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  1. jdubsss

    NICS checks

    10 days and counting.
  2. Just bought one from Rick today. Awesome guy and thanks for the heads up. G19 Gen4 ain't easy to come by these days.
  3. I've been a member at RTSP for almost a year now and I've only had positive experiences there. My only complaint would be that even with a membership you experience a 20-30 minute wait time after 5pm, but that should be addressed once they open the additional planned ports. Every staff member I've dealt with has been great and I feel they genuinely do try to be as helpful as possible. I've witnessed their extreme patience dealing with people who are obviously very new shooters so I guess you just caught them on really bad days or talked to someone I've never dealt with. And I've seen the chick that was dipping before, but not in months. I have to admit that when I saw her spit dip into that cup of hers I was kind of like wtf? Not something I'd expect at any retail business even if it is a gun shop. Will I renew my membership? I'm not sure, but that's no fault of RTSP. The membership has probably paid for itself just in ammo costs (before I was buying online) and visits, but I don't know if shooting 1-2 times a month warrants a membership anywhere. I will be stopping by in the next few days to purchase a new handgun and I'm sure they'll be as helpful as always.
  4. Froglube. Was using breakfree CLP for a while before switching over
  5. well that raises an interesting question... can you tase someone in your house in this pos state?
  6. This is by far the best course of action if you can lock yourself in a room with a firearm. Call 911 and if the door to the room you're hiding in gets kicked in then you start blasting. No one here is superman... don't wander around your house without knowing the exact situation. Multiple intruders in different directions could get you dead.
  7. I'm in the same boat as you. Ordered back in February and they requested my FID via e-mail which I promptly sent over. Order is still "processing", but I'm being patient and will give them till the end of next week before I start harassing them as it clearly states to give them 15 business days right now.
  8. jdubsss


    That really sucks. I'd say it's gotta be the state if your FFL has 3 separate receipts. You're just getting really unlucky
  9. Right now if you can get 9mm for .30/round and .45 for .40-45/round you've got a good deal and should jump all over it. I've managed to get 2500 rounds of 9mm at around .30 per round within the past few weeks. You guys will get some just gotta stay all over it and jump on it when it comes up.
  10. jdubsss

    P220 Extreme

    nice! that is a sweet looking piece for sure. thinking of a p220 or an hk45 myself. enjoy
  11. My understanding is sigs use #3 in that picture.
  12. jdubsss

    Wilson Combat

    Yea you're right about that lol... I'll dump that cash into extensive training instead.
  13. Froglube should take care of that no problem. The stuff really works.
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