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  1. papulski

    Grip on my FN 509 tactical too aggressive

    Get the Talon rubber grip tape. I have an HK USP compact. Love everything about the gun except the grips. Just couldn't get used to the feel of them. Tried the Hogue wrap around with finger grooves that slip over the grips but wasn't a fan. The Talon rubber was perfect. It smoothed out the texture but didn't change the width like the Hogues did. Before sanding I would try these first. If you don't like them they are easily removed.
  2. papulski

    The King Cobra is Back

    Colt website says $899
  3. I get 6 everytime. At $2 a piece it's like why not? I figure it's better to have and not use........funny how I always find something
  4. papulski

    WTS: Colt Python

    Are you the original owner?
  5. papulski


    I just bought a Ruger Security Six, stainless 4" for $300. Great gun! It's actually the 3rd Security Six I've seen for sale in the last 6 months for that price. If your not in a hurry I would wait and try to find one of these. Just my $0.02
  6. papulski

    The dreaded 3rd permit syndrome...

    I always get 6. At $2 a piece it`s a no brainer for me.
  7. papulski

    Colt navy

    It's not the Model 1889 Navy. The cylinder flutes on the 1889 are longer. Serial # is 97,186. 10,274 is a Navy #. It's a Model 1892,'94,'95,'96 New Navy made in 1898. Very cool gun!
  8. papulski

    Bummed is what you are

    I bought a Sig p220 stainless elite. Loved everything about it, especially the mahogany grips. Couldn't shoot it worth a damn. Ended up selling it. Found a p220 West German made in 1990. Fantastic! .... go figure I think the stainless elite is just too heavy.
  9. papulski

    CZ P-01

    I love mine...now. At first I didn't like the sights. Also didn't like the physical feel of the trigger, too much of a curve. Replaced the sights and ordered the Pro-Package from Cajun Gun Works....WOW! It's sooo smooth. The upgrades weren't cheap but worth every penny.
  10. papulski

    Colt Police Positive target 22lr

    I like using Gun Broker as a reference for pricing, but you have to go to advanced search and look up completed auctions to see what they actually sold for. Remember people can ask whatever they want. I only found 3 that sold. Between $372-$450. Condition is everything and these weren't in the best condition. From your one picture it's hard to tell if it's original finish or re-blued. The grips are not correct for a 1940, should be full checkered walnut. The hard rubber grips could be factory original or reproduction. Hard to tell without taking them off. If original finish and in nice shape I'd say $500-$600
  11. papulski

    Hudson striker fired 1911

    Don't get me wrong, I love my 1911's. Something about it though I like
  12. papulski

    Hudson striker fired 1911

    A friend sent me a link to this gun. http://hudsonmfg.com/ Never heard of it but I want! Anybody ever hear of it? Available yet?
  13. papulski

    9mm 1911s in flat stainless

    Colt Competition now in stainless
  14. Hello, I have a WW2 Polish Radom P35 that has a slotted MSH to allow for a removable shoulder stock. A vendor at a show told me this would be legal because gun is over 50 years old and considered a C&R gun. Does anybody know if this would be legal in NJ?

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