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  1. Seems like a good law, if they can limit gun owner to only 20 rounds a month they can insure they are not accurate as they won't have any opportunity to practice.
  2. Howard

    Cutting the cord

    These are all excellent resources. This has gotten so easy compared to when I first did it and even when Glen did it. There are literally dozens of streaming services now with new ones being added every day. No one service is right for everyone, you need to look at what features you want and what you are willing to pay. Also look for deals on streaming devices. When I got into it Direct TVNow was giving free AppleTVs when you paid for three months up front. SlingTV was giving free RoKu streaming sticks. Timing is everything here. The nice thing is all these services are month to month, so if you don't like the service you can drop it and change at will with no penalties.
  3. Howard

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    And THAT is why you should never tell them your employer. Remember it asks for employer, not sole employer or primary employer. So bring your neighbors paper in for a week and ask for a quarter - he is now your employer. Or just put down self employed or retired, really none of their darn business.
  4. It's the socialist people's republic of New Jermany - they do whatever they want. If finger prints really changed there would be no reason to take them at all, think about it for a moment. But heck, it is stupid just about every where. My wife teaches at an after school program here in Florida and had to get printed. Because the two schools are in different counties (only a few miles apart) she had to have it done twice. Here is the real kicker, she had both done at the UPS store at the same time. They did one, then immediately did the entire process again - you would think they could do the prints and electronically send them twice. Fortunately there was no cost to her. Stupidity seems to be rampant everywhere.
  5. Howard

    home air filtration systems?

    Install a Big Ass Fan - https://www.bigassfans.com/fans/essence/ It will create such a wind storm it will just blow everything out of the house - perhaps even you and the dog
  6. Howard

    Arlo or Blink wireless cameras

    Saw on Amazon tonight there are solar power systems for the Blink that cost about $30 so you will effectively never need to worry about the battery.
  7. Howard

    Arlo or Blink wireless cameras

    For true security you should have hardwired with off premises video storage. I have not installed but bought the Blink XT cause I just wanted to be able to see when a package was delivered of see who was at the door and monitor my dogs outside. I live in a gated community and there really is no significant security issues. I bought the five pack for $349, but sent them back as they were offered a week ago for $299 with a third Gen Echo Dot. Have the package sitting here and will probably play with it this week.
  8. While that is true, if this dies Federally it will die in New Jermany too unless the STATE becomes the insurer as all the big companies will just pull outof it.
  9. Howard

    Wine Recommendations

    I'm with you on Costco, they have amazing prices on wines - at least in Florida. I find many wines, particularly Sauvignon Blanc there that are two to five dollars cheaper than I can find anywhere else.
  10. Howard

    Recommend a Smartphone (Verizon)

    Stop being such an Anti and get an iPhone - it is the best most reliable phone out there. In 18 months who are you going to turn to for support for your droid? Apple gives free support for iPhones forever even if you are not the original owner. All you have to do is walk into an Apple store and they will help you at no charge. They are also the most reliable phone.
  11. I wonder if before you destroyed them (actually I think you are joking as it would be very easy to cut them with a Sawsall) did you open them and see they were probably illegal in NJ even before the law change. The 15 round Glock mags are really just 17 round mags without the two last inspection holes and with a free floating plastic block in them. The basepads are not epoxied in place so anyone can open them and remove that block and they are instantly 17 round mags. I wonder how Glock got away selling them in NJ when if you or I put a free floating block in a 17 round mag we would have been considered felons if we had not epoxied the basepad.
  12. Howard

    Glock 35 Feed Failure help needed

    I've probably had it about four years Stu, but have really only been using it the last year or so, and just for USPSA matches.
  13. Howard

    Glock 35 Feed Failure help needed

    Stu, had been using a 9mm recoil spring with Freedom HP ammo which just barely makes powerfactor. Ran low on that and switched to some factory flat point ammo and went back to the original recoil spring which had almost no usage. Initially thought perhaps it was the ammo, so I have tried three different brands of factory ammo and have same problem with all, so thinking not the ammo.
  14. Howard

    Glock 35 Feed Failure help needed

    When this first started happening it was very random and was only happening on two Glock 15 round mags that I had Dawson +4 basepads on to get me to 19 rounds in 140mm. They have extended mag springs and I thought maybe those springs were getting weak. That is when I bought the two ETS 140mm mags, as I have had good luck with them in 9mm, but just after I bought them a friend told me his 9mm work great but his .40 cal ones don't work well. The first match I used the ETS they ran flawlessly, then yesterday they worked like crap. While this could all be mag springs I tend to doubt that all of mine just happen to be going bad all at once. I am starting to have the same random issues with the stock mags too. Recoil spring was my first guess. Especially since I switched to slightly hotter ammo. I had been shooting some 167 PF ammo and was actually running a 9mm recoil spring with good results. When this started happening with the flat point ammo I switched to the stock .40 recoil spring that had minimal usage and it did not improve the situation - so I don't think the recoil spring either As for after market parts I have a DK Trigger, extended and skelotinized striker and titanium drop safety plunger with light spring. Having recently moved to FL and living in a rented house I did very little maintenance on the guns. Now that I am getting settled in my new home I am started to unpack my tools and gun supplies and have to get back into better maintenance practices - yea my bad. I am terrible about cleaning mags unless I drop them in mud. But then again, these problems seem to run across all mags. One of the posts had some specs on lip spread so I will see if I can find my calipers (still in a box somewhere) and check that. Probably worth while to just replace all the mag springs as well, can't hurt. Do you know if the .40 and the 9mm mags use the same springs? I was looking at the Wolff springs a few days ago and they seemed to talk all about G17, G19, etc... and I did not see specific ones for G22, G35, etc... THANKS. Will definitely check those feed lips.
  15. Why was she carrying so many hammers? Di you notice that, at least with the Glocks, the trigger was forward and the magazines where loaded yet when she racked the slide no ammo came out of the guns? What good is a carry gun with nothing in the chamber?

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