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  1. That was what I was going to suggest. There is no way those are plumbing. Even if the two on the right were hot and cold water the one on the left is too small to be a drain pipe. I would guess the larger one was the electrical feed to some panel most likely where the plywood is and the two smaller ones went out to the circuits. Likely they fed two different solenoids for a sprinkler system.
  2. So about a half hour ago all three Huskies go on a tear into the woods. From my deck I could see them intently staring at something. They are at the extreme boundary of the invisible fence and show no inclination to leave. I figured I would grab a camera and go look, fully assuming by the time I got there whatever was out there would be long gone. Fortunately that was not the case:
  3. The word is five or less than five, depending which story you read, tested positive. That means over 93% tested negative. Total over reach was done and heads should role.
  4. No sure I get the point about being turned away if you don't have a clean firearm if you bring your own. So if I shot yesterday and did not do a detail stripdown of the gun they wont let me shoot? I was also very surprised to hear they only have a 10 year lease. Who puts several million into a facility that they only control for 10 years????
  5. Good point on every 11th not being totally random. Did not know Constitutional rights don't apply to private property - although a town school is public property not private property. So I guess this means if I own a business on private property you are saying I can discriminate against people and search them for no reason Well just because they say they can do something does not mean the courts will support it. Further their policy says they can "blah blah blah blah" when they observe a student who appears to be impaired. That does NOT give them the right to just pick an entire section of 75 students and say you are guilty until you prove you are innocent. This was the case as proved by the results that only 5 out of 75 had any alcohol in their system.
  6. Nope, they just threatened everyone in the section and offered them a choice of "voluntary" testing or a five day suspension and presumed guilt.
  7. Random might be every 11th person but to take an entire section of stands that was 75 people Is not random. They found a can or two or beer on the ground and then accused everyone - guilty till proven innocent. A law suit is needed in my opinion, and I once stated at a Holiday Inn Express - so I should know
  8. Rather than buy a used machine that might have issues why not buy one of the corporate refurbed off lease machines that Dell always has for sale. You can typically find online coupons for as much as 50% off on them. I have bought two that way that have been great machines and look to be in better shape than some machines I have bought new. The last one I bought a few months ago had an Intel i7 processor with high resolution display, lots of ports including USB3 and Win10 for just over $200.
  9. There are no hammer marks or firing pin marks on the bullet, they are on the casing. But those parts can be changed out as well.
  10. I guess what I am saying Bob is that all you have to do after you use the gun is change the barrel and destroy the old one - problem solved. I know this is harder, but still possible, for you wheel gun guys **** I am in no way suggesting this is what a criminal should do and take no liability as to what such people may read on the internet and decide to do of their own accord
  11. This has been in the news in my town, Randolph NJ https://www.tapinto.net/towns/randolph/categories/news/articles/randolph-superintendent-clarifies-school-administ At a school football game last Friday night a open can of beer rolled out of the stands. I think there was a slightly illegal over reaction to this as the school rounded up all 75 students that were in that section of the stands and told each of them they could go to the hospital within two hours for alcohol testing or be suspended for five days. Guess the school is now a Constitutional Free Zone. The nanny state is going way too far. I believe 5 out of the 75 tested positive, so the policy is the town will pay for the testing for the 70 that were clean. So this over reaction will likely cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars from the local hospitals plus the likely law suits that will follow.
  12. This is all well and good, but how often does the bad guy leave the gun at the scene of the crime for the authorities to find. Without it they have nothing. What you actually see all the time in the movies is that they dig the squashed bullet out of a wall and bring it back to the lab and almost instantaneously match it to a gun. Here I call total BS. First there is virtually no record of what bullets look like after they come out of a given gun. Some states have tried this but mostly gone no where. Then there is the issue of what can you really get from a squashed bullet even if you had that database to go back to. Then the little secret that they don't tell you, people can change barrels in guns so the database is totally worthless if that is done. Much of the TV and movies is just pure BS.
  13. Water? I don't need no stinkin water, I've got 33,000 gallons of lightly chlorinated water. It comes complete with a filtration and heating system
  14. I think the confusion is that info is not on the part we fill out, it gets added after we sign it and hand it to the sales person. I know when I have bought stuff they always open the case and check the S/N and write it somewhere on the form. But the issue is still that most criminals don't go through nice and either steel or otherwise get their guns. Then there are long guns where there is no trace of where a Person to person sale went even in New Jermany where there is the COE but it never gets filed.
  15. That is a good point Stu. I wonder if this magical place even exists now.