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  1. When they determine it is an AR I want one as if Glock made an AR it would be super reliable
  2. Could have been much worse, and I know it is cold but would have been much worse if a few days before Election Day rather than after.
  3. The only way this will ever happen is if SCOTUS grows a pair and makes it the law of the land by saying all others violate the Constitution.
  4. A couple of NY law makers want to make it mandatory to have your social media accounts and search history for the last three years reviewed before you can have a gun. Guess in trying to kill the 2nd Amendment they want to kill the 1st Amendment as well. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/11/daniel-zimmerman/coming-to-an-anti-gun-state-near-you-ny-pols-want-social-media-checks-before-buying-guns/
  5. PLEASE STOP giving opinions on this. Just read what Rosey (Smokin .50) has posted. This has been discussed in so many threads over time I have lost track. Rosey has the right answers, just read them and don't argue. Let's close this thread.
  6. I bartered away my snow blower as partial payment to the painters I used to spruce up the house before we sold it. If I need a snow blower here in Florida then Climate Change might be real
  7. Funny you say that. As my wife and I looked at over 80 houses every once in a while we would joke to each other saying, "That driveway is gonna be a bitch in the snow and ice"
  8. I recently became a New Jermany Escapee, moving to Florida. We are so happy we made the move. We just got tired of all the political BS and crap being carried out by Trenton. Were also tired of the taxes. We initially rented a house (for four months) and just moved into our home last week. While there are many parts of Florida that are cheaper than where we wanted to be, many costs are comparable or even higher than in NJ. Our home is off a large lake in a gated community in Northern St Johns County which is the richest of the 67 counties with the best schools in Florida. Our home is over 4,000 SqFt with 5 baths and a nice inground pool - so factor that in when you consider costs. Our homeowners insurance is about double what it was in NJ, it is high in FL because of hurricane risk. Our property taxes are about 45% of what they were in NJ, but when you factor in HOA and CDD fees they approach 60% of what they had been. The zero income tax is very nice - make that extremely nice. Food prices, especially fruits and veggies are much higher than NJ. We went into shock when we first got here and found that things like peppers, tomatoes and other veggies were priced the same as NJ for the "each" versus the price per "pound" in NJ. We kept going to stores and refused to make the purchases, and instead bought lots of wine which is cheaper People can't drive here and car insurance is expensive as lots of fender benders. It also drives me crazy that when people want to make left turns they don't pull into the middle of the intersection, rather they sit back at the stop line and when the light turns red rather than complete the turn they just sit there - arg! People in this area are so nice we cannot believe it. When we are out walking the dogs every person that drives by waves, some even stop to say hello. Our neighbors are amazing. The day after we moved in one came up to my wife and said he saw we had two sedans and if we need to pick up any big stuff feel free to come take his big SUV. Another told me he had a 12' step ladder I could use if I ever needed it to change light bulbs. Turns out I already took him up on that as we have over 40 recessed light fixtures many 14' high and I changed out all the old incandescent bulb with new sealed LED trims. Guns, well almost everyone has one, or many many more. The guy across the street has over 100, and we live in a very upscale area - no rednecks. Just about everyone has one in the car, and while carry permits are almost automatic you actually do not need one to have a loaded gun in the glove box as long as it is in a holster or case. If you have a permit you can have it just sitting on your lap as you drive. Have to admit strange going to USPSA matches where people shoot 9mm PCC with mags that hold 59 rounds. NEVER EVER EVER would I live in the Socialist People's Republic of New Jermany again.
  9. I have three La Crosse units of varying vintages and they work great. Have always purchased them when on sale at Costco.
  10. Sounds normal when dealing with the Useless Postal Service. I could tell you dozens of stories but I don’t have enough battery power on my fully charged phone to go into it
  11. Yea I think the weather up there is worse than here. My wife's plane out of Newark is delayed due to weather to come back to Jacksonville. 90 degrees and sunny here today.
  12. Did you have any impact where you are? So far in St Johns just light rain although they have tornado watch in effect till 3am. Heard on the news one might have touched down in Clay.
  13. I wonder how long a wait one might have at an FFL that is in the business of selling guns on their own? I would imagine when busy they would prioritize doing the paperwork for guns they are selling where they are making a margin on the gun as well. Thus, you might have to both wait for nics to run after you wait who knows how long for the FFL to even take your paperwork.
  14. G43 IWB. If not on me it is in the center console next to me. Have a couple of extra mags in the console as well. Gonna feel very naked when I come north for Thanksgiving.
  15. One of the biggest fails in this country is when Congress failed to pass a bill in the 1980's to make English the official language. This country would look entirely different today if that had happened. This fail is in large part the reason many people no longer assimilate into our society.