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  1. LV Article stated: "committed suicide by fatally shooting himself at an Easton area gun shop that has an indoor shooting range"
  2. Because most of the criminals in Trenton can emphasize with the criminals in the general public!
  3. Very tight table placement at the Allentown Rodeway Inn.
  4. It's simply amazing how convoluted the laws in New Jersey have become. Things are so strange you don't even know what you can do to protect your own home. The moral of this story seems to be shoot numerous times and ask questions latter. I've got to move to Texas!
  5. That's a Darn shame! This thread is entertaining, especially the furry cuffs!
  6. I'm striking out with a keyword search. If someone finds the conversation please provide the link.
  7. I've had a beard since eighteen but I still shave my neck and cheeks when I must. Does anyone still shave with an Injector Razor? Years ago I had a Schick that was passed down. I was sad when one of the nubs that hold the blade broke off. I am looking on line and I think the model was a Schick G8, but I remember a more Ivory looking handle but still with handle groves. So, can anyone identify the model? More important, if I were to buy a used one can you still purchase quality blades? I am assuming that any of the older "frames" require single, not twin, blades. Sort of like buying an older gun.
  8. Where to post this? and list linked to message? NJ ANTI-GUN BILL COUNT NOW UP TO 76! Last month, anti-gun Democrats in the New Jersey Assembly rammed through 20 of 43 pieces of legislation that do nothing to prevent another tragedy or make schools safer, and everything to limit self-defense and the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Apparently, they just don’t know when to stop – the legislative feeding frenzy of anti-gun bill introductions by Democrats has steadily continued, and the latest bill count is now at 76, and there’s no end in sight. Apparently, they won’t be satisfied until there’s nothing left of the Second Amendment in the Garden State. The latest attacks include attempts to expand New Jersey’s already draconian semi-auto ban, add a 7% tax to guns, ammunition, and reloading components, throw dealers in prison if certain firearms they sell are misused, classify minor disorderly persons offenses as a bar to gun ownership, and more. See the full list of bills here: http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.anjrpc.org/resource/resmgr/ds-email/gun_control_list_03-22-13.pdf Apparently anti-gun Democrats are tone deaf and do not realize that they have awakened a sleeping giant in the middle of an election year. They think that February’s outcry by gun owners was a flash in the pan and that we are going to fade quietly away while they attack gun rights instead of addressing school safety and mental health issues. The future of gun rights in New Jersey will likely be determined between now and early May. With the Senate soon to consider some of the bills passed by the Assembly, it is more important than ever that gun owners make their voices heard in Trenton. Please keep urging your state Senator to oppose all new anti-gun legislation, and please prepare to make one or more trips to Trenton in the coming weeks to attend legislative hearings and related events.
  9. I see what you did there! FID # tattooed on left forearm, inverted triangle on back of vehicle.
  10. BTW, Natchez Last Price For This Brand Was $20 And They Noted A Mfg Price Increase.
  11. As I Said, If You Care. That Is Over My Predetermined Price Limit.
  12. 50rds - 9mm Federal American Eagle 115gr. FMJ Ammo Ammo to Go
  13. CCI Independence 9mm Luger 115 FMJ Ammunition 50/box
  14. For me.....No Kids, no dog, no way to damage a floor or wall to attach a safe, no room for something that is too heavy to carry away, and for now just a handgun or two, no long guns. A permanent wall safe might work as long as it is no deeper then a standard 2 x 4 wall (but it may not be good to have the safe on an outside wall due to moisture). I could leave it behind when I move if I find an appropriate wall and size. I didn't see any point in a night table safe since, in my case, there are no kids to worry about. I keep looking for something but have not come up with anything. If you know of something that will fit the bill, share.
  15. That's nice for a long gun, but is there something simple like this for a pistol? I don't see the point of the night table pistol safes when a thief could just walk away with the safe, gun and all. They could torch it open at their leisure. I would like something to secure the handgun to the building structure, available when needed, but would thwart a grab and run. It would have to be something that I could use in an apartment where I couldn't just do anything I please. Any suggestions?
  16. I have noticed with Gunbot that 9mm FMJ has averaged more each week with under 50 cents/round a rare sighting. As someone else said, I've had purchases in my online shopping cart sold out as I was still in checkout. A few minutes ago I saw the forum has a new vendor, Alamo Ammo. I clicked on the add, SERIOUSLY, about a dollar per cartridge. I will not entertain the idea!
  17. Palmetto emailed today to let me know that there was a glitch in their ordering system and the Blazer product was over sold. They asked if I would accept a substitute: Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ 50rds It was good that they asked.
  18. Keep watching for the price you are willing to pay. http://www.gunbot.net/ammo/22lr/
  19. Not NJ, but, how about calling Dunkelbergers, 585 Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA 570-421-7950
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