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  1. weekend Bump and Price drop $500.
  2. M1 and M2 mags are not compatible due to different mag release cut-outs. The M1 mags use the same cut-outs as the P99 and those mags are compatible. ( according to all knowing google)
  3. bumpty bump.. any offers? worst i can say is no..
  4. OS I was trying to send you PM but it's not going through. text/call me at 917-797-23 six five.
  5. Sold For sale is my Walther PPQ M1 9mm 4in . comes with 5x 15 blocked to 10RD mags. Stock and upgraded guide rod. I thought that plastic stock rod is not the way to go.. https://www.btguiderods.com/category/walther/p99-ppq/ Gun is in like new condition. I took it to the range once.. I like my Glocks more, what can I say. Cheapest they go on GunBroker is $525 with 2 Mags... and extra mags are $90 (not counting Murphy's fucking blocking to 10rds cost) + $60 guide rod so, think $525 is Fair price for it. OBO. I am in Bergen county but can meet at your dealer within reasonable distance. Action at Hawthorne I think is the best for transfer fees..
  6. Thanks. I am looking for 308 only at this time.
  7. ain't that the fucking truth. the whole purpose of this law is add another point of control over law abiding population. Molon Labe motherfuckers.
  8. we did ruined one, but than we figured out what held them together. second one was "fixed" in under 2 minutes. so my cousin now has perfectly functioning 30rd in PA.
  9. this law stinks so badly it's not even funny...from legal point of view.. law says mags have to be permanently blocked, with epoxy, rivet and what. but there is no such thing as "permanent". what's the legal definition of "permanent" ?? I took all my 15 rounders to my cousin in PA, yep lucky me has relatives in PA who have no problem storing my stuff. while there.. we decided to take one of those Pinned and Epoxied blocked magazine that I purchased legally at Ottomanelli or anywhere else who sold blocked 15RD mags for AR. guess what.. it somewhat easily converted back to 30rd. so let's say you block your any mag to 10rd.. reality is that no matter how much epoxy you use, no matter how many rivets you use.. you can still convert it back to large cap. so how the fuck fucking Murphy's gang defines "Permanent" ??? and if you are in possession of that "blocked " magazine, what constitutes "permanently blocked" ? so if the guy/girl donno hammer from screwdriver they are OK.. but if guy also in possession of power drill and some basic tools.. he goes to jail?
  10. I still have your number Sir.. I am around most of the week except Monday if you want to meet at cherry Ridge... I would also be grateful for a reloading lesson! Thanks!!
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