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  1. Thanks Guys, yeah I figured as much. It's hard to judge when you don't know the history of the gun. And yes RTSP is in Randolph.
  2. Mikey, I thought the same thing, but it even happened after the smacked it very hard. Check to see the mag was locked and in place, pulled the trigger, and the thing hits the floor.
  3. Yeah it was RTSP in flanders. It was really weird. I tried it a couple time and I thought that I might be hitting the mag release with my fingers, but even when I was focusing on not touching it, the mag would drop to the floor. It was awful. Then when we left the range, my friend said, Look, and the 19 is in the rental box with a stove pipe. I was just so turned off at that point.
  4. So I went to the range last night with a friend of mine. He rented a Glock 19 and I tried it out because I had never shot a glock before, and I am interested in them because of all the positive things said about them. I will chalk it up to being a rental, but what a piece of crap!! The magazine would fall out of the gun, literally drop to the floor after the first round. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Also, one round got so jammed, the slide wouldn't cycle. We notified the safety officer and he had to man handle the gun to get the round out. Is this because it's a rental and has probably been used a ton, or abused? But even if it has been abused and used a ton, isn't that's Glock whole thing? Reliability? Regardless? Let me know guys.
  5. I am always on the look out for 9mm also. 2ANJ please PM with any info! Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, This is Jeff from Succasunna. I just purchased my first handgun and am here to learn from you guys. I don't have really any background in guns, but as the political climate seems to be changing, I decided that I needed to acquire a handgun while I still can. Thanks for having me!
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