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  1. I live just east in Sewell/ Mantua. Wenonah is disbanding the police force in a few weeks and Mantua will police the town with shared police services. Wenonah locals are not happy but it will be a tax savings. Wenonah is a nice small town and has easy access to Philadelphia during non rush hour traffic.
  2. John Torelli - Jersey Small Arms Gunsmithing in Millville http://jtjersey.com/
  3. They had Blazer .22LR today at 1PM ..Check out was fast today
  4. They did have pistol powder....crazy check out lines today around 1pm . They had .22 bricks on Thursday night but it sold out...
  5. A Wawa takes 3 years to build in NJ...It's not like anything can happen quickly in NJ when it comes to commercial development. And Wawa is pro concealed carry where allowed.
  6. Wawa all the way....they have no issue with open or concealed carry in the states that allow
  7. Took Gun for Hire Class 7/23/2013 at Egg Harbor, NJ Date issued 8/29/2013 Received my CCW in the mail today - 9/7/2013 46 days Really pleased with Gun for Hire...
  8. Is it because he is 20 years old? A 20-year-old Pennsauken man
  9. www.pafoa.org/law/carrying-firearms/concealed-carry/non-residents
  10. They are reporting a garage attached to Bob's is where the fire is...
  11. Don't know fire lingo but the are now using aerial master stream and additional crews have arrived
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