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  1. You don’t actually record per se. You tell it which shows are your favorites (as many as you want) and it just records every episode of them. There is not storage limits, but recordings are only kept for four weeks. But most convert to video on demand. Check their faqs.
  2. What do you mean by your sanity? My Ooma gives me much better service than the cable companies VoIP and PS Vue gives me better reception than I got from the cable company with no limit on how much stuff I can store on multiroom Dvr that I can actually watch away from home.
  3. Nope don’t get those but I only have the base package, they might be available on a higher level of service by I don’t know. You might check the new Hulu streaming service or the one offered by YouTube.
  4. What channels, I’ll look and see if I have them.
  5. That is not true about the DVR, I routinely watch shows that are already in progress from the start. They recently changed how you do it as when you pick the show it now gives an option to watch from the start or at the current point. You used to have to know a convoluted set of key pushes that were not intuitively obvious nor published to be able to do it but it still could be done.
  6. The guide is great on Apple and FireTV and mobile but not nearly as good on Roku devices. I get all the locals with it except Ch-11 which I could care less about. They have several packages above the base $39.99 one, and you can add movie stuff a-la-cart as well
  7. The Vue recording is in the cloud and can be seen on any device you have.
  8. I have an AppleTV, a FireTV Box, 2 Roku streaming sticks and 2 FireTV sticks that I use on the account and can watch live and dvr on all of them. I can also view on a PC on my iPad and my iPhone anywhere for dvr stuff. The limit is only five streams at the same time. Great service. Try the “free” five day trial.
  9. Try Sony’s PS Vue. Similar service with DVR included. Went with it about a year ago and ditched the triple play. That and internet from Optimum and phone from Ooma and I am saving about $100 a month over what I used to pay.
  10. It looks all but certain the Dems in Trenton will ban standard capacity (15 round neutered capacity to us) magazines in favor of limited capacity 10 round magazines. What about we politely write our assembly and senate reps and tell then that we don't agree with this but understand their goals and suggest a compromise. Allow standard capacity, and even 140mm and 170mm magazines BUT restrict them like handguns so they are only allowed in exempt areas (home, range and business) and with reasonable deviation during travel. Yea I know it is a compromise, but something is better than nothing which unfortunately is where this is headed.
  11. I think was is being said is that he can carry a long gun just about anywhere with an FID card while a hand gun can only go between exempt locations.
  12. If you are brand spanking new you don’t know the questions to ask and don’t even know like things like outdoor ranges or shooting events even exist. Just like you and I probably don know about various book clubs (wine drinking clubs) that house wives go to
  13. Ordered some 2 round magazines today, cause they may be really tough to come by come January
  14. Not my governor, resist resist resist.
  15. Pool lighting is actually fairly safe. The old style high voltage (like I still have) is typically in a sealed water tight fixture and the wires allow the entire fixture to be pulled out of the water to work on. They are also all grounded and all metal is fully bonded. Newer pools all have low voltage LED based lighting.