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  1. Does anyone know what the deal is with the current stay removing the ability of carrying in establishments that “…serve alcohol” and a restaurant that is a byob? Let’s say I go out to dinner with my wife to a byob and I do not drink, but she does with a bottle of wine she brought with her? Is that kosher?
  2. Thank you very much. That’s kinda what I heard rumblings about. So basically we can’t fly out of Newark. Bummer
  3. Thanks. Wasn't looking for anything EXTRA just anything worse or that would require extra work on my part traversing the parking lot with a pistol in a locked box that I have to watch out for.
  4. Hello all, Before I received my PTC, I traveled in an out of Newark with a firearm the usual way. Checked as lugage / firearm, see the obese TSA guy in the back room, get the red tag, etc. Now with a PTC, are there any changes I need to make to this process? I looked through all the new legalese and it just restricts carry at a trans hub but do I still lock it up in a case lock I always did and check it?
  5. Thats not what I need. I called them and they only do sand blasting because they are all duracoat shops. As I mentioned I need GLASS beading a stainless frame to a satin finish. No top coat will be applied. I am DLC coating the slide, but that I can ship without hassle. I want to keep the frame local. I doubt anyone in NJ had that in the firarms space but maybe in the classic car space? I just need someone to glass bead a frame
  6. Hello, I am is search of a shop that can glass bead 1911 parts based on my specifications. I can do it myself but I currently dont have access to the equipment and I dont want to build a setup from scratch. I see there are a few blasting outfits in the Dover / Rockaway area. ANyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance dman2112
  7. I received this from my PD today...even though I handed mine in on 11/29...... If you are receiving this letter, you have been affected by the latest change in the Application Process for a Permit to Carry a Handgun in the State of NJ. This is because your application was sent (or about to be sent) to the Morris County Superior Court for approval on 12/22/22 or later. On 12/22/22, with little notice to municipalities, the Morris County Superior Court stopped accepting applications in anticipation of sending the entire process to the municipalities. Nearly a month later the process has been placed in the hands of municipalities. … so what does this mean to me? The state has made changes to the process. Pro: The Chester Police Department processing your permit in house will be far more streamlined than the previous ten to twelve week(on average) return time for permits sent to them for approval Gone is the judicial order stating which handguns you qualified with to be carried along with your permit. Now you may carry ANY handgun that you legally own and no longer have to carry a judicial order(letter from the court) with you any time you carry. Con: You’ve spent the time to already begin the process and my apologies for the delays The good news is the new changes in the process can be made and your original application can be modified to fulfill the requirements rather than start over from the beginning. Please contact us to set up an appointment to come and speak with me about the changes at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your continued patience in this process.
  8. I’m on the fence on that. They put on a good face for residents but if you ask around…..CT has had a lot of changes lately so I don’t know what to believe. The officer that does their firearms stuff seems like a good guy but he’s a little schizophrenic in his actions
  9. I’ll be shocked if I ever receive it. At least I’ll be able to get PA
  10. This whole thing is FUBAR. I’m on day 45 and Chester Township hasn’t even sent out letters to my references. These public servants are all phonies
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