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  1. I did not, I am federal LEO so I carry pretty much non stop coast to coast. If I find a reason to spend the money than yea I will grab one but honestly I have no need as of right now
  2. I finally made it out!!! My job finally came through with my transfer. I moved my entire family to Arizona. (By the way today 12/8 it was 74* outside....) This place has some gun laws I think... but not many! Seeing people open carry (which I wouldn't do unless on a hike) took some getting used to. Conceal carry is legal, no CCW permit required but available if applied for. Absolute freedom. State ranges EVERYWHERE and they are like 5 bucks a day. you can literally go out in the desert and shoot as long as you're 1/4 mile away from a residence!! Absolutely amazing! I pray that you all get out of there some day. NJ laws may eventually get a TINY bit better but it will never be as free as this place!
  3. Just a peek at what my current state GF site did... http://www.cafepress.com/arizonagunowners
  4. Heres a link to the thread if anyone wants to pick it back up. As you can see I attempted this back in 2013. Thankfully my career has brought me to one of the free states and I am loving life here but if this WERE to happen I would still purchase a shirt and patch! http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/58104-njgf-stuff/
  5. At one point I brought up NJGF swag stuff to broaden our reaches. Hats shirts bags phone cases all stuff that could be fairly cheap to produce yet still get word out. We would have needed a logo designed and approval from the site owner which was never granted so the idea faded and went away but ill go look for it and bump it up again.
  6. not sure about that welcome?
  7. Welcome neighbor, surely ill see ya at R-14
  8. So a week or two ago, myself and a buddy who frequent the range together got the chance to shoot a gun that neither of us had planned to. We were shooting next to a guy who was shooting a Remington 2020. He had just bought the entire kit and it was the first time he was gtting to shoot it. This thing was AWESOME! Right out of the box at 101 yards (thanks the built in laser range finger) it was dead on. He allowed me and my buddy to take a shot with it and MAN was it sweet!!!! Maybe I just got over excited about shooting at that distance with an optic system I have never used but man it was awesome. So what is your policy. Would you let the person in the next lane take a shot with one of your weapons if they showed interest? What would be off limits? I sure am glad that guy let us because I don't think I will be purchasing a gun that expensive anywhere in my near future. This is waht we shot:
  9. Has anyone seen the commercials for this on the history channel? I think it looks like it is going to be REALLY REALLY good! If you are into that sort of thing!! http://www.history.com/shows/sons-of-liberty/cast Check it out, anyone else pumped
  10. there was/still is rumor of Fort Dix getting a gun/ammo shop on base. There are logistic issues with transporting a firearm on base and then local laws. A lot of military members are residents of other states and wouldn't have the right documents for a P2P. I know NJ has no say on arming troops that really wasnt my point
  11. excellent, that is what I was looking for. Other companies that give back to support us and our cause and our sport. Thanks Candyman I actually enjoy dealing with Midway, they have fantastic customer service. I bought pistol magazines from them that did not seat properly and the lady walked me through her version of trouble shooting and then got me a refund quickly and i sent them back.
  12. Im with ya buddy. I am leo and military but i FULLY support the right for CCW for all. I wish NJ wasnt so anal about it. as if the property taxes weren't enough reason to leave.
  13. Welcome to the dark side! Enjoy.
  14. I was mainly curious if other companies out there did this or offered this. I mean sure i could go make my own donation to those charities, but I just liked how this came up.
  15. But then military would be lumped into that same category that LEOs are and it would be seen as special treatment. Then then the 1A lounge would be filled with military bashing posts lol but I have said that same thing to family in the past. They always bring up things like the fort hood shooter and my reply is, well maybe if those troops were ARMED as they are trained to be, they could have stopped that bad guy sooner.... you know that old myth, good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.
  16. so that is a dollar difference? That doesnt seem terrible to me. I mean sure a dollar is a dollar but from the shopping I did I didnt see a huge difference. I wound up getting some .223 and some .22lr and it made a contributions to the SAF which you are right, was the point to the post. I find that pretty respectable that they do this so I didnt mind paying that extra dollar
  17. So i was online looking for ammo when I found this site. The prices were decent and when I went to check out, i saw this : * This purchase will automatically result in Ammo.net donating $1.60 - that's 1% of your shopping cart's current subtotal, excluding shipping costs - to the pro-2nd Amendment or pro-military organization of your choice upon successful checkout. You are not charged for this. Instead, we make this 1% donation on behalf of every order because we believe in supporting those who protect our freedoms. Learn more I haven't bought ammo online before but I thought this was worth sharing. I am not sure if this is normal for online sales but I found it pretty cool. SAF is on there. Here is a link to their "donations" page explaining why they do this (http://ammo.net/donations). Not sure if there are any NJ places on there to donate or if I can add it in but if so I will keep the donation in house. Has anyone ordered from here before?
  18. immediately thought this was an april fools post..... then i realized it's December
  19. i don't believe so. I tried looking it up, this place was very secluded like in a state park. the deer walked right up to us.
  20. During Hurricane Sandy, my unit was activated for relief efforts. The Army guard didn't play well with us so we got a lot of crap details. However one was awesome yet creepy. We were sent to Northern Jersey to Glen Gardner to help set up basically a FEMA triage/ evacuation center. The place is now a center for homeless vets but down the road where we were shacked up was an abandoned hospital/psych ward. Me and a fellow troop found ourselves with the keys to EVERYTHING! We found the ice locker where they stored the dead bodies, we found operating tables it was CREEPY AS HELL! we then went into a building that was straight out of a scary movie! There was old beat up wheelchairs and hospital beds that looked to be from a horror movie just randomly placed all over and it looked like the walls were just melted off. Creepiest place I have ever been! We slept there for about 2 weeks and that place still sends shivers up my spine! I will look at home for some pictures I took while we were there. It was NUTS!!
  21. Thanks for making my first purchase smooth. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and making the experience personal. We will DEF be crossing paths again!!!
  22. Done, thought this will probably be deleted and hidden since it isnt following MSM views
  23. You can buy a completed upper and a completed lower and still be about $4-600 and that is all you need. The rest of the money could be for furniture. You could get a stripped lower for REALLY cheap, a lower parts kit but if you do not want to actually assemble the inner workings then get the completed lower. As for resalw value, it depends more on the type rather than the name. Sure Colt/Bush/Stag may sell high but you are paying for the name IMO. Spikes/M&P/ hell even Anderson are all just as good lowers as colt bush or stag, the difference is the roll mark.
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