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  1. Knew we were cooked in this meeting when they voted for instate tuition rates for illegals. Remember that the next time some crypto communist uses the words "common sense gun control" Anybody who votes for government benefits for illegals, wouldn't know common sense if it bit them in the ass,
  2. saw your answer, so i did a quick edit. Funny, but unfortunately a very accurate comment on your part.
  3. 3 speaking in opposition, one is matt andros??? pretty sure he's a member here. It's 4:31, this is being passed through in the last half hour. disgusting. edit: all have been told to limit comments to 3 minutes.
  4. and unfortunately passed by a huge margin. They made damn sure this s2723 went into a democratic dominated committee.
  5. when i was at stockton state in the late eighties, kids from philly were getting in state rates by using a PO box. Guess they caught on to this.
  6. javascript:callMP("{A}http://rmserver.njleg.state.nj.us/ENCODER11") live feed, seems like it's some immigration issues. afaik, the gun measures have not been voted yet.
  7. looks like they are going to approve me. When dealing with government officials, it always helps to bring some cute kids with you.
  8. If my app is denied, and i have to go for a variance, then i of course would bring in a heavy hitter to represent me.
  9. Hey thanks a lot, i'm sure i am going to need all the luck i can get with this process. It's toms river btw.
  10. I went to go see the biggest land use guy in all of ocean county. He told me i didn't need a lawyer. He pointed to an engineering firm to help me with the site map. The only thing i had to do was draw up a floor plan.
  11. I'm zoned light industrial/ retail and have been advised the area has nothing specific on the books specifically excluding fireams or ammo sales. I rent my unit and the landlord is 100% behind me
  12. I'm submitting my application to the zoning department. I've have been told that i am zoned light industrial with no specific exclusions for the sale of firearms/ammo. I'm in a kind of industrial park setting. My question is, what are the chances of me being declined by the town anyway?
  13. how hard is it? What about selling ammo online, What kind of capital are we talking about? I am starting the process and thought a good way to start off was a only a couple kinds of rounds on gunbroker or armslist? Would $100k be enough to start?
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