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  1. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/ShoppingCart.aspx?add=true&ReturnUrl=%2fcci-blazer-brass-45-acp-auto-ammo-230-gr-fmj-5230-p-4347.aspx or this
  2. $309 to the door. Not sure if its a deal or not http://ammunitionstore.com/products/45-acp-ammo-230gr-fmj-cci-blazer-brass-5230-1000-round-case.html
  3. I use it in my ar22's over ten thousand round s pretty clean. And decent accuracy.
  4. i got an email today for it thought it said free shipping. But dummy me deleted it already.
  5. cannot post link but Midway has 50 cal cans
  6. Has anyone tried this ammo in an AR style 22? I was wondering how it preformed? I cannot find any available and would like to give it a shot.
  7. 556 and about 1000rounds no issues other then blot release not working on some of my Pmags
  8. I like my ATI better then the NFA some of the cuts on the frame are different. But the NFA is way tigher when putting together you will have to file it a little to get it together.
  9. Got mine yesterday along with 2 other orders i placed who knows when. So it was a happy day when i saw the boxes.
  10. I feel for that woman and her family, but this is a great learning tool for us. We hear of home invasions but never SEE them. This changs the game. We need to use this to help others protect themselves and stop being sheeple thinking the police will be there when you need them.
  11. Sorry for your loss.
  12. Glad to see others not into hoe's. My 1st wedding i felt like a lepper telling the guys no. This time im like no this is what i want to do. AND YES I KNOW IM STUPID FOR DOING IT 2X'S.
  13. Thanks guys. It was a good time with friends and family. I'm one of the weird ones not into strippers. But it would've been fun with some topless shooting!
  14. Ya shot my guns and ammo. But they footed the bill. Im the only one with any guns, except one buddy has a BB gun. But after last night i think we have a few more guys on our side. We all had a blast wasn't a piece of paper safe lol. Now i have to restock my ammo amazing how fast 500rds 22 300rds 9 and 600rds 556 go.
  15. Sure you are if you got something sweet to shoot and pay your own way.
  16. My 2 AR's, AR 22 Sig 225,226, 22mag Revo, 410, 20gauge . My one buddy is a pus so i might bring the pellet gun for him. I think thats it for guns, and i might pick up new one while im there. The range is Hague's in West Deptford. I wish we could of went to an outdoor one then the fun we could of had...
  17. My guys are throwing me my bachelor party tomorrow night at my local range. Im excited to get everyone out to shoot together. Only down side is it will be a long day of cleaning my guns tomorrow. Question should we just blast away, or should i make up a competition? Me personally the days of blasting away are gone and im into perfecting my form.
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