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  1. LOL!! please ban Zeke for Highway Robbery!! and for being against free markets! I am considering it!! Lol!
  2. lol! if it falls through.. I will pay that $200. thanks!
  3. I will pay $200!!! cash! will travel anywhere in NJ to pick it up!
  4. Around 300. Mix of homemade and FGM.
  5. For Sale is my Savage BA-10 Stealth in 308. Includes 2x 10RD detachable mags. All other accessories are negotiable. Rifle shoots reliable MOA with Federal GM. Base price on the Rifle is $900 OBO. + what ever accessories / upgrade you want. Scopes are: Burris 5-25 35MM tube IOR Valdada 4x14 30mm Tube Stock attached now is Magpul Original stock is on the table let me know if you have any questions. Pick up at FFL North/central NJ
  6. so I got to play with my pair for a bit and compare it with my other binos. Glass is OK. nothing spectacular, but pretty decent for the price. one noticeable issue is that image does not stay clear all the way to the edge, as in my Nikons. other than that, they are an OK pair.
  7. just send them back for exchange.. amazon makes it simple enough.
  8. what's the defect? why not just send them back to amazon for replacement? I got mine today and they are pretty decent..especially if final cost will be FREE.
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