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  1. I know Shoreshot will be opening back up on July 2nd. I'm assuming other ranges will be too?
  2. Vals is still open for take-out. mmmmmmm........lobster pizza!
  3. Agree 100% I'm a big Colt fan and going to get one but willing to wait until any problems are resolved. What people are paying on Gunbroker is nuts!
  4. Not only problems with the muzzle finish. Reports of light primer strikes. Also cases where the cylinder doesn't rotate! Ever a Hickok45 video where his didn't rotate. I really want one but glad I'm gonna wait til they correct all these problems. Yep....don't think these will affect the original Python's that much
  5. Comes with two 5 round mags. There are 9 round mags available.
  6. He is an FFL. Have bought from there in the past. You pay for nics and tax. Also 15% buyers premium. They also take credit cards
  7. +1 on the Dan Wesson I bought the Dan Wesson Vigil commander in 9mm. Lightweight with a forged aluminum frame. Excellent fit and finish with a MSP of $1298. Also in full size and 45 acp. For ambi controls I like the HK VP9
  8. There's a new gun shop opening this Saturday in Beachwood....Freedom Firearms Unlimited, 1800 Double Trouble Rd. It's just off Garden State Parkway exit 80. I see they started a Facebook account and the pics look really awesome! Can't wait to check it out.
  9. papulski

    Cajun Gun Works

    I've got the CZ P-O1. Sent for the Defensive Carry Package and did the upgrades myself. Also highly recommend the "old style" 85c trigger. It was a little flatter than the stock trigger. Wasn't cheap but am extremely pleased how it came out
  10. If your looking for a long slide option HK came out with a long slide conversion kit for the VP9
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