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  1. Musiqsoul84

    Let's Talk Tires

    I work for Toyota in the service dept. take a look at the Yokohama Avid Envigor I use them for my personal Toyotas.
  2. I picked up my new set of pistol permits in Mt Olive at the end of June after a 6 month wait. When I went for my FID card about a year and a half ago it took around 3 months.
  3. Musiqsoul84

    Home Invasion in Millburn, NJ caught on tape

    This video make me want to throw the fu*k up. I have small kids and a stay at home wife it hits to close to home. I thank GOD for my 150 pound rottweiler. I hope this a&&hole rots in hell.
  4. Going on 3 months in Mt. Olive
  5. Musiqsoul84

    Anybody using Mossberg 500 for Home Prot

    My second shotgun purchase and I love it.
  6. Musiqsoul84

    SP cashed money order how long now??

    They cashed mine on Feb 15 and still nada for me
  7. Musiqsoul84

    Revealed: Truth about the NRA ......grrrrrr!!

    After watching this bullsh@t I just joined the NRA. Im sure that was the message they were trying to send lol
  8. Musiqsoul84

    Hello from Mt. Olive

    Whats up guys Im new to the shooting scene just picked up 2 shotguns a couple months back. I just put in for a few pistol permits . So far I learned a great deal from reading this forum.

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