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  1. I recently made the move from NJ to FL and can tell you the drive taking 78 to 81 to 77 is so much better than taking 95 all the way. Once we got west of Allentown the drivers were all wonderful, everyone drove right and passed left and people moved out of the right lane as cars entered the road. Then, we linked up with 95 in South Carolina and everything changed. Once there we had cars with NY, NJ and CT plates and for the most part they were all assholes. They drove slow in the left lane and weaved in and out all over the road passing people. Sure glad we avoided them most of the trip.
  2. So how much is the mega machine you are looking at and where are you getting it? A complete machine or components to build? I ask as my machine may be toast and I am looking for something new to do photo processing on that needs power.
  3. Think I found part of the problem. The heat sink and fan came loose from the processor. I wonder if the cpu can get hot enough to trip with this off during the minute or so during boot or if this is one of multiple issues???
  4. The problem is not something failing at startup, not beeps or error message, system just shuts down. Thus, I feel it is either an overheat issue with CPU or some sort of short or capacitor. Will try unplugging everything and seeing if that helps, I recall I once had an issue a few years back and doing that fixed it so maybe same issue. I guess something could have come loose in the car trip here.
  5. Good suggestions will try them. I had some related issues where it shut down before the move. Survived move fine and ran for three weeks before acting up. Then one morning it went to sleep and did not want to wake up. The dirt or loose component makes a lot of sense. Thanks.
  6. It’s not a boot problem perse. It goes through the bios startup and shows all the equipment, sometimes it does there. Other times it makes to the windows 10 logo and then goes down. It seems like it is losing power at that point. The current power supply has three lights on it and when it dies two of them go out. The new power supply did not have lights, but similar problem. Assuming something on the MB went, probably a capacitor I am guessing.
  7. I thought it was the power supply, but I ordered and will be sending back a replacement, as that did not take care of it. I am guessing it is something on the motherboard. It gets about halfway though starting up and then just shuts down. Guessing perhaps a capacitor on the MB went bad or something like that. The only problem with Dell is that they use (or used to use) a bunch of proprietary boards and combined function boards. Rather stick with an ASUS motherboard and discrete components. Agreed RAM is king, as is an SSD for the system. Love my iPhone and iPad, but don't like MACs. You pay a heck of a lot more for their hardware and the operating system is no better than Windows anymore and all the software runs on both.
  8. Just moved to FL from NJ and now my Desktop computer died Have not gone computer shopping in quite some time and don't know where to buy around here or even what to buy. If anyone is an expert I would appreciate advice. Besides the normal daily stuff I use the machine to process photos from my Full Frame Nikon D800e camera in Adobe Lightroom. My current machine, although dated, was quite powerful. It was an early i7 3ghz processor with 24 gb memory and a good but not great graphics card. Have four 2TB hard drives in it along with a 256gb SSD and DVD Drive. Have two good monitors hooked to it so really only need the guts not an off the shelf complete system. Any and all suggestions welcomed. I had built it from components that I bought at Microcenter in Patterson, unfortunately they don't have a store with me but I guess I could buy parts from them online if I had a shopping list. Any advice welcomed. Thanks
  9. I had a pair of 2002 Prius that I bought used in 2005 when no one wanted them. One had only 7,200 miles when I bought it. They were the original ones that were four doors and a trunk that they made in 01-03. They got 50 mpg. Probably the only person to replace I hybrid with another hybrid and got 10 mpg less than the old one. The one I have now is a very nice large car, a Sonata Limited hybrid, but only average about 40 mpg on it.
  10. Nothing against wanting a beater car, but let's at least be honest about the math. A 2018 toyota Yaris is rated at "up to" 30 city and 41 highway, while a toyota Prius is rated at up to 51 city and 53 highway. If you drive any distances that is a significant difference.
  11. I think that is so stupid. My wife had a work account like that each time that happened she would just increment the two digit number on the end by one.
  12. Yes you definitely want sewers, city water and natural gas - had all that in Shongum Lake, but beware there are cheaper houses on Radtke road that are older and are on wells, septic and oil. Don't know what your budget is, but I have a friend that is thinking about selling his nice large house on my old street (Rickland Dr) that backs onto hundred of acres of county woods. Great house but does need cosmetic work, but he would be willing to let it go cheap (well cheap for the street) but is too lazy to clean it up and list it. He goes there twice a week to monitor it but has not lived there in over a year. PM me if you want more info.
  13. I hate what is going on with passwords lately. Too many sites have crazy rules that you have to use characters for like six different categories and it makes remembering passwords crazy hard. I much prefer where possible to use a simple password that I can remember with two factor authentication. For those that are not familiar that is when the site sends you a unique code to a different device and then you have to enter that code. I also like it when sites challenge you if they don't recognize your IP or unique facts about your device. This is especially good for financial sites. Best of all are sites like eTrade where you can have a password that you then have to append six digits to each time you login based on an authentication program on your phone or dongle on your keychain.
  14. Until I moved to FL three weeks ago I living in Shongum Lake in Randolph for 32 years. Great area with good schools and lots of dedicated open space with a great trail system that runs something like 19 miles. Shongum Lake is a special area because of the lake and all the social activities for both kids and adults in the community. Only problem with the area is it is in the socialist people's republic of New Jermany. Except for that I would still be living there.
  15. Well if you don't turn it in you probably have to take a written test and probably a road test. I just turned mine in and all I had to do was read "line 5" on their vision machine and presto had my license.