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  1. This was in the rifle section
  2. My first handgun was a Sig P226 22lr. I then bought the 9mm conversion kit for it. This way you are training in 22lr with the exact same gun you will shoot in 9mm. Since you can just buy the conversion kit it's like getting 2 guns with one permit.
  3. Try different ammo. I have a Henry .357 and when shooting 38 special PMC or Blazer ammo it caused problems. When cycling after a shot it would sometimes jam and I had to rattle it around to load it. When loading I would put 5 rounds in the tube then when I pushed down on the rod it would cause the lever to actually open! I switched to Speer and Remington ammo and never had an issue again.
  4. I know Shoreshot will be opening back up on July 2nd. I'm assuming other ranges will be too?
  5. Vals is still open for take-out. mmmmmmm........lobster pizza!
  6. Agree 100% I'm a big Colt fan and going to get one but willing to wait until any problems are resolved. What people are paying on Gunbroker is nuts!
  7. Not only problems with the muzzle finish. Reports of light primer strikes. Also cases where the cylinder doesn't rotate! Ever a Hickok45 video where his didn't rotate. I really want one but glad I'm gonna wait til they correct all these problems. Yep....don't think these will affect the original Python's that much
  8. Comes with two 5 round mags. There are 9 round mags available.
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