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  1. Roger and Christine along with Dan have A good course at Redwing. They have been there A long time and keep it challenging. Nothing fancy but good targets. Also in South Jersey you have Cedar Creek in Millville, M&M in Pennsville, Quinton Sportsmen in Alloway/ Quinton. Anybody that wants A fun round or 2 of wobble trap, There is Good Sports gun club on Union Rd. in Millville. They only shoot on Sundays starting at 9 AM plus they have breakfast available also.
  2. We have already rsvp’d to the office should be a good shoot. 3 person squad so far. Question can we add a couple more the day of the shoot if need be.
  3. Yep Cabelas is now Bass Pro. So Sales tax is now charged to NJ residents with mail order.
  4. Yes you came upon the Delaware State Trap Championship this weekend. If you thought it was crowded this weekend then check it out next weekend. They will be holding the NJ State Championship. You will find Trap to be A tightly disciplined clay game. The key to Trap is A high shooting gun, Most shoot at least A 70//30 high gun some even more. Its A game of repetition and practice, practice, practice, We shoot it on Friday nights at Quinton. 50 bird games from the 16 yd line and 10 bird from the 27 yard line. Oh and if your shooting an auto loader, do yourself A favor and install A shell catcher or have A deflector installed. Easy way to upset the guy next to you with his 25K gun is to chuck your empties his way.
  5. Unfortunately the denial for misinformation is going to be tough, Even with an Attorney. Especially as it seems that the issue they denied you on was so close to the time you applied. That's gonna be hard on you. As many said above find A Lawyer. In NJ you get to fight it, But you are A sitting duck on your own. Like Mipa said if this happened in PA you wouldn't be asking this question, You would be denied no questions asked.
  6. Absolutely on John. His Transfer fees are better that any others around that I have seen, In case you ever need A FFL for that.
  7. Well the budget looks as if it is A done deal. Evidently no sponsors or co-sponsors saw the need to use pro gun rights as A bargaining chip for their vote on approving the budget. That alone will allow bills to die in commitees. There are too many other things being pushed by the administration, that will leave 2A bills on the back burner, Evidently the NRA is no stronger now then the past in DC. Just my thoughts.
  8. Went by there yesterday at 9 am and is looked pretty busy by the amount of vehicles in the parking areas. I stop in when camping at Sea Pirate over on rt 9. But being down here in SJ allows for better buys, and I prefer not to shoot indoors. Do like browsing there though. Sure is different than when they were in the Hardware store over on rt 9, in West Creek
  9. Is it A 15 rd mag with 1 in the chamber for 16 rds? If so there is no issue.
  10. The ACE Hardware store at Lincoln and Dante in Vineland has A pretty big assortment in stockat most times.
  11. While I agree our laws suck. Everything this guy did was wrong in so many ways. His active duty status, after reading his own words should be A mute point. Sorry but I speak that as A Vet myself from A long time ago.
  12. Just A thought. But Camping season is in full swing. Most owners are rolling with them or preparing to do so. Plus Spring break and vacation time is coming. If your considering renting A unit at A dealership, Time is running short for that too.
  13. Well you don't want to be afraid of the competition, But your worst enemy can be yourself. You have the right idea to practice some and gain experience. Like I said, I live 5 Mins from Cedar Creek, If you get to where you want some shooting time let me know. Being retired I shoot whenever. feel free to shoot A PM if you want to shoot some.
  14. That right there is your absolute most full opinion and thought to the to the bank, And consider. Just about exactly what I would have suggested if I didnt read thru all the posts, Wise words above.