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  1. Looks about as dumb as it does attached to a truck rear bumper
  2. Don't forget to salt & burn the area
  3. I assumed the Taurus 85 was the throwaway permit... lol
  4. I had a Magpul AFG2 initially, but i ended up swapping it out to a Magpul RVG. It just feels more natural with my shooting style. I don't use it as an actual grip, but as a basic hand stop. I have the RVG on both my AR's and my 15-22.
  5. I just added some to my cart, so looks like back in stock
  6. Agreed. I put the Apex flat trigger in my 320 as well (before the recall), and it just helps a bit with the leverage on the pull. You can pull closer to the bottom and it gives it s different feel than pulling in the middle of the huge curve the 320 OEM trigger had. Talking about the M&P - well, from all I hear (and i have experienced it as well), the Apex trigger kit for the M&P is a night and day improvement over the stock trigger system. Crisper, lighter, much more smooth and you dont have that annoying segmented trigger
  7. You probably should've posted this in the Handguns section to get more traction, but I believe 686+ are a round butt gun, but some grip manufacturers (i.e. Hogue) make a RB to SB conversion. That is what I am seeing on the S&W forums.
  8. ahh, yeah, when i bought the 10/22, one of the first things i read to do was to put a better rail on it...
  9. I have a M&P 22 (regular sized version). I have had very few issues with it, and from what I hear, the compact is even better quality (actually made by S&W as opposed to Umarex, which the regular versions were made by). Threaded barrel is pretty much useless unless you have a place to keep a can outside of NJ, but otherwise, works perfectly well, especially if you like the M&P platform
  10. Same.. i have a 3-9x nikon rimfire scope on mine. Initially bought it for my 15-22, but decided to go the RDS route for that and put the nikon on the 10/22 i was upgrading. Works perfectly. 100 yards is easily attainable, but once you go out past that, it becomes a guessing game.. (I have actually hit steel at 200 yards, but the frequency of that is incredibly small). 50-100 yards, you should be able to hit all day with a 10/22 and a nikon scope. I have mine sighted in for 50 yds but with the BDC on the nikon, 100 is no problem.
  11. It is unclear from their site if the $279/year includes lane time. One would "assume" it does, but you know what happens when you assume...... Other ranges have not always included the cost of lane time in their membership fees, so...
  12. Hyundai typically has a 5 yr/60k bumper to bumper warranty... the 10y/100k is powertrain only. Either way, should 100% be covered, full stop
  13. This... end of
  14. what is a looser?
  15. i will say, i did put it on my "budget" AR.. and it has been flawless thus far.