feeding two actions would it be 10 per side?
  6. Just unpinned a bunch of stocks. Moving out of NJ was the greatest decision ever! Sorry dudes.
  7. Awesome class despite the rain. Can't wait for classes in a free state!
  8. Just saw a post on Gun For Hire FB page with a drop box link to the documents.
  9. Looks like the judge denied the injunction. Law goes ahead, and with the RINO failure in DC today, NJ is truly fucked.
  10. Mifflin Co Sportspman in Lewistown PA is 1,000 yards. I was shooting there two weeks ago but it does require a membership. Only $80/year though. Range 14 is $60 so it's not that much more money. There are no work requirements.
  11. Then I need a 277,232,917 − 1 (the largest known prime number) round magazine...
  12. Spoke with Kristen Costa on the phone today. She asked me if I wanted a refund or to take Carbine 2. I said keep the money and sign me up for Carbine 2 lol. If they get enough students I'll be there. His CET1 class last spring was awesome so I would happily take CET2 after HET2.
  13. Don't own any scatter guns. With the restrictions in NJ on semi-auto shotguns, they never interested me. A Benelli M4 with an extended tube and pistol grip, sure. 5+1 and a standard stock, not so much. If the class changes to shotgun I'll ask for a refund.
  14. The 9/4-6 vehicle class seems to need more students to meet the minimum head count. Come on guys! Train with The Beard!
  15. But if you sell it to someone out of state, they don't.
  16. Seems like no one knows whats really in the law or what is happening. Dipshit said he will sign it on Wednesday. I guess he needed time to set up a parade.
  17. That shit head would sign it on his death bed.
  18. Not true. Scientologists buried the IRS in lawsuits and the IRS screamed uncle and gave them tax exempt status. Surely a Federal agency has more resources than a broke ass state like NJ. No?
  19. It did pass the House, but Bitch McConnel never put it up for a vote in the Senate. So only half of them are to blame...
  20. Wife and I plan to be in NC within the next 12 months. Most likely the Raleigh area. In order to get a good job, I have to be within commuting distance of a major metropolitan area. Not many Architecture firms in the boonies, let alone ones that pay well.
  21. How could you not have the shrimp cocktail. It was awesome! Was there in 2007 during the F1 race.
  22. St Elmo's in Indianapolis is the best steak I've ever had. Best meat was the elk at Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando.
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