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  1. Hey, shoot me a PM. Been meaning to check out Woodland Park anyway. I even have an M&P so you can save a rental fee on that one.
  2. It's a bug, not censorship... Been around for months http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/04/26/glitch-in-apples-imessage-deletes-words-obama-surprise
  3. Did you have one you were considering?
  4. It's a tie between 'AI' and 'The Life Aquatic'
  5. The intro class is only for brand new shooters. If it's just your first time there you'll have to watch the video as Lalo said but no class. At least that was my experience a few months back
  6. I'll echo the M&P suggestion. Have smaller hands myself and love the ergonomics of mine. You're welcome to put some rounds through it at BulletHole or Woodland Park. Just PM me if you want.
  7. No issues here... My local PD actually told me to do it since they're easily beaten up. Rick over at OMG was nice enough to do it for me when I picked up my last transfer.
  8. Nice... Just got back from shooting about 100rds of these an hour ago... Time to replenish the stock
  9. I'd say if you want them or feel they are worth the effort your best bet is probably getting legal advise as suggested. If you don't want them, I'd take Tommy R's suggestion and take them to the next buy back. Don't see much of a reason to just turn them over without getting something out of it.
  10. So, over the last few weeks I've been doing some work on my M&P 9. Ordered and installed the Apex kit which required me to remove the rear sight. And ordered and installed a HiViz front sight. Problem is, I did all this with just a punch and after heading back to the range after the changes I'm pretty sure the sights are off. I'm thinking of replacing the sights again with night sights anyway which brings me to my point... Anyone know of a shop in North Jersey that carries M&P sights or would be willing to install and zero a set I order online? Figure a LGS will have a sight pusher and bore sighter or some way to make sure the sights are set properly. For those who install their own sites, how do you make the fine adjustments? Banging at it with a punch doesn't seem ideal.
  11. After what happen a few weeks ago they may want to give the refs for the World Cup one of these along with their Yellow/Red cards. For those who haven't seen the article.. (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/soccer/news/20130706/brazil-soccer-beheading-decapitation.ap/)
  12. Yea, I can certainly understand that. i'm sure there's a lot less overhead for the cyber shops so I'm sure that is where the lower asking price comes in. Sounds like my best bet will be to ask and see, if not I'm planning on using one of our vendors here for the transfer so at least I'll be able to keep some cash local.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys! I'll def give the local guys a shot, some are closer than others that's for sure and if it comes down to something like $20 I'll go local but that's probably my cut off. @iCarry - I'm in north Jersey, Union and Morris county for home/work. @JT - Looking at Springfield XDS 9mm
  14. So... Wondering what has been anyone's experience on negotiating price for a handgun at a LGS? Any flexibility or in your experience has it been sticker price and that's it? Reason I'm asking is I've located my next purchase both online and at a few LGS and after taking into account taxes, shipping, transfer fee, etc I would still be saving ~$50 over the lowest LGS price by ordering online. Obviously I'd prefer to go with a NJ shop but $50 saved is more ammo to shoot. Anyone been able to negotiate price? If so what % (5 -10%)? I'm sure there's probably a little more room on some than others so just curious.
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