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  1. She was appointed to this job in a political deal by Christie so the Dems would also let him appoint a Republican - more political crap in New Jermany. Best of all this nasty bitch was put up for the job by none other than our dear friend POS Bitch Loretta Weinberg.
  2. I’ve bought a pistol from them In the past and will likely do so in the future once I make my escape from the socialist people’s republic of New Jermany.
  3. I am about to flee for the Jacksonville area as well, but no way am I keeping any property or ties to the socialist people’s republic of New Jermany.
  4. Just make sure if you have handguns that if stopped you are going from your home (an exempt location) to a shooting range in PA (exempt location per NJ law). That way if stopped in NJ you don't run afoul of NJ law which only allows transport in exempt locations. Once you cross the border into PA you can abandon that plan. To play it safe on the way back your car should stop for at least a moment at a range so if needed your GPS will show you were at a range and then were headed back. Nobody will likely ever know if you are not, but this is just in case advice to be 100% legal with the fools in the socialist people's republic of New Jermany.
  5. What are you not supposed to have in MD that would be legal in NJ?
  6. What is the concern about MD if guns are cases in the Trunk?
  7. Taxes were crazy in this state, now they are going full insane. Just read they want to raise the 911 tax that was supposed to pay for 911 upgrades so they can upgrade the 911 system. What? Seems most of the money raised by the existing $0.90 /month tax was used for other things so they want to now raise it 10% to $0.99 / month. Sure it is small change, but all the small change adds up to real money.
  8. Actually in most moving trucks the front of the trailer is only partly blocked as they typically have door toward the front on the side of the truck, so it is not like they have to empty everything from the back of the truck to get to the safe. But the odds of that are tiny, I think you are good.
  9. Just more proof our elected officials are fools. They seem to not understand the 80/20 rule of life. If 20% of something causes 80% of your problems then that is what you spend money on and go after. In this case they are claiming that the gun crime problem is caused by 80% of more by guns from out of state. IF true, and it probably is, then you spend your limited resources going after that problem NOT going after legal gun owners with tighter laws that are already followed by legal honest people. Their approach is akin to passing tough new MPG regulations on small hybrid cars because they have a problem with over the road tractor trailers using too much fuel.
  10. No, as you may legally possess and carry your firearm in your home (and other exempt locations) in the Socialist People's Republic of New Jermany. Now to Hijack your thread. What, if any, issues are there transport large quantities of guns and ammo from NJ to FL during a household move?
  11. I just called pods and was surprised at the price, cheaper than I thought it would be. For their biggest unit which is 16' by 8' by 8' and holds 857 cuft the total price for my needs was just over $3,000. That is comprised of the delivery here, the pickup here and a month of total rental time for $550 which include $10K in insurance - obviously one would want more. Then the transport from here to the Jacksonville area in Florida would be $2,400 and then the local delivery and pickup of the empty unit would be $130. If I needed more time it would be an addition $289/month for extra rental time. I asked about restriction in what goes in it and weight limits. They said weight is not an issue. They had one guy put three big heavy safes in it, one for guns, one for valuables, and one for something else. She started out by saying no guns, but then said the guy with the safe took the guns apart. Did not ever ask about ammo, but since you load it and lock it up they really have no way of knowing what you put in it. The biggest issue is that if you put a lawn mower in it they want to make sure you drain it so gasoline does not leak. Oh and they said there are eyehooks in the unit every four inches so you can tie down and secure stuff.
  12. Along these same lines has any used PODS rather than a commercial mover? From what I understand they give it to you for up to a month, so you can load it up at your leisure. They then pick it up and take it to your new location or will store it for you until you are ready for it.
  13. These grills are amazing, worth considering. I have the Original TEC Patio model which we have had for about 25 years. These things will char the outside of a steak and leave it raw on the inside if you want. I know the manual on mine says to not close the top when it is on high as it will actually get hot enough to melt the stainless steel.
  14. Why would you break up Amazon, they have true competitors? They don't tell you they won't let you buy items that they sell because they don't like your opinions. If FB does not like what you post they should have the option to hide it till a user clicks on it an accepts it might fall into certain categories, similar to what is done here with the 1st Amendment Lounge section.
  15. Zuckerberg when questioned by Senators today could not list a competitor to Facebook.