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  1. I ask this because i had a little incident coming into the country at Boston airport earlier this month, i had some Glock internal parts and the CBP officer was asking what were those parts and what for so i answered them honestly. he ended up calling NJSP and my local PD. in a few minutes he had the info he needed and asked me how many handguns i owned, i replied then he just said yep and walked away... so my fears were correct,all handguns purchased here ARE in fact registered...

  2. Nice gotta love the N54. What have you done to it. I have a friend that has a 335xi with downpipes, intercooler, tune, and meth. The car is insane.

    Also the 944 is like a Miata with torque that you can actually put stuff in.

    thanks, currently i have downpipes, intercooler, exhaust, meth, procede tune, alpina tcu flash and DCI. thinking of running e85 but no pump nearby :(

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