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  1. I work for Toyota in the service dept. take a look at the Yokohama Avid Envigor I use them for my personal Toyotas.
  2. I picked up my new set of pistol permits in Mt Olive at the end of June after a 6 month wait. When I went for my FID card about a year and a half ago it took around 3 months.
  3. This video make me want to throw the fu*k up. I have small kids and a stay at home wife it hits to close to home. I thank GOD for my 150 pound rottweiler. I hope this a&&hole rots in hell.
  4. My second shotgun purchase and I love it.
  5. They cashed mine on Feb 15 and still nada for me
  6. After watching this [email protected] I just joined the NRA. Im sure that was the message they were trying to send lol
  7. Whats up guys Im new to the shooting scene just picked up 2 shotguns a couple months back. I just put in for a few pistol permits . So far I learned a great deal from reading this forum.
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