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  1. My firearm card is from Manalapan, NJ Dated in 2003. The information on the card is not typed but handwritten. Went to Dicks in East Brunswick for 22lr which they had but the sale person was scrutinizing the card because he never saw a handwritten card before. I did get the ammo. Is there a law that the FID needs to be typed?
  2. went to dick's today in Freehold they had no 22lr ammo but plenty of 223. Where is the 22lr ammo?
  3. court today, was fine $1,000.00 and 33.00 court fee. driver license was not suspended thank God
  4. Key was not in the ignition, car was parked in the PNC parking lot
  5. In NJ if an 18 year old is drinking in a parked car but it is not his car and is ticketed for underage drink. Will this 18 year old have his driving privilege suspended for 6 month even if it was not his car? PS The owner of the car was in the car too.
  6. For the Beretta ARX-160 .22lr does anyone have any comments on this 22lr rilfe? Or has this rilfe? Anyone seen it work or heard anything about it? thanks
  7. Is there a long wait to get a M&P 22?
  8. What would be a normal shipping price for that?
  9. How long can this go on? Who will buy guns with no ammo? who will go to the gun range with low supply of ammo? Gun manufacturers and gun ranges must be hurting? I am holding off on going to the range to shot the last of my 300 rounds of 22lr. Where and when will I get my next box of 22?
  10. they must of stop the 20 ga of the 712 because I only see the 12 gauge now.
  11. Anyone have any dealing with this shotgun? Semi Auto 12 gauge Thanks
  12. What 20g shotgun is good for a small frame (5' 7" 140lb) man with a bad right shoulder? This will be for HD and paper targets.
  13. I did ask for another, he said no more and will not know when a shippment will be in. i did have to buy two 9mm boxes
  14. I was the 3rd person in the store today and got the last brick of CCI standard velocity (no 22lr left), they do have 9mm. The guy in front of me purchased 357mag
  15. wow you guys are correct. I looked at 10 sites and all .223 ammo sold out.
  16. Makes me almost not want to buy a .223 bolt rifle because of the bullet shortage.
  17. So does this mean do not buy a rifle that shoots .223?
  18. I am thinking of getting one, of course with the 15 rds of LR. Question : Would the local Ocean county gun ranges prevent me from shooting it at their range because NJ list it has an assault rifle?
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