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  1. I just spoke to Dave Rosenthal aka "ROSIE" regarding this Friday's PPC Eat & Shoot. Rosie is making a HUGE South Western style Pork Roast that should be very tender! I will be making Meatballs and of course Cookies. So we are looking for other Main Courses. Rosie will be sending out the email about the Party later today. This is also posted on my Facebook page, so please spread the word. Please let us know what you would like to bring so we do not all the same thing Since we are not sure who or how many will respond, Rosie is not quite sure of the ticket price yet. The more folks who bring a covered dish, the less we need to charge to break-even, so spread the word! Cheryl Beck
  2. Signed Up for 2nd and 3rd sessions. A few of us. With the Women's Day Shoot on Saturday...I will be the one shooting for the weekend :-)
  3. Sorry I won't make it to PPC tonight. I have a Project Graduation Fundraiser tonight. I wish I could do both but I have figured out how to split myself in two just yet. Have a good time tonight as well as knock down tomorrow. Cheryl
  4. Rosie, you are welcome. Had a great time being you loader. It was nice to see you out shoot Mike with his own gun. Cheryl
  5. Team Gunslinger....Thanks for putting on the event. Like always had a great time. Great to see all the newbies coming out. Once again I outshot the hubby with my iron sites to his green dot. Cheryl
  6. James, Alec is just afraid to see that I beat him tonight.
  7. James, do you have myself also in Session 1? I thought I signed both Mike and I up for the first one.
  8. Mike doesn't shoot this as he would be take first place with procedurals
  9. Nick....so this is why you wanted to take a break from reloading. Absolutely GREAT!!!!! Cheryl
  10. Mike & I were wondering what happened to you as we did not expect to pull away from you like we did. Rosey...Thanks again for NOT cancelling last night not only was the food great last night, my shooting is getting better (at least on the big guy)
  11. Nick....yes I am finally posting. He LIVES on his couch with the laptop and his dog. Baking begins tomorrow... Have to keep it all Fresh. PS my avatar is me Actually driving my car. One of the few times I have gotten too.
  12. Guess you know what I will be doing on Friday...Have to make dessert :girlwacko: . This time we don't have to shoot and run.
  13. Love my S&W 686 - shoot 38s We also have the 617 - fun to shoot as well These are among our bunch of S&W's .
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