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  1. Thanks to everone for the information
  2. 9X19, I guess you are right about the history. These guns were my wife's great grandfather's and grandfather's, one was a judge in Carlisle, PA the other Fire Chief. I was told the Judge carried one them in the court room.
  3. I inherited 3 old hand guns. One seem to be a Frank Wesson derringer, over and under. The other 2 are revolvers. One has an Owl on the grip and the other has a pat date of 1908. I have pictures. I have a NJ Firearm permit and got a pistol permit from the police chief but never bought anything with it. I am wondering if should take them to Newark to one of those $200.00 gift card trade in days or legally sell them to a collector/dealer? Any help/comments will be appreciated.
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