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  1. Yeah that Operation Strikeforce freakin rocks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Nice work Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Ok. You guys are pretty awesome with aesthetics. So my question is this. Considering the road I'm on with this weapon. Should I Snakeskin just the cheek weld or the whole butt stock?
  4. Rtsp prices are strange. Some brands are stupid over priced vs what you can get elsewhere even with the FFL and some are good. For example. I purchased a Glock 23 at RTSP and got a great price. I also purchased a HK there and got hosed. Didn't realize it until later. It was an impulse buy. I have that problem with guns. "My name is dman and I have a gun problem"
  5. My experience has been to load lead plus 10% and then chrono the results. Look at the primers for anything unusual and that had worked for me. Has worked out to be about mid-way between lead and hot fmj.
  6. I either buy online or from Tanners in PA. The transfer fee is worth the price of admission for the hi prices and bad attitude from Jersey shops.
  7. This thread is a load of crap. Jersey is a shit hole. People who don't realize it have never lived any place that wasn't a shit hole. As for the "Rich Libtards" comment, since when are conservatives poor? This is just more biased Jersey drivel. I am a Libertarian and I'm wealthy. I worked my ass off to get here. I pay more taxes than 99.3% of America and I like small government and guns. The only regret I have is not serving in the military like my Marine older brother. Its not just a left vs right thing in NJ either. There is an added layer of narcissism and cluelessness, especially amongst my social peers that is above other places I have lived. The best people I have met here were actually my hunting buddies, who range from just getting by to well off financially. When we are together all that goes out the window, and we are just brothers enjoying our time together. In this state these people are a dying breed
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