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  1. I don't answer any calls that are not in my contact list or that I do not recognize (which means, 90%+ of my calls go unanswered). If they really wanted to get in touch with me, they can leave a VM.. If not, they do not, and they are spammers.
  2. Now, if only they would make VP9 mags....
  3. Why would i want to swap them out? lol...
  4. That's why i just bought one with real rails...
  5. Bummed being at the range? Sorry, that thought process doesn't seem to work for me. Not sure what the point of this is.
  6. only things still stock are receiver and bolt
  7. I have shot a couple thousand rounds of mini mags from my 10/22.. i could probably count on 1 finger how many issues i've had with it. As a matter of fact, I can probably count on one HAND how many issues i have had with my 10/22 with all ammo that I have tried (and I have used at least 6 or 7 different kinds in it). Mini mags (RN and HP), Winchester M22, Remington GB, Federal HP bulk, Winchester SuperX, Winchester bulk (which, coincidentally is the kind i had the most trouble with, and by that i mean about 3 FTF's out of approx. 150 rds).. Take your 10/22, shoot all sorts of different brands.. Chances are, you will have very few issues. Its a great plinking gun.
  8. Inforce also came out with their APLc (gen 2 i believe). Right now, there is a Glock model (but will work on other guns - as shown in the pic below) and they are shipping out the 1913 versions to dealers now (Glock model has bar at the end, 1913 model has the bar in the middle to work with more variety of pistols). Just another option..
  9. Looks about as dumb as it does attached to a truck rear bumper
  10. Don't forget to salt & burn the area
  11. I assumed the Taurus 85 was the throwaway permit... lol
  12. I had a Magpul AFG2 initially, but i ended up swapping it out to a Magpul RVG. It just feels more natural with my shooting style. I don't use it as an actual grip, but as a basic hand stop. I have the RVG on both my AR's and my 15-22.
  13. I just added some to my cart, so looks like back in stock
  14. Agreed. I put the Apex flat trigger in my 320 as well (before the recall), and it just helps a bit with the leverage on the pull. You can pull closer to the bottom and it gives it s different feel than pulling in the middle of the huge curve the 320 OEM trigger had. Talking about the M&P - well, from all I hear (and i have experienced it as well), the Apex trigger kit for the M&P is a night and day improvement over the stock trigger system. Crisper, lighter, much more smooth and you dont have that annoying segmented trigger
  15. You probably should've posted this in the Handguns section to get more traction, but I believe 686+ are a round butt gun, but some grip manufacturers (i.e. Hogue) make a RB to SB conversion. That is what I am seeing on the S&W forums.