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  1. You have learned an important lesson, never ask the police a question on guns and expect to get a correct answer. As others have said don't register your long guns, and no FFL is needed assuming you acquired all of them legally where you reside. Your only real concern is that none are on the banned list and that they don't have too many of what NJ calls evil features. Also pay attention to Mag capacities. FID is good to have, but not needed to just have the guns in your home. That said, if they will let you rent a house for free just keep your existing home in PA also and leave your stuff there - you really don't want to be a sole resident of the socialist people's republic of New Jermany. Take from me, a recent escapee now a citizen of the free state of Florida. Good luck.
  2. Well I have not testing it in "battle" yet but it seems to be the recoil spring. Since I did not trust it I shot a match in production (1st time in about 6 months) with my CZ, but brought the G35 and did a mag dump with the suspect ammo two rounds at a time and it worked flawlessly. The only change was I put the original recoil spring in the gun. So, perhaps the one I had been using was too light for this ammo.
  3. I agree it is likely the lighter recoil spring which I have used for ammo that just makes power factor, the gun was more reliable with it than the stock spring. This ammo is a little hotter, so very likely you are on to something. Will try it both with my regular ammo and with this new ammo with the stock spring. Thanks.
  4. Got this one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M592J9C/ref=emc_b_5_t for about $45 at Amazon when it was on sale a few weeks ago. Works great, very small unit with great video quality. Don't have the GPS unit for it but might buy one when I see it on sale, costs about $20.
  5. @GRIZ The recoil spring is under powered. I was using ammo that just made power factor so a while ago I took out the stock recoil unit and installed a 9mm one (yes on Gen4 unlike Gen3 there is a difference). The gun has worked fine with that. The only thing that changed is the ammo. I wish I knew where my cailpers were We moved to FL in June and are in rented quarters right now and I have dozens of boxes that I have yet to open. If all goes well we will be in our new home in about a month and will start actually unpacking all those boxes. Till then I think I will just try my normal ammo and hopefully the problem will go away.
  6. You cannot waive liability by putting up a sign. People believe it so many don't go after them, but you can. Years ago I was in a Rickle's lot (yes MANY years ago) and I came out to find a shopping cart went rolling and smashed my tail light. I went in and bitched to the manager who showed me such a sign and I said BS, I would get my lawyer involved. He then said as a "courtesy" I should go have it fixed and bring him the bill. I did and he reached into the register and gave me cash for the repair.
  7. What exactly would I be looking for with the ejector that might be causing this?
  8. No did not save any of the rounds, just worked as fast as possible to clear and get back on target. Typically one round was in chamber and another was just lose behind it. Don’t recall where the nose was exactly. Most times I pulled the slide back a little and dumped the extra round out and let the slide go forward on the round in the chamber. Other times dropped the mag and rack out the round.
  9. I assure you what I stated is a n fact happening. Based on the discussion I think I’ll try the stock recoil spring. Also try my normal ammo again and see if there is any problem.
  10. Might not be possible but it happened about 15 to 20 times. The recoil spring might be too light for that ammo. I had been using some ammo that was about 170 power factor and this ammo is a little hotter. I have a 9mm recoil spring in the Gun (gen4). Maybe I’ll try the stiffer .40 cal spring with this ammo and see if the problem goes away.
  11. Yes live round in chamber. If I pulled the slide back and tipped the second round out I could then send the slide forward and the gun would fire.
  12. Two rounds coming out of the magazine, one chambers and the other comes out and jams the slide.
  13. Doubt it was the magazines as they are Glock magazines that all ran fine the week before and had the problem with all of the magazines that day. The ammo was from Peakperformanceammo.com and they use 180gr FP Berry Bullets. These were recommended to me by a competitor at a local match a few weeks ago so I thought I would give them a try. I contacted the company and they have not had any other reported issues. Seems very strange.
  14. Isn't this yet another violation of the Supremacy clause of the US Constitution? Since the U.S. Army has stated an AR-15 is NOT an assault weapon how can a state (a lower level of government) claim that it is?
  15. Shot a USPSA match this past weekend an my always reliable Glock 35 was having three to five double feeds every stage. Yes I changed something, the ammo. So I am fairly certain it was the ammo that was the cause, but what was the ammo doing or not doing that caused this. The OAL of the ammo was the same as my normal ammo. The only visual difference seemed to be that the bullet tapered from the case to the tip a little more than what I have normally been using.