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  1. Hi there- Just purchased a Springfield Scout Squad and I'm loving the thing. I am having a bit of a grip issue and I am considering adding an angled foregrip to the rifle. My question is this: will this make me run afoul of NJ rifle law? The rifle has a detachable magazine and the flash hider is not pinned. I haven't seen anything that says a foregrip makes the rifle an "assault weapon" but one can never be too sure. Crazy that I have to even ask this, but thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone in the South Jersey area have a sight pusher I could borrow for a day or two? I have a couple H&K pistols I'm putting Meprolights on. I am in the Williamstown/Washington Twp. area. I have an AR tool if anyone needs to borrow that.
  3. Monroe Township (Williamstown) report: Paperwork submitted for 2 pistol permits on 7/6/17. Permits were ready on 7/26/17. I even asked over the phone for a 3rd permit and they completed it with no issue. Props to Monroe Twp. PD- they were very quick and courteous with everything.
  4. With all the potential chaos coming from Trenton, I want to make sure I'm legal in all regards. My father and I are both FID holders. My dad owns roughly 30 shotguns and rifles (no handguns) he's collected over the years. He's offered me a couple for my collection and I want to verify 2 things. 1. Can I simply take possession of whatever he gives me, or do I need to go through a dealer? I do not intend to register them, but I want to make sure he can legally "gift" them to me. 2. My dad is in the process of drafting a will, and it appears I will be the one executing it. I'm the only child who has an FID. is there any rules or regulations concerning taking ownership of them when he passes? Thanks for the help. This forum has been really beneficial for me!
  5. Title says it all. Grew up around hunters and am finally making purchases myself. This forum is full of great resources. Thanks for having me!