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  1. interested in Beretta CX4 storm in 9mm ? used with about 200 rounds down the barrel..
  2. i shot with various magnification. 15 to 25x. I use wheeler engineering green lazer boresighter. can see it at 50 yards fine in day light
  3. so I had first range session with the scope. 100 yards only. I am medium level satisfied with the scope so far and I did find that eye box bit small and difficult to find at 25x. 20x is not a problem. I do agree that at 25x, reticle becomes rather thick. I think I would prefer just a dot in the middle and not a cross. can't comment yet of click adjustment and repeat ability but I did achieve my personal best group so far. at least at 100 yards, (I am just not a good rifle shooter, I was sure better result could be achieved) I think I am happy with price/performance overall.. shooting from bench with bipod and rear sand bag. I just can't get rifle perfectly stabilized and get comfortable cheek weld but it's a learning process for me.
  4. thanks... sucks...
  5. is that so? for sure ? I was considering one.
  6. have not taken it to range yet...optics seems clear but I doubt i can use full 25x magnification as eye box does seem small...also, I installed it with American Defence 34mm mount and it seems kind of too high so I might have to go to plain rings. will try to take it to range this week though..
  7. ordered Burris XTR Gen 2 5 - 25 SCR MOA reticle... should be here any day..
  8. thats' an idea.. I will also wait for memorial day sale.. i am sure optics planet will put some good stuff on sale! going used route is an option certainly.. I use http://www.riverofguns.com/cb/index.pl?s=nightforce to track deals. I actually have one now.. 4-14x 50. it's going back to IOR for repairs this week. parallax does not stay in focus... have to re-adjust after every shot. depending on how good their repair service is, I might consider it. optics is not bad on IOR. I like it. and it's old model.. at lease 7 years.
  9. way more than I am willing to pay!
  10. i sent mine in in November and got check in early February. no issues. friend of mine got his as well. I hated mine..with N batteries. I am not sure how you guys would trust optics that's known not to hold zero..
  11. it looks as of now.. it's between Burris XTR II and Vortex Viper PST FFP or Vortex Viper PST FFP Gen2.. now gotta search for good deal..Vortex Viper PST FFP Gen2. seems to be back ordered and Burris just announces $100 rebate on XTR..
  12. thanks! Nightforce is out NSX series at least(I had one and did not like illumination on it).. I like Vortex and Burris warranty... but based on this review.. Burris is not a good scope http://opticsthoughts.com/?p=1424
  13. that's what I have now... I am thinking about upgrade..
  14. Thank you Sir! I hear eye box is small on them but good scope otherwise. What's your take on it? Where did you buy it from? Sounds like good price! do you shoot at cherry ridge?