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  1. In NJ sure it carries the weight of law. If a business posts a no gun's sign, it means they are anti-gun. Take your business elsewhere is the best I can say. I have been many places and the only sign I have seen pertaining to carry is at Walmart's. They are written in yellow letters, "Walmart requests that customers do not openly carry" whoever chooses to ignore that can be the test dummy for all the laws in NJ. Do yourself a favor and start reading other States laws also. It will show you that a lot of the laws people will say are against carrying in NJ, actually exist in States that have allowed carry for a long time.
  2. Inductive Reasoning---------- In other words the heat is on from the opposing side.
  3. The last 2 I received took 7 days, It is totally up to how quick your references respond and the PD that you apply to. NJSP seems to be the worst for anything firearm related.
  4. SIg P229 in 357 sig, is my normal everyday carry. When wearing a suit it is a Glock 43x. Good belt good holster, is a must. No matter what you choose to carry.
  5. They are newly created format.
  6. Applied to Delaware Co. Nov 2 Online app and paid online. received email and text today saying app is approved and I can pick up PALTC any day during regular business hours. 27 day turn around time.
  7. You will more than likely have it this week. Let me know your number if you would, when you get it. FYI when folded in half your LTC will still be an odd size, especially after you laminate it. its a bad size for wallet carry.
  8. Millville PD time to pickup is 3 days
  9. Cumberland County is still rolling smooth. 25 more issued yesterday. 25 more going to the judge this Thursday. A prosecutor is always in court when permits are issued by the judge. Turn around time for PA permit was 27 days for me in Delaware county PA. Received notice from Sheriffs office this afternoon to come pickup PA permit.
  10. I recieved my letter to appear 1 week prior.
  11. I was in the group last Thursday that were in front of the Judge. Dont know what PD you used, But there were people in court from Vineland, Bridgeton, and Millville
  12. As of this past Thursday 10/27/22 Cumberland county has issued 104 Non Restricted Permits to Carry.
  13. Yes they are. I have many other brands and quantity counts (Bricks) Sorry I didnt answer right away I was in a board meeting at our range Yes 1 for 1. 22LR for 12Ga Target Shells
  14. Looking to trade 22LR for 12 Ga target shells (7 1/2 or 8 shot) Trade Rd for Rd. Located in Millville. Will meet up within 20 miles. 1st lot pictured below.
  15. Its good that you feel you did good. But that said Millers is hot and cold. Cold being the norm mostly. That being said, I bought my first 2 brownings there. In the early 80s. Others have posted info and I will give you my experience from 2 years ago. Went with a friend to Millers, He bought a Remington 1100 competition $1200.00 out the door. 2 weeks later his Nephew bought one from Cabelas in Christiana 1199.00 out the door. I shot my friends 1100 a few times and decided to buy one. 848.00 delivered to my FFL 3 blocks away from Buds online. Key is what the customer is happy with is what matters. But when you through in the political stances that matters more. For example The Delaware issue and here in NJ Bobs in Glassboro with his anti carry beliefs. All that said You got yourself a great O/U that will last many many years..
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