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  1. Must be something in the water (ha ha) I had one feeding our refrigerator go bad just last week and made a mess. Fortunately I found it early and changed it out.
  2. Really? If you have a dick is that constructive intent to commit rape?
  3. That will never fly under equal protection. Just imagine anyone from 48 other states carrying in NJ while NJ residents are precluded.
  4. We are holding an intro to USPSA course at Shongum I believe I n April. It will be comprised of classroom learning plus live fire shooting a couple of stages. Knockdown steel at Old Bridge is a great match to start with as you start at low ready so no drawing from the holster is used and there is little movement.
  5. Nice video. As far as doing this for competition (USPSA or IDPA), you generally cannot start with the hammer back on a table start. Also if you put the gun down it must be in a safe condition, which means the safety on. Also remember that on an unloaded start the magazine may only be loaded to division capacity, not plus one as you would start with a loaded start. Some people find it faster, especially with a gun with a magwell to place the magazine on the other side of the gun pointed into the magwell just a fraction of an inch from the gun. At the buzzer your left hand goes to the top of the slide as your right hand slaps the magazine in and then just slides onto the grip as the left hand racks the slide. If you practice this it can be faster that the standard method you have demonstrated quite well.
  6. ^^^^^ What Troy said above - RTSP is a great place to start. You can rent a gun there and learn how to shoot with an instructor in no time flat - as of this writing you don't even need any permits or government approval. You will want to apply for you FID card asap as it can take a while to get. Assuming you want handgun(S) apply for pistol purchase permits at the same time (that involves just checking a box and paying $2 for each Pistol permit (P2P). If you are like most of us one will not be enough so apply for three or four even though they expire in 90 days or 180 with renewal. I was in your shoes about five years ago. I watched a bunch of videos on Youtube which actually taught me a lot so I knew which end of the gun to point at the target (ha ha ha) when I got to RTSP.
  7. Well you can never stop everything, but if you have multiple communications methods they would have to cut them all at the same time. Yes anything one man can create another can get around or destroy with enough work.
  8. Nice looking dog, unfortunately a pound of raw chop meat with poison neutralizes it very quickly
  9. Good alarm systems have wired sensors and cameras with tamper alarms. They typically are dual mode communication using landline or internet along with cellular. They also have battery backup so the odds of getting past it are very slim. The only real weakness is in how long it takes police to show up.
  10. AP is fake news? We are in big trouble if that is the case.
  11. Just saw this article: https://apnews.com/58e9557074dc4274887d8a9723d6eaef They are going after the guy that sold ammo to the guy who shot up Las Vegas a few month back. Sounds like going after the car dealer that sold you a car that you killed someone with. This is getting ugly.
  12. How did this thread that was about the fact that bad guys broke into a store and stole stuff turn into an attack and defense of their business model? Now why the attack on the definition of a tragedy? Sure it is a tragedy when someone gets killed or non-replaceable objects are taken. But anyone that has built a business will feel it a tragedy and a personal attack when what they build is attacked or destroyed even if it can be replaced with money. If you have never built a business perhaps you can't feel that, but I understand where Pete is coming from. As for pricing, well every business builds their own business model. Some are low priced others are high priced. They each target a different demographic and have different means of achieving their goals. If you operate in a high cost area and offer huge inventory and lots of service and support you are typically going to have higher prices. Any business typically offers three things- price, service and quality - as a customer you typically get to pick any two of those that you want and the business sets the other. That is why there are many different businesses around. My suggestion for those that don't need service and support buy online since they just want the cheapest price. If you want to be able to hold the product and compare it to lots of others and be able to ask many people behind the counter about the product then you will likely pay more at a full service business. So, have the bad guys been caught, any lead on them?
  13. I might be proven wrong, but I cannot see a self driving car ever working in NYC. NYC streets are a sea of pedestrians, and they don't obey traffic light, they just go when they see a chance. That means in the midtown area a self driving car will never be able to make a right turn as it will just sit and wait forever. I predict that self driving will have the greatest impact, and quickly, on long haul trucking. There are huge cost savings to eliminating a driver on long haul trucks and allowing the trucks to run for more hours a day - that is big money. In the short run they might need a driver for the first and last few miles, but for the entire interstate highway trip this technology will take over faster than many think. I was having the discussion about snow and ice being an issue with a young person just a few weeks ago and he astutely pointed out that my thinking was wrong. I was thinking about the visual problems, but he pointed out that is a human flaw since sensors do not have to use the visual spectrum and can "see" through the snow and ice.
  14. Does anyone here do exterior painting in Morris County, or know someone that does. I need someone to do some exterior painting on my house in Randolph. Feel free to respond here or PM me if you rather do it that way. Thanks for your help.
  15. NO! There is nothing in the law that requires you to have a driver's licence in order to own a gun or follow other laws. So many people spew the crap about FID and matching licence but nowhere in the statute does it say anything about having a driver's licence. A copy of your deed or mortgage would prove you are a resident.