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  1. Indeed they do --- they're like orphans just waiting to be brought home!
  2. Hey all -- So I'm addicted to refinishing old shotguns. I love to work on stocks and decided to give an entire gun a try. Heritage Guild had a really beat up Winchester Model 37 shotgun (from my research it was a red letter M37 and probably from the late 30's or early 40's) -- picked it up for a cool $120. Started with refinishing the wood -- several weeks to sand it down and apply multiple thin layers of Tru Oil. Spent a lot of time getting the rust off too, from the barrel and the receiver. I had tried to do a cold blue on the barrel and receiver, but it didnt come out good at all. The barrel was ok, but the receiver looked like crap, so I researched and found that Duracoat has something out called DuraBlue. I picked up the gloss blue/black color. Worked great -- just like a standard Duracoat job but the finish really looks like a traditional bluing. Anyway, I'm QUITE pleased with the results. As you'll see, I did sand too much at the end of the stock but that wood needed a lot of elbow grease. If you have wood that you'd like me to work on, please dont hesitate to reach out -- I work for $$ or ammo. - Kyle BEFORE: AFTER:
  3. Gus does all my cerakote work --- top notch and a great guy. His setup in his house is fantastic.
  4. KyleKap19

    Legion FAIL

    Ok so heres the report. Took off the grip panel - trigger bar spring was disconnected. Everything else looks good to go. Inspected the spring and noticed that the little "lip" that curves up at the end and grabs the trigger bar doesnt have much to it. Its a very shallow bemd and I can see how it can be jostled loose. It did reconnect and functions properly, but I will definitely want them to either send me a new spring or look at it themselves.
  5. KyleKap19

    Legion FAIL

    Glock glock glock glockity glock Lol
  6. KyleKap19

    Legion FAIL

    Check the video link i posted :-)
  7. KyleKap19

    Legion FAIL

    I will ... i mean it is definitely an freak occurance.
  8. KyleKap19

    Legion FAIL

    Ideally it was going to be the pistol I trained on. Too big for me to conceal.
  9. KyleKap19

    Legion FAIL

    Not gunna lie ... me too
  10. KyleKap19

    Legion FAIL

    Indeed. It shot awesome for the first 20 rounds ... no FTFs or FTEs or light strikes. Was the gun it was touted to be!
  11. Yep... not even 2 full mags through it. FML
  12. @mustang69 took mine out for the first time and trigger fail! http://s1194.photobucket.com/user/Kyle_Kappmeier/media/20160417_130813.mp4.html
  13. KyleKap19

    Legion FAIL

    Finally got to the range today and had a chance to shoot the P229 Legion I picked up a few weeks ago. First 15 rounds were awesome - love it! Couldnt miss! Then I thought I had a light strike ... racked it and pulled the trigger again. Felt weird. Clear it, and upon closer look it was a total trigger failure. To me it seems that the trugger bar disconnected from a spring. Doesnt even release the hammer in SA. So ... that sucks Will be calling Sig in the AM to get a call tag and send it in for repair. Just not the "LEGION" experience I was hoping for, let alone 30 rounds in! http://s1194.photobucket.com/user/Kyle_Kappmeier/media/20160417_130813.mp4.html PS - dont say get a Glock, I sold them
  14. Hey all! Just wanted to drop a note here in the group --- if there's anyone that has some old shotguns they'd like to spruce up, one of my hobbies is refinishing wood on the side. I've done a few but these are a few shots of a used shotgun I bought and refinished last year. (didnt do the cerakote, but did the color fill and wood). Happy to work on your wood (that's what she said) and will work for cash or ammo. Shoot me a note or email ([email protected]) and let me know! Thanks, Kyle The used Beretta A302 (Stock was in Gnarly condition, but it works flawlessly): Sanding: Finished product (6 coats of Tru Oil):
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